Chloe Bridges: My Lips Walk Into a Room Before I Do

Chloe Bridges: My Lips Walk Into a Room Before I Do

Chloe Bridges is completely honest and we love her for it.

In a recent mini-interview with Savvy mag, the 18-year-old actress dished on the thing she never leaves home without, her ideal leading man and one of her most favorite quotes. Check it:

On words to live by: “I have so many favorite quotes. Let’s see…Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman.”

On who’d she love to star alongside: “Chris Pine. Just because I think we’d look good together, don’t you?”

On the thing she always has to have with her: “Chapstick. I have this prominent feature on my face — I don’t know if you’ve noticed — but, well, they’re my lips. They tend to walk into a room before I do because they’re larger than average! So Chapstick’s a big one for me.”

Don’t forget to catch Chloe in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam — premiering FRIDAY, September 3 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Credit: Josh Madson; Photos: Savvy Magazine
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  • Ellis

    LOLOLOL (: Love her! She’s beautiful and funny :P

  • liri92

    she looks pretty weird but that makes her beautiful.. cant wait to see her in cr2

  • Lawl


  • Ceecile

    I love her. I don’t understand why pretty much everybody hates her when she has done absolutely nothing and everyone who know or just met her say she’s amazing.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    she can say that again!! her lips r huge, but i gues she can blend in wit da rest in hollywood. she has da typical look. havnt seen her actin abilities so i cant judge that yet. im lookin forward 2 CR2!!!

  • good-one

    There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion. She’s got the lips. Anyway, notions of idealized beauty constantly change and we can take a long view:

  • liri92

    @ceecile I know what ur talking about.. I hate those kind of people who talk sh*t about others when they even dont know them or they haven´t had done anything to them.. those people are just rude.. ):

  • kate101

    She seems sweet. :) She has Angelina Jolie-esque lips, I thinks she’s gorgeous!! :)

  • lucy

    if she says shes 100% Caucasian, i wouldn’t believe her. she looks like she has some African or Hispanic blood in her.

  • kym

    I already saw camp Rock 2 and her acting isnt that great. not gonna spoil anything but it was less that what i hoped for. it was typical. anyways, her lips arent that big and plump lips are the popular thing now so she should be happy. she looks at a lot like angelina jolie though and its not because of her lips. she just has that look and with some acting lessons, she could be great.

  • ella

    Yeah, she’s pretty & talented. I don’t hate her but I think, she really did not fit as Nick’s love interest in Camp Rock 2. They don’t have a chemistry like the JEMI do. :\


    Chloe is such a pretty girl! I can’t wait to see her in camp rock also

  • Jenny

    HAHA I officialy love her for that not mnay people have got the guts to make fun of themselves

  • Bria


    And that matters because……?????