Charice on Glee -- FIRST LOOK!

Charice on Glee -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out your very first look of Charice on Glee!

The 18-year-old Filipina phenomenon will play Sunshine Corazon, a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder, in the upcoming season.

In case you missed it, check out the new promo for all the new hookups!

The new season kicks off on Tuesday, September 21 at 8/7c on FOX!

Charice on Glee
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Posted to: Charice Pempengco
  • BabyBooZanessa

    Wow ! I Love it

    I Can’t wait to see Charice.

  • whatthe

    Charice!!! Charice!!! Charice!!! Can’t WAIT!!! :))

  • babyg

    go charice!!! represent!!!

  • DvLism

    me too i’m very excited to see charice on glee

  • eci

    omg! charice! i love her!

  • xara

    yay! love love charice! i cant wait for season 2!

  • unnie


  • ChrisJSS


  • laurie

    its BONES!!!!

  • TaylorSwiftroxx13

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE PREMIERE! I’ve been waiting FORVER! Ahhhh :D

  • alice


  • Ella

    wow. Good luck Charice!! You’re kababayans here in Philippines are all proud of you!!! :D

  • Dannie

    I can’t wait!

  • Javajunkie

    Can’t wait! :)

  • leamichele

    love that charice will be on glee.

  • biikaa

    who else here yelled out BONES at the start of the video???…. O.o anywho GLEE!!!!! oh how i’ve missed you!!! and even better CHARICE is in this season!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! ^____^

  • platanos

    CHARICE …. CHARICE…. CHARICE… what can i say…. woot

  • frenchgleek

    charice is not as good as Lea Mitchel , Lea is the best no one can sing like her she is just amazing

  • jemma

    @BabyBooZanessa: yes its so cool but charice still sucks!! i love all of them except 4 her~!

  • http://iluvgelo Angelo tampol

    charice is a great singer! all the people in the Philippines must be proud of what Charice had achieved…. GO WORLD CLASS PINOYS, GO CHARICE!!!

  • Thomasdoubt

    Mr. David Foster must have made a mistake on Charice ! Charice seven ( & ) times on Oprah ?……………I do not believe it.

    Of course ………I was in prison the last five years ..! he he

  • ejiro

    I just can’t stop admiring charice how she sings so lovely and powerful.
    Until now that she’s getting big and better singer crossing all over the world.
    I’m so excited to watch her recurring role on this quite heard show “Glee”, well now I know for sure to keep my eyes for the show. Charice is such a talented girl!

  • twigagleek

    DUDE!!!!!! I was listening to Glee music on youtube and everyone kept talking about “Charice”. So I googled Glee Charice. OMG!!!!! I LOVE Charice!!!! Now Im so excited, im about to scream!!!!!! *screams* I didnt think I could get more restless about the second season, but now I am, somehow. All this hype is making me want to die. These hour need to hurry up!!!!

    Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayzzon

    go charice!!


    woot-woot? can’t wait!! so, how do i get to see the premiere here in Qatar? anyone?

  • aroc

    @frenchgleek: You are wrong.See what’s coming.You’ll find out how good Charice is and you’ll be jealous as well.

  • aroc

    love you charice.You are my superstar.Very talented girl,.so humble so pure and lovely.Go girl! I’m so excited to see you on GLEE.Let the world know you are the best.

  • http://squeakistar just squeak

    wow .. hanwp ka pinay IDOL kita .. lab yoo

  • alvin john


  • alvin john



    I was in d martin luther king celebration last year and till now I have goosebumps for this sweet gurl, charice…
    She sang the god bless america & i heard a lot of artist & singers sung it & i never feel the way charice sings that song, i was stunned.
    So, whoeva will say that charice is in the same league of those kiddos in GLEE, are stupid & crazy ( shes in the league of the great singers )im sorry for mha words, but truth hurts.
    I never ever feel a singer like charice did to me, so shes the best singer for me ( live or record )
    So, stop those lame excuses & just accept the fact that this gurl has 10 octave voice with angels touching you everytime she sings…
    God bless you all…

  • bess


    represent the talent of the philippines? just because charice is that talented doesn’t mean that all filipinos are like her…come on… some filipinos are so mayabang….we’re mis-interpreted because of that…so please just stop it…

  • geoff

    i like charice . i am not asian though….

  • http://facebook sora salaam

    you have mesmerized all of us because your performance is dazzling and sensational….hope to be like that soon .I’m a singer who wantzzzzz also to go to HOLLYWOOD like you! hahaha :D

  • chaster17

    lea michele is the main character,,, yeah,,, but listen very well,,, charice amazing voice is greater than what lea michele had… whoever said that lea is better than charice,,, i’m sorry guys but no wionder,,, you’re a deaf,,,

  • Amazing

    i cant’t wait to hear the angelic voice of charice xD

  • maria

    wow!!! great galing u charice cg iangat u bansa natin…im proud of u!!!isa aq s mga tgahanga u.lalo mga anak q

  • mhica


  • http://facebook jea

    the best ka talaga charice!!!iba talaga ang pinoy!keep up the good work girl…