Fashion Faceoff: Love Shop Kara Silk Maxi Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Love Shop Kara Silk Maxi Dress

Vanessa Hudgens loves her maxi dresses. The 21-year-old actress wore a Love ShopKara” Silk Maxi dress while out with her dad Greg earlier this week.

Jenna Dewan was spotted at Shop Intuition in Los Angeles trying on the same dress with a similar floppy hat. The 29-year-old actress modeled off new Hollywood Intuition accessories which are a part of the new Target collection.

Who wore Love Shop best -- VANESSA HUDGENS or JENNA DEWAN-TATUM?
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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: National Photo Group, Startraksphoto
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  • adiore

    I don’t really like the dress period. It looks so homely and unflattering.

    But as for who wore it *better* it’s almost a TIE, since they both have the same long hair extensions and hat accessory. BUT after giving it a second glance, Jenna wins by a slight margin because the dress shows off her curves a bit more (from what I can see from only the pictures shown here). And I don’t like the slung over bag on Vanessa because it doesn’t seem to go well with the dress.

  • kayla la la

    Vanessa for sure..:)

  • teamhudgens


  • jojo


  • amanda..loves…

    JENNA for sure:D

  • Sharen

    I don’t know what but Vanessa could be a younger verison Jenna. Zac and Vanessa could be the younger version of Channing and Jenna. They are both lovely couples. Jenna wore the dress better to me though.

  • kristen

    no nessa

  • elisa

    I like the dress and I think they both look great on it, but Jenna has more boobs and that makes her look better

  • bella


  • Hana


  • Chanon

    This is Vanessa’s style and it does look better on her. That lady is too old to be wearing dresses and hats like that. :/

  • 333


  • 333


  • Joochi


  • DIamond

    I agree it is Vanessa’s bohemian chic style and plus she always looks super cute in these dresses!

  • mike

    looks great on bout

  • Pearl

    Jenna looks better, everyone just voted Vanessa just cos they don’t really know who Jenna is

  • char

    jenna’s from step up and married to channing tatum… but i liked vanessa in it. jenna sorta seems a little saggy in the dress =/

  • jazmin

    Both looks great…I say V though and I do know Jenna, she’s from the original movie Step up with her now current hubby, Channing Tatum. Both are also an amazing couple.

  • Katty

    I don’t think it is a fair comparison because of every pic we have of V in the dress, she is wearing the bag over it. That does matter because it changes how the dress looks on her chest and her waist. If she was wearing no bag and we could see clearly, that would be better. However, just from seeing them both and looking over them, I think V looks better.

  • brnty

    ı dont love v’s style!
    she is coping always.
    I dont know who is jenna but jenna is better
    because ı dont lke dress on vanessa.this dress not casual dress ı think.

  • xoxoJanexoxo

    V !!

  • Sia

    You have to be kidding me. Jenna is way hotter in the dress and she can dance circles around vanessa.
    Vanessa looks like an old lady or one of the Olsen twins.

  • Sia

    Too old ? She looks younger then Vanessa. WHATEVER.

  • http://j cf

    @Sia: lol jealous much?

    vanessa ftw

  • Leah

    Altho Im a Vanessa fan,, Jenna wears the dress way beter. it looks beter on her body, all Vanessa’s fans just voted for her. And Jenna is btw posing en nessa walking..

  • susan1

    Vanessa of course!!!!!

  • vfan

    Vanessa by far!
    I love her, she always looks cute and pretty. :)

  • annie1st

    sure nessa, floppy hat is her style (and the one who copy this style is jenna) i know jenna, she’s the girl from step up 1, even jenna more with the boob, but nessa make that maxi dress look effortless and cute just free, nessa make me want to buy it and try it when shopping free or run around town

  • 333

    is she? :O

  • babyVlove1

    Vanessa 100%

  • niha

    Nesssa Looks so cutee <33

  • tina

    ugly dress……..perfect for miss hudgens

  • Rache

    @tina: Who do you think you are

    You’re a disgrace

  • raquel

    Vanessa, definitely. Jenna copied Vanessa’s style. Too much boobs.



  • bella

    I think it’s funny that everyone is picking one and defending them visciously, because they look so similar!! I mean, they’re not identical, but they have very similar looks with the heigth and skin and hair. I love them both, so I can’t even pick.

  • musicgirl

    vanessa, but both look beautiful:)

  • musicgirl


  • http://@melogabbii gabriela

    Vanessa of course !!=)

  • anne


  • anne

    she looks gorgeous

  • anne

    jealousy munch?

  • anne

    Vanessa looks the best

  • belen

    Of course that Vanessa looks better in the dress she has more style

  • belen

    And she used the dress and the hat first

  • belen

    actually no, i like more Vanessa, she always looks incredible

  • belen

    Why do you hate her so much? She looks AMAZING

  • ZVfan

    Of course Vanessa

  • ZVfan

    Vanessa has the best style she is super fashion
    She is classic beauty, her skin is flawless, her candids are gorgeous!