Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift: Go Notre Dame!

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift: Go Notre Dame!

BFFs Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift pose with a cute little fan as they watch the opening Notre Dame football game held at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana on Saturday afternoon (September 4).

Taylor, 20, had requested to sit in the student section with her brother Austin, but the stadium officials knew better, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Head to toe in Notre Dame colors and hats, Selena and Taylor cheered on the Fighting Irish to victory. Notre Dame defeated Purdue 23-12.

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Credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo; Photos: Chicago Tribune
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  • smiley290gurl

    love taylor soooooo much! :)
    can’t wait 4 her new album! :)

  • benrichards

    It baffles me that some people can be so calm around both of them, especially Taylor! They are both amazing, truly amazing. Also Taylor always sings about not being able to find love and when she does find it it backfires on her. This crazy!!! How could anyone do that to her? I know I would be in love with her forever. 13!

  • Selina

    So Cute :)
    I Love Selena<3 & Taylor <3

  • liri92

    TAYLENA is back.. finally.. be jealous demetria devonne(:

  • zeena


    Memi sux …

  • selenabr


  • tizzteam


    yep Taylena is actually the talented one BFF couple

    Miley and Demi are both untalented n ugly girls!

  • bowwow4ver

    don’t talk about a tranny (that demi lovata) on a beautiful girls post!

    Selena is gorgeous :D

  • yo

    Yo taylor i’m really happy for you and I’m let you finish but Selena is the cutest teen in hollywood of all time OF ALL TIME

  • haley

    Please dont mention the fame hungry coattail rider(aka Demi Lovato) in this post!! Yayy Selena and Swifty! :) I heard Selena enrolled in college!

  • liri92

    @haley definitely agree with you.. thats the reason she dumped sel for miley.. bc miley is unfortunately more famous than sel is. .(::

  • marianne

    i love Selena! cant wait for her album, and taylors too! i’m buying them both!!

  • none

    Ugh I hate,taylor S ugh omg I love selena she rocks taylor boo sucks…..why are u guys talkin about demi she do nothin nobody peferct guys js

  • -

    YAY BFFs!! LOVEEE sel & taylor!!! way better then demi & miley! :D
    they look adorable!!! <3

  • nu

    beautiful girls!!!
    and I agree, I think that Demi goes after Miley because she is more famous

  • liri92

    @nu yeah of course.. I mean sel & demi were really really great friends.. and miley bashes demi and selena a lot of times.. and know she is walking after miley like a hungry dog.. and she really forget about selena.. what she did for her to get where she is today.. she unfortunately changed.. the whole fame.. changed her.. she was really great in 2008 but know she is a really fame hoe

  • yeah demi was an amazing girl back in 2008!
    but today she’s a bitch :/
    selena and taylor are sweethearts! i love them!!

  • V

    You have to know the full truth to know whether to blame Demi or not. Maybe there’s something else going on. You can’t blame her when you don’t know what happened between them. I think Demi’s still pretty
    sweet to her fans, although her personality has changed a bit… that’s the only thing that makes her seem different than she used to be.

    But on the brighter note, I’m glad we get to see Selena and Taylor together! They remind me of me and my BFF. They are so sweet.

  • andy

    aww i love their friendship!!! they both are sooo adorable;)

  • andy

    tow really amazing young ladies!!!!

  • Dan

    I was standing next to them during the 4th quarter, i wanted to ask Taylor if i could get a pic with her but i didnt. But i did have a great conversation with her brother, he was very cool!!!

  • daniella!!

    i dont like demi anymore anyways her show is kinda boring and plus camp rock 2 was cheesy. her music isnt relly popular so she’s going downhill. selena and taylor look beautiful

  • Inna

    HOLYSHIT. thats not fudgin fair i would have sooo wnet to the game if i knew!

    for once living in indy could have been awesome!!! ahh!

  • http://ktawnyy ktawnyy

    selena gomez is my idol!

  • none

    @V I agree with u we don’t know what happen, but still people shouldn’t talk bad about demi she’s so sweet an whtvr happen btw demi an sel is there problem let’s FORGET THE PAST OK PEOPLE ITS OVER

  • smcchick

    Hey everyone, you know what is even better than reading about this? Actually being there like me. I go to Notre Dame so I was in the student section for the football game, where I will be every home game for the next 4 years!

    i saw the two of them fly in to get to the game. I saw them come into the stadium. I saw it all! Oh, and did I forget to mention? Austin was only 2 rows down from me in the student section (the big sea of green ND shirts).

    I mean, that is such a great story to tell your friends in my opinion, but honestly, they are people too. I have met so many famous people or people who know celebrities since being at college. I know they have the same interests as us. They want to be normal. I mean, Taylor wanted to sit with her brother like it was no big deal! If everyone would not freak out over her she would have been able to enjoy that and become apart of the ND family like she should be!

    Anyways, I think that seeing the both of them there at the game was awesome, but in the end they are just people like you and me who want to have fun with family and friends and enjoy a little football.

  • CKNola

    Good lord, the bashing on here is ridiculous.

    Here’s an idea, like who you like, and don’t care about others.

    I like Selena, and I like Demi.
    I don’t care for Miley or Taylor.

    Just because celebs you like like or don’t like other celebs, you don’t have to follow suit with them.

    If you have to devote so much time to actively HATING someone you’ve never met…it says a LOT more about you than it does about them.

  • liri92

    @none.. I agree but if she would really love her fans.. she wouldnt have said to her fans after they asked her about selena: ASk TAYLOR.. this is pretty rude and fake.. & disrespectful.. selena has never said that.. ever..I mean she could also say “ASK MIley.. when they ask her about demi.. but she never did.. so yepp.. thats basically it.. period

  • em22

    love them! my cousin goes to notre dame and saw her and so did a boy from my high school! :)

  • em22

    @smcchick: thats pretty sweet that you saw them :) My cousin goes to ND and saw them too :)

  • anonymos

    SHUDUP ppl GOD atleast once I want pce!! (:

  • haley


    wth?? You seriously think the bashing in justjared sites are horrible? this is so mild and tame compared to oceanup, ONTD and perezhilton. Suck it up. Demi is desperate for fame, and that’s it.

  • CKNola


    I don’t visit any of those sites.
    What exactly has Demi done that screams of ‘desperate for fame’?
    To me that’s a label for folks like Paris Hilton, Olivia Munn or Perez Hilton himself.

    I could buy it being applied to Miley with her whole “Strip pole” act.

    But as far as I can see Demis only ‘crime’ thus far is having some sort of falling out with Selena.

    Really, if she was desperate to be famous, she’d stay with Selena instead of hanging out with Miley.

    If she & Selena were still buds, and everything else Demi did was the same, I doubt you’d see the whole bashing going on.
    It’s not Demis actions, it’s folks who feel the need to take ‘sides’ in some disagreement that really means nothing to them.
    (I’d say the same of Demi fans bashing Selena with similarly silly accusations)

  • lou

    i have to say i think selena and taylor make better friends for each other

    demi was just a jealous little brat

  • Quyen

    Taylor and Selena are forever!!!!!!

  • heidi

    TaylorSwift&SelenaGomez=AdORABLE Love them !!!

  • http://xrawrilycocox caroline

    aww BEst frans Foreva :]

  • Burrito

    I hate myself, i had game tickets, but i gave them to my uncle and cousin, i could of seen them in person, god I HATE MYSELF =…(

  • kiki

    I really believe that DEMI is just jaleous of SELENA’s success. She would stay friend with her as long as she feels she is on top. Now that Selena is a bit more successful, she is acting like a brat and saying bad things about her. She does not know how stupid she sounds when she keeps saying Miley is her best friend. Miley just cares about herself. Now Miley is hanging out with the girl Joe dumped her for ! Go figure !

  • tami


  • bla bla bla

    aargh ! people stop blaming demi that “she went to miley becz miley is more famous so she would also be famous with her” or “she went to miley becz selena looks more beautiful….so if shes with selena everybody will praise selena and say selly is more beautiful then demi….and if shes with miley she would look more gorgeous becz miley is ugly” ……………..actly its al taylor’s fault…she dumped miley …..then miley took demi with herself ……and then demi started feeling comfortable with her……in yhe meantime taylor tool selena with herself … selly and demi broke up !!!!!!……..dats it ….this is datru story !!!!!!!………….dont blame any of 3 (selena,miley,demi) ……taylor swift is a cat faced person with cat mind !!…..she only started all this bullshit !

  • http://dnthave cynthia

    i think selena and taylor make a good pair of friends they look beatiful together! they look better then selena and demi but i still like demi she’s cool. Taylor and selena rock!!

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