Ashley Hinshaw: Ashley Greene is Really Fantastic

Ashley Hinshaw: Ashley Greene is Really Fantastic

Ashley Greene is all smiles as she heads back to her hotel after exploring Paris on Sunday afternoon (September 5).

JJJ caught up with L.O.L. costar Ashley Hinshaw recently and chatted about the movie and what it’s like working with the 23-year-old Twilight star.

Ashley H shared with us, “Ashley and I, our characters are not friends in the movie she’s kind of the antagonist to Miley [Cyrus] and my character. But Ashley is really, really fantastic, you know she really kind of down to earth. You know everybody knows who Ashley Greene is, off screen but you meet her and you would think she’s anybody else.”

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  • anonymous

    She’s so gorgeous it’s not even funny..sweet, down to earth, and just down right lovable. Stay that way Ashley <3

  • cheryl

    She looks adorably cute, wish I could go to Paris <3

  • haley

    She’s been with Joe almost 2 months! That’s really a progress for someone like Joe. I hope they stay together for more than a year at least.

  • Cynthia

    I hope that too! It’s not like I ship them or anything, in fact, I don’t like them together at all. I just want them to prove everyone wrong and stay together for a while. I hate how everyone’s acting like they know them personally or something and they can never be serious in a relationship.

  • mileyssexy

    Although Ashley has this innocent appeal, she clearly doesn’t care too much about how people feel when it comes to guys. I know she doesn’t have to behave in a specific way, but by being super-flirty and muscling in on boys, she’s gonna cause a lot of drama and distrust. Which is interesting, because she’s obviously sexy and talented. Props to her for being forthright, but I’m not into what she’s forthright about… lol

  • Ashleyisangel

    she really is fantastic! beautiful and so sweet.

  • gabrielle

    she’s getting so much more exposure now because of the movie with miley and because she’s dating joe jonas

  • anonymous

    @gabrielle She’s one of the most exposed artist already before she had to do with anything Miley and Jonas. Twilight? does that ring any bell? She has one of the biggest galleries here. Just because you were living in some spider hole and didn’t hear much about her doesn’t mean she was this irrelevant nobody until she had to do something with your Disney world.

  • harley

    She looks gorgeous! I love her style.

  • Atiana

    this girl is trying to get more fame from joe jonas! seriouly ! ever since joe jonas it like AG AG! poor demi!

  • Samantha

    @Atiana: Stupid comment is stupid. Demi is not some fragile, helpless little girl who is sobbing away every night for Joe. He had a right to move on. And he did. This is what it is like in the real world. Then again, what would you know about grown-up relationships. You’re probably in middle school.

  • Samantha

    @Atiana: What a stupid comment.