Miranda Cosgrove: Today Show Terrific!

Miranda Cosgrove: Today Show Terrific!

Miranda Cosgrove hangs out with good friend Nat Wolff before she takes over The Today Show on NBC on Monday morning (September 6).

Were you one of the lucky winners to go see and meet the 17-year-old singer/actress this morning?! Let us know if you were!

Check out Miranda performing “Kissin’ U” and “Bam” off of her debut album, Sparks Fly, below!

35+ pics inside of Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove – “Bam” – The Today Show, 09/06

Miranda Cosgrove – ”

Kissin’ U” – The Today Show, 09/06

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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz, Jackson Lee; Photos: Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • diane

    so are her and natt an item? i’ve been asking this for like over a year. i think they would look cute together.
    anyways, personally i don’t think she’s a good live performer. she doesn’t have good stage presence and its kind of awkward watching her. but shes pretty and her songs are catchy. (:

  • nikki

    but i hate how people are calling her Rock goddess ! and taking over music and the next “it” girl. i hate to be negative energy here but she sucks live ! she’s got NO stage presence, NO talent, and NO idea what the heck she was doing up there ! she get’s too much credit for doing that ! and if she’s going on tour just to do THAT, then she’s gonna have a problem. a lot of people are going to be disapointed !

  • whoever

    I love Miranda Cosgrove and she’s such a great actress, but singing just isn’t her thing. Not trying to be mean or anything, but she doesn’t have a great voice. She looked a little awkward and uncomfortable, like she was just standing there and not moving around much. But she looked pretty.

  • minnie

    I agree with the above comments. She doesn’t have stage presence or a good singing voice! She can’t dance either so its really awkward watching her. I find it sad that Disney and nickelodeon try to bank on their stars and mold them into singers when they clearly are NOT GOOD!

  • jasper

    @nikki: Hate to break it to you but she is the current “it”girl.

    Miranda has the #1 show on all of cable, a song that has been on the charts for a long time now, several major endorsement deals and she’s just begun.And you must be a professional singer to be qualified to critique her performance so come on Nikki who are you really? Madonna? Gwen Stefani? Oh, maybe you’re really John Mayer?

  • http://@Shakaibshaghasi Shakaib

    She is just starting her career, its a learning process for her. You can only look back at your mistakes and fix it the next time your on stage. It’s not like you will do the same thing every time you perform.

    + she was def. nervous and I do NOT blame her, people are expecting a LITTLE to much from her hehe

    anyways have fun guys, peace

  • steve

    Agreed Jasper, she’s about as “it” as they come right now. I thought she was great. You could tell she was a little nervous but she started to really hit her stride in Bam. I would have been totally rocking out if I was there lol. Did she only perform these 2 songs? Unfortunately I was working and missed the original telecast. Anyways, Miranda if you ever read this just know that you are AWESOME and GORGEOUS Times 10 and I can’t wait to see you performing again live!!

  • Iwillkillyourkittykat

    she should stick to acting. she can’t perform or sing. but she has a talent in acting. she also looks a lot like jimmy fallon!

  • CamTeeM

    aww nat is soo old and big!!! miss him and alex =)

  • erica

    Nikki if you don’t want to be a negative energy then don’t read posts that make you so angry. You sound like you have a personal ax to grind, like she killed your grandmother or you wanted to be a singer yourself or something.

  • jpz

    what kind of dates are they supposedly going on across the country from each other and only seeing each other like 2 times a year? via astral projection?

  • Danielle

    yeh i agree with the first few comments.i dont hate her or anytin,shes a good actress but i think shes terrible at singing tbh :/

  • Sydney

    She’s ok. She was better singing Kissin’ U than the other ones.

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    Kissin’ U is a good song :)

  • james

    @jasper: You are right about everything but you didn’t mention that yesterday her movie “Despicable Me” became the fifth highest grossing movie of the summer. Miranda’s performance was amazing she is the current it girl. I am not crazy about her with Nat but I agree that it is her decision.

  • Galinda

    Why the heck do people have to come on here and be mean?

    Miranda did great on the Today Show. Anyone who saw it knows that, so what’s the point of insulting her? Do you haters think you’re gonna change people’s opinion of her?

    Give it up! It’s not working!

  • alex


  • http://twitter.com/Ashlaf4ever Ashley

    @diane: I always thought they were together too. (Nat and Miranda) And It looks pretty obvious so idk haha

  • http://mina_23 mina

    @jasper: What now, people can’t even say their oppimion?! Who are you to answer back ha?

  • http://mina_23 mina

    @mina: oppiNion, sorry

  • Nathan Cosgrove

    Miranda Pike spectacular and sexy, she is an excellent singer, Miranda won in the music!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I’ve loved Miranda since DRAKE AND JOSH and I am so happy that things are going so well for her right now. It’s sad how people always underestimate her popular just because she’s not in the news 24/7 like the Twilight stars or Miley and Selena, But let’s be honest here, her paycheck is bigger than any of the Disney stars combined. Her Cabel show gets more unique views than any of the Disney shows

  • s

    i love nat and alex. nat is so hot why is he STILL dating miranda its been like 3 years

  • Kayla

    iLove Miranda, but she has a LONG way to go in the singin career, and she needs to prove her actin…she’s a great comedy actress, but what about more dramatic roles?? Jennette McCurdy has all of that down…just sayin ;)

  • hales

    @mrsdestinyhope: Since when is Selena (I think you’re referring to the Gomez one since she’s the only selena on this site) always in the news 24/7???

    LMAO your comment me laugh so hard.

    Yes her paycheck is bigger than Disney stars, but her show doesn’t get more unique viewers than any of the Disney shows. Suite Life on Deck is the most-watched kids show, it’s number one in the ratings and has been since its premiere. iCarly is a hit among the adults (adults demographic) but its not as big in its intended aimed demographic (kids and tweens). On Deck is number one in the aimed demos kids and tweens, outcapping every other Disney and Nick show on TV. iCarly is the number one Nick show among adult demos and kids demos but is certainly NOT the most-watched kids show. You hear in the news iCarly scores big ratings because it has one-hour+ episode specials/TV movies every 2-3 weeks. On Deck doesn’t it’s only had one episode special, but a normal episode of On Deck averages more than iCarly. On Deck’s season 2 averaged 5.1 million viewers. iCarly averaged less. Sources: tv by the numbers.com and Nielsen Media Group.
    iCarly has received huge ratings as part of the TV movies line they have. All of the TV movies scored high ratings because they are movies. An average episode of iCarly scores solid ratings in the adult demos and moderately successful in the kids/tweens demo but isn’t number one in overall annually, SLOD is. SLOD doesn’t have TV movies, if it did I bet those TV movies would top iCarly’s average in TV movies.

  • Bria

    I agree with however said she is just a beginner! Kissin U gets more airplay on the radio than any other teenage singer (except Justin Bieber, of course) And EVERYONE loves iCarly! Some people are naturally performers, like Beyonce, Britney Spears. Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus. Stage presence, unfortunately for some, really can’t be faked easily. We may have to just give her time to develop. Her voice was shaky and it was akward to watch, but I know she can do better, she just has to let go and do it. Like Selena Gomez, she still isn’t amazingly-great live, but she has gooten SO much better! Listen to her forst live performance on DWTS than listen to her sing on America’s got talent. Her voice is still weak, but it’s getting stronger and so is her stage presence!

  • http://google CutiebABE

    I donno like miranda i think she is to proudly of her self but i donno know her may be she i not like that.

  • steve

    @hales: hey Hales how do you feel now that that God awful show Suite Life On Deck has finished shooting and is Done Forever? Are you as shocked as I am that it went as long as it did? Thank goodness it’s over right?

  • Callie

    I went to the Today Show and I thought it was awesome! I won a radio contest and was flown with my 11 year old daughter to watch. Not only that, but then we got to meet her. She was so sweet. She was so genuine when talking to my daughter and it just made her day. We got a picture with her and her autograph. I wish that everyone would be a little less critical though. She’s a young girl who is working really hard. I don’t know many kids her age who work and not to mention are performing in front of large crowds. I think she’s doing an amazing job and she has gotten my approval. I’m truly thankful for getting the chance to interact with her in person. She’s amazing!

  • Jasmine

    I think Miranda anda Nat are so CUte together! I love kissin U!