Miley Cyrus is So Undercover

Miley Cyrus is So Undercover

Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene get lost in the delicious food at Palais de Tokyo as they dine out with the cast of L.O.L. over the weekend in Paris.

It was just announced that in addition to Wings and Wake, Miley, 17, will also star in the upcoming So Undercover. The script was written by Allan Loeb and Steven Pearl and will be directed by Tom Vaughan.

Shooting for So Undercover is expected to start this fall.

L.O.L. just wrapped last night in Paris. 10+ pics inside…

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miley cyrus ashley greene eating 01
miley cyrus ashley greene eating 02
miley cyrus ashley greene eating 03
miley cyrus ashley greene eating 04
miley cyrus ashley greene eating 05
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  • anon

    gtfo greene.

  • S

    Matching pants and matching bra showing?

  • cheryl

    Not the best front pic Jared, lmao. Besides these were taken a couple days ago.
    And wow anon, pathetic much ? Get a life instead of hating.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Miley eats real food while Ashley eats salad.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I bet miles had some wine! Good for her.

  • alice

    Miley and Ashley are so beautiful

  • q8yGirl

    WoW AWESOME :D so excited for LOL and this new project :) way to go miles , on ur way to become a gr8 movie star !
    LOVE U <3

  • harley

    Love Ashley, but leggings are not pants! I don’t know why girls don’t understand that.

    But anyways – they both look cute and look like they’re having a good time.

  • candy321

    thts it gurls fill ur stomachs!
    u guys deserve, it cant wait for LoL! :D

  • Warren

    Wish I could eat dinner with beautiful Miley! She is even pretty when eating which is saying a lot. And for all you jealous haters….look how many movies Miley has in the works. If she didn’t have talent, you think all these producers would be spending millions of dollars on Miley to star in their films! I hope she doesn’t give up her music though.

  • aly

    “warren” they probably only hire her to start in films because she’s famous (because of her scandals) if they hire her, they know all her little teenies, would watch it. not cuz she has talent.

  • Warren

    @S: Who says it’s a bra? That’s like saying a bikini top is a bra. Miley is completely covered and looks beautiful and stylish. And it doesn’t matter because Miley is the hottest woman on the planet!

  • andy

    @warren complety covered??? are you blind or what, she look like a whore, so trashy and really disgusting!!! the hottes woman??? nice joke!!!! also shes super ordinary, juts look how she eats, eww soo gross!!! miley doesnt even how to act like a girl…..

  • Warren

    @aly: No, Miley is famous because she brings in millions of dollars in sales. Even though it wasn’t a blockbuster, “The Last Song” actually made a lot of money. Miley is hot and teens and 20 somethings spend the most money on movies and music so what is your point? And teenie girls taste good… I mean have good taste.

  • http://none kendra j bethune

    good i did not need to know that i don’t follow ashely greene
    i did not know she meet miley cyrus

  • andy

    @warren i swear you sound like a gay lol i mean a boy doesnt talk like you!!! and next time get your fact straigth cause tls was a huge fail in box office and also cant be tamed, actually amazon sells for only 3 dollars…. hahahahahaha

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @andy: how bout u gtfo and stop talking about urself? We already no how ignorant you are and we don’t need ur ignorance 24 Hours a day -seven days a week.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    oh , and by the way, does this mean the movie is COMPLETELY FINISHED or is it just temporary? And, Gosh, another role already? Miles is not gonna have any time for herself between this year and the following

  • Warren

    @andy: Miley is still on Billboard and “The Last Song” Blu-ray and DVD were the hottest sellers when they were released. Are you just a troll that pops up anytime someone says something nice about Miley? I suspect you use more than one name on here which is kinda creepy. And you never give any reason why you don’t like Miley, except you don’t like how she looks, which is pretty lame. And your posts are like you don’t know english that well. Are you even an American?

  • ak

    Miley is skinnier.
    How do you know she is eating “real” food and not a salad (wich is real food)?? you can’t see all thay are eating

  • blahblahblah

    ok just a qustion why r u on every miley post get a life :O
    anyways luv them :)

  • Sahina

    we all know this @andy: here is bloody insecure. who do you think “it” keeps bashing Miley Cyrus???

    it’s Paulie in disguise.

  • janiece

    no offense to any hard core miley fans but sadly Hollywood is more about making money than actual talent. miley is a product, plain and simple. Because of her popularity (not necessarily her talent), that is what has helped her get a lot of film roles lately. I’m not saying she doesnt have talent because acting isnt easy and you do need to have that extra something special to do it. im just saying shes easier to make money off of due to her celebrity status

  • california asset protection

    miley cyrus comes from an entertainment family. i think that she is a very confused person lately, and i dunno why.

  • Natalie

    awesome luv ya miley and cant wait 4 LOL

  • lyla

    soo i eat like that some time and it normal it happen alot when your eating something for the first time that could of happen

    i also liked the way were you can see her bra am not a pervert but its original and it kinda seems fashinable

  • Vanessa

    Ashley Greene looks like a bitch! xD

  • http://website maci

    you and Ashley are so the best.

  • roach


    “are you even an american” ???

    wtf has that got to do with disliking a famous person, you creep. get off this site and get a life!

    and @mrsdestinyhope aw thats such a sweet thing to say, and i agree :)