Charice is a GLEEk!

Charice is a GLEEk!

Charice points her index finger way up to the sky as she arrives at the premiere of GLEE Season 2 held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on Tuesday night (September 7).

The 18-year-old Filipina phenomenon will play Sunshine Corazon, a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder in the upcoming season.

The new season kicks off on Tuesday, September 21 at 8/7c on FOX!

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Credit: Juan Rico, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
Posted to: Charice Pempengco
  • lovelydee

    She’s gorgeous
    and her voice is amazing
    I can’t wait to see her on Glee.

  • Lala

    Charice looks SO pretty here! Almost no make-up but i like it that way.

    I cant wait to see the Telephone sing-off with Lea Michele. Omg i’m so excited!!!

  • magick_girl786

    I do like Charice’s voice, she has a very strong voice for someone so young, but I dislike the fact that they cast her in the role. Ryan Murphy stated that the MySpace auditions would be used to cast all the new Season 2 roles and yet the minute a big star comes along, they cast her? Its so stupid. Plus, what kind of a dumb name is Sunshine? Like WTF

  • Fly N Dance

    have u seen the tweets on charice? they’re all praises. billboard said she damn kills it.

    can’t wait

  • bella

    Charice is much prettier with less make-up. I like her because of her talent, but her fans are really really annoying as if Charice is the only creature in the world that got talent! Her die-hard non-thinking fans will be her downfall!

  • bella

    @magick_girl786: she auditioned and she passed. read

  • yeahright


    Her fans are no different than other fans of young celebs…get real.

  • rodski

    so excited for the coming season of glee.

  • cmeesmile

    I love her voice!! But I wonder why mainstream radio stations don’t play her music =[ I haven’t heard “Pyramid” on KIIS FM once.

  • unnie_Sophia

    love her

  • Iwillkillyourkittykat

    she’s ugly
    but i love her voice

  • elaine

    @Iwillkillyourkittykat: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! now i can see also u are ugly inside and out!

  • mykamicks

    How can poeple crticize one’s appearance? She may not be as beautiful like other young hollywooders celebs yet her beauty is absolutely unique and definitely not ugly. Charice has an oustsanding talent compare to other beauteous faces in hoillywood who doesnt anything nor talent except their faces. I am glad that Hollywood now is so open regardless one is black or white. And we are talking so BIG , such as talented as Charice. Go Charice nailed everyone according to your talent!

  • Ella

    You go Cha!! Make all the Filipino proud! :))

  • maR.

    lmao. she looks so… SMALL. but still, i love herrr. her voice is LIKE WTFOMG. :))

  • chakyun

    Charice talent and exotic beauty will rather change the typical stature mentality in hollywood. It will open the doors for people who does have the real talents and doesn´t have Elizabeth Taylor look. As David Foster once said, Charice posseses the charisma and aura to be a great star and she have many talents which still hiding in that little body of hers, but shy to show it.

  • spring

    @bella: @yeahright: @bella: That is not true. The fact is, majority of die hard fans are like that – fans of legends and of teen celebs. Charice’s fans are no exception. Just go to YouTube or any sight dedicated to a particular artist and you’ll see what I mean. Fans will be always be fans.

  • Anthony

    Charice has a pretty powerful voice and she is very, very sincere! One thing we love about Charice is that she remains humble as well as grateful to her fans! Can’t wait to see her perform on Glee!

  • Ruth

    Go Charice!! :D We’re so proud of you!! Make all the Filipinos proud! :)

  • hahahawhatever

    LOL if youre saying she’s ugly so be it, wat about oprah? do you think shes ugly too lol…..

  • xara

    so gorgeous!
    i cant wait to see her on glee!

  • addictedtov

    go charice! love your songs and can’t wait to see you on glee!

  • Sheenah

    I looooove Charice! I CANNOT wait to see her on Glee! *SPOILER ALERT* She will sing Listen and I heard she blows everyone’s socks off! Not surprised, as Listen is one of Charice’s signature songs– look her up on YouTube singing Listen live at the Oscar’s after party and the Kodak theater. I-N-S-A-N-E.

  • Alex

    Charice is amazing and I’m so excited to see her on Glee. To those of you cynics, stop trying to find something to criticize about. Charice’s voice and talent is undeniable so stop fooling yourselves and get with the program.


    Charice is a “natural”. she’s an “old soul”. she has that indefinable, unexplainable “star quality” about her. the charisma comes thru even just on videos on YT, on live concerts. i can barely imagine how it is when you see witness her live on stage or just being near her. There is definitely “something” about her. Go ask Ellen, Oprah and David Foster.

  • rustt

    @Iwillkillyourkittykat: She’s pretty, chaming, and simple.

  • geoff


    one of charice’s grandest performance,

    and she did it LIVE,

    feel the blast in crisp/clear video HD:


  • http://@dionsherer dion

    charice é a maior cantora dos ultimos tempos