Justin Bieber Takes Milk Challenge!

Justin Bieber Takes Milk Challenge!

Justin Bieber knows to keep his energy up and his bones strong, he needs his milk — but just how long does it take him to drink a pint of it?

The 16-year-old singer teamed up with the UK’s Make Mine Milk challenge to see just how long it would take him to drink it — 26.03 seconds!

The ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign in Great Britain aims to wake the nation up to all that’s great about milk, reminding people that low-fat milk contains less than 2% fat, and being nutrient-dense, it’s also extremely healthy.

HOW LONG WOULD IT take you to drink a pint of milk?

Justin Bieber – Make Mine Milk Challenge
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  • http://jastjaredjr. alessia

    ma questo bambino è proprio stupido !!!!!! quanto mi sta antipatico…..-.-

  • Eric SHinn

    Bieber can drink my milk anyday!!!!!!

  • :p

    Of course he’d drink that! I mean, duh?! a baby needs milk to grow. LOL

  • Kyra

    Honestly in my opinion he’s sooooo copying Dylan and Cole Sprouse (The Sprouse Twins started the GOT MILK? campaing 1st) Seriously No offence to Bieber’s fans but even his hair The Sprouses had that hair style before and Justin Bieber wasn’t even known yet.

    It’s ok he’s promoting the benefits of Milk but why can’t he be more original?? what’s next for Justin Bieber now… copying Dylan and Cole again with a Nintendo Spot?

    Please dude BE ORIGINAL!!

  • Meow Meow

    Awww hes soooo cute!!!!(:

  • J

    Looks like he missed when he shot into his mouth!

  • Kyra

    Why is my comment still waiting moderation???

  • ali

    @Kyra: he had his hair long before he was famous. that has nothing to do with the sprouse twins. if he was really copying them then he would have taken disney’s offers to be on disney. you can’t say that he’s copying them with the milk thing because PLENTY of celebs do the GOT MILK? thing and this was completely different – this was the MAKE MINE MILK CHALLENGE.

  • jb lover

    i fully agree with ali…
    so shut up kyra. justin’s
    hair has been around
    since before he was
    famous. and for your
    information SOOOOO
    many celebrities do the
    GOT MILK? thing like
    ali said. stop hating
    if you have no proof
    of what youre saying.
    you need to grow up
    and move on. leave
    justin bieber alone jeez kids.

>>>>>>> staging1