Miley Cyrus: L.O.L. Wrap Party in Paris

Miley Cyrus: L.O.L. Wrap Party in Paris

With an umbrella over her head, Miley Cyrus heads back to her waiting car after celebrating the wrap of her new film, L.O.L. in Paris on Tuesday night (September 7).

The 17-year-old actress was joined by leading man Douglas Booth. Miley even stopped to take a picture with some fans before leaving.

It was just announced yesterday that Miley will be starring in So Undercover, a new film from Tom Vaughan.

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Credit: ANG; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • me

    Beautiful. LOVE HER <3

  • lily

    She always wears black bra…It’s weird…Don’t get me wrong I’m not a hater…just noticed.:)

  • blahblahblah

    i hate this makeup on her but she is cute as always luv her

  • m

    I don’t see any umbrella

  • Jonaslove

    What the hell is she wearing?

  • Tiffany

    umbrella? Glad she has some down time get all of her clothes here

  • Meghan

    Miley, I’m pretty sure your a millionaire. Would it kill you to buy a top that FITS you and ISN’T see through?

  • Mika

    What is she wearing? That’s a hideous outfit, from the chunky shoes to the sweat pants, to the bra. Pretty girl .. but gross appearance.

  • Laura

    She is so ugly lately if this is her trying to get more adult attention it ain’t working someone needs to show her how to wear a top not let her boobs hang out!

  • GossipGirl

    Look what the wind blew in. Some more pathetic obsessed Miley haters. And who gives a flip if she’s wearing a effin BRA. Is it a crime? Hell NO. I am pretty sure when u immature bas-tards grow up and grow some boobs , u’ll be wearing one too. Or u can be stuck being flat chested and looking like a 3RD grader for the rest of ur life like another Bobbed Disney Princess that we all know of.

  • Warren

    I Love beautiful Miley! She has such beautiful eyes. She looks a little tired in some of these pictures. Wonder when she gets to go home for a little while.

  • rachel-ES

    love miley :)

  • Bria


    First off, you’re the immature one for coming up with things that aren’t true, just because someone doesn’t like her outfit, it doesn’t mean they’re a “hater” The term is getting SO OLD! Secondly, you seem to be the only obsessed one. These people have only stated thier opinion, and they did it quite nicely! Most girls(myself included) don’t like to walk around with thier bras hanging out! It doesn’t look like she meant to do it this time, her shirt just got all out of place. I like Miley and all, but come on, she could have dressed a little nice for a wrap party in Paris!

  • Lawrence

    I hope she doesn’t turn any of those cute guys from the movie into more boy toys*lol*, that would be a crime!.

  • hiha

    damn she represents America… shaaaame she’s so LOLable

  • aa

    Ok, I love Miley.. but wtf is she wearing!?

  • Alex

    urgh. she’s bloody vile.
    i don’t know why people are so hyped up about her.
    pfff. her new “movie?”
    obviously going to be miley throwing herself around, having sex and smoking weed. and that’s all fine and dandy, but really, she’s going to give us 16 year olds a bad name.

    then again, could prove me wrong and be a good film.
    … heh, but i doubt it.

>>>>>>> staging1