Selena Gomez: Behind The Scenes of 'Latina'

Selena Gomez: Behind The Scenes of 'Latina'

Check out this exclusive look at Selena Gomez‘s Latina mag cover shoot!

The 18-year-old October 2010 cover girl dished in the video about what makes her feel beautiful: Her family!

Selena shared, “Being with my family makes me feel pretty. Being confident is another. Something that’s a statement, I think is when people, especially girls, who don’t have to wear makeup or don’t have to be put together to feel pretty. I think that’s really beautiful.”

In case you missed it, check out highlights from Selena‘s feature!

Selena Gomez Behind-the-scenes at Latina Magazine
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  • nessa

    i don’t understand why she’s so famous? Her voice is soo mediocre and average.

  • andy

    @nessa ey wtf??? get out of here troll!!!! stop to be so damn jelous asshole!!!! you wish you has half of the talented and beauty that selena has….. shes living her dream, shes sooo rich, famous and gonna has a brilliant future??? and what about you??? juts a stupid and loser hater talk shit about someone who doesnt even know you and dons gitve a shit about whay you say…. so stay mad!!!

  • andy

    i love this cover shoot!!! seriously she looks insanely gorgeous!!!! and sooo hot, love all the outfit!!! she looks sexy without looks trashy, she has so much class, glam and style, i jus love it!!!

  • andy

    Looking flawless as usual!

  • Theoracle

    Lol, stay pressed @nessa.

    She looks great. Can’t wait to see this.

  • abby

    I LOVE Selena but I have to ask is she half Latina from her father? Because her mother just looks straight up white. O_o Selena really doesn’t look all that Latina to me.

  • wow


    wow. GET A LIFE. for someone who’s very hypocritical, you need to chill out. you can bash miley cyrus all day long, but if someone remotely says something not nice about selena, you assume they’re “jealous” and saying they’re “hating” on her. okay, same sh*t when you talk crap about miley. little girl, just keep your mouth shut.

    BTW, selena looks pretty as usual.

  • diane

    @abby: her father is mexican and her mother is italian.

  • halle

    Because she is a good actress, she is kind, she is the ambassador for UNICEF, and she is gorgeous.

  • Isa B

    @nessa: Have you seen her act? She’s excellent.

  • ak

    wow she is gorgeuos

  • Amy

    Selena’s amazing! She can act, sing and dance! Plus, she’s beautiful and gorgeous…

  • val

    @abby: I’m 100% latina, and I’m white, stupid racist

  • jazmin

    I love selena is so simple ♥
    your music is great and acts well

  • Chloe

    Selena looks flawless! Intelligence and confidence are the qualities that make every person to stand out and defenitely Selena has those. Haters should learn to be more classy and respectful with everyone because you only look like a fool and it’s pathetic to be honest. Breath and smile ok?

  • nessa

    pshh whatever some of you need to chill the eff out. She’s not a damn goddess..some of you act like she’s fucking found a cure for cancer, pathetic.

    @andy im going to medical school, i might not be famous, but i will be contributing more to society than selena gomez.. so eff OFF.
    you’re obsessed.

  • meiner

    and you reduce someone to his voice! … really … you go to a medical school?

  • Selina

    AMAZING!! (:

  • mileyssexy

    I’m glad Selena is more confident now.

    Nessa, I know what you mean, just try to avoid unnecessary confrontation — only winds each other up. :P

  • http://@destineeparis99 destineeparis99


  • Anwen

    Fuck haters..they always keep saying selena is like this and selena is like that.If you are that much better than her,then why aren’t u a celeb?Why aren’t u the ambassador of UNICEF? Saying bad things about her won’t lessen her talent.Anyways,She looks awesome as always.

  • wraith

    do anyone have the scan for this magazine please?

  • Inahs


    clearly you don’t know what racism means. she was just asking a simple question.

  • Inahs

    @Anwen: its not hating. just voicing an opinion. people can’t voice opinions now? shes just telling the truth.

    shes a good comedic actress, seems very sweet and cute but a singer? hardly. they have to use a lot of back up noise and music so her singing voice doesn’t sound too crappy. have you listened to idina menzel, melanie c, celine dion, or kelly clarkson?

  • HIH

    She is beautiful :)

  • VioletV

    @Nessa listen you cucumber holster…(it’s a family site!)… you came here with this negative attitude of yours and then you act like everyone else has a problem.

    First of all, FYI Selena Gomez is an actress. She’s been acting on a show that won an Emmy – Wizards of Waverly Place. A show that gets big ratings. And what have you done? That’s right, nothing.

    Selena just acted in a movie – Ramona and Beezus – one that received a ton of praise from the nations top critics. A thing you cannot say about “The Last Song” or the acting skills of that flicks protagonist.

    And darn it, Selena also sings and has received awards for it too. And unless you haven’t noticed, you don’t have to be a Mariah Carey to sell records either in this business. Because heaven knows Britney Spears cannot sing (ask the fans that went to her last Australian concert) and boy does she sell records.

    Anyway, Selena is also an entrepreneur with a clothing line. Again, what have you done? She’s 18. She’s probably already done more than you’ll ever do in your entire life. Bitter? I thought so.

    And guess what? She does charity work as a Unicef ambassador. And has held auctions to help animals and participated in different charity events. So there goes your silly theory that Selena doesn’t give back to society. LOL

    Now do us all a favor and take a piece of your mommas lard and slide yourself from the face of the earth. So long loser!

    @abby, it is time for you to learn the awful truth: Here it is… Latina is not a race. 0_o

    To be Latina or Hispanic is an ethnicity. Meaning that you can be from ANY race but still be considered Latina if you happen to have a background, heritage or ancestry from ANY of the Latin/Hispanic cultures in this dear old planet of ours. Oh yes, there is a big diversity among Latinos.

    Now let’s talk about Half-Mexicans like Selena. Especially those that to your naive eyes, would probably not look like they are. Let’s begin!

    1. Lynda Carter, the famous Wonder Woman and the face of the typical all-American woman in the 70′s She’s half Mexican. And she’s proud of it too. Even confessed how her mother came to this country as a not-so-legal immigrant.

    2. Linda Rondstadt. As a young singer she looked a lot like Selena Gomez. And I mean a LOT. Look up photos of her as a young woman. Anyway, she’s proud of her Mexican ancestry. Sings Rancheras with Mariachi on stage. Great singer.

    3. Sara Paxton is half-Mexican. She’s a blonde and green eyed actress. You probably remember her from the movie Aquamarine.

    4. Alexis Bledel is Half- Mexican and Half-Argentinean. Can’t get more Latina than that.

    That’s enough.

    Now, please go and deal with the fact that Selena is proud of her Latina roots. Let me enjoy this article darn it.


  • mrs.Jonas

    U she see her eyes on 00:20 they look baggy and tired. make up SO hides it.

  • lulu

    @abby: it’s because Latina/o isn’t a race, it’s just the name of people from South America, like Americans, Europeans, Scandinavians etc. You get white Latinas, black Latinas, Asian Latinas etc. Her dad is white Latino/Mexican, and her mom is white Italian. So, she is fully white, but she can also say she is half Latina. If she wrote her ethnicity on paper, she’s say white, but I guess she can also say white Latina. It’s very confusing! x x x

  • lulu

    @nessa: just ignore others, some people just can’t take the fact that you also have an opinion :P x x x

  • MaveyResende

    She’s beautiful!
    She’s a wonderfull actress!
    But… her voice isn’t a good voice. Absolutely.

  • MaveyResende

    @MaveyResende: AND I have to say that she’s an amazing person too…

  • MaveyResende

    AND I have to say too, that she shows that she’s an amazing person,

  • Erica S.


  • Anwen

    @Inahs everyone knows that Selena isn’t that great singer.even Selena herself admitted that.but the haters keep saying all that crap stuffs. Like they can do this and that and they are much better than her..and all that.Nobody is why are they making comments like she can’t do this and thau.Again,if they hate Selena so much,then why are they here?

  • Christopher


    Selena Gomez is beautiful, down to earth, and talented. What makes her FAMOUS is that she also WORKS HARD for it. Her voice is significantly above average, but she is more successfull than other singers with better voices because she performs with pasion and compasion that makes people like me feal that she cares about not only me but all her fans. Perhaps you fail to see that if we all had a fraction of Selena’s work ethic and sincere pasion the whole world would be a better place. I watch her movies and buy her music because they are fun entertainment, but I love her as a performer because she inspires me to be a better person.

>>>>>>> staging1