Ashley Greene: MTV VMAs 2010 Presenter!

Ashley Greene: MTV VMAs 2010 Presenter!

Ashley Greene keeps it cool and comfy as she’s spotted arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (September 8).

The 23-year-old actress just returned from wrapping up her latest film, L.O.L. in Paris, France with Miley Cyrus.

Ashley was just announced as a presenter at the 2010 MTV VMAs in Los Angeles this weekend. Other presenters include Selena Gomez, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

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Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • anonymous

    Gorgeous! love her hair

  • HIH

    Awesome :)

  • zanessa94

    yayyy :D

  • Paulina

    I like Ashley Greene. She seems like a cool girl but she deserves better than Joe, just saying…

  • eyeh8twilight

    I hate the fact that Summet Entertainment and MTV are in cahoots with each other, because no matter what kind of award show it is, Twilight is going to be there. Now, RPattz is sitting in the audience, and I guarantee they’re going to show shots of him throughout the show.

    At least Chelsea Handler is hosting, she RIPS twilight on her show, hopefully she’s not a poser and does it in front of their faces.

    I’m so happy Twilight is dying down. Now, even Twilight fans are saying they’re going to butcher BD and that they’re even sick of this. We all told you, Twitards, this is just a fad that’s going to dye quickly. If something’s that bad, it doesn’t matter what kind of fans it has, even those fans are going to get sick of it. HP will never be forgotten, Twilight will.

  • Vanessa

    And the award for most useless fame hoe goes to………Ashley Greene.

    I am sick of Twilight!
    Every single award show, the cast just HAS to be there. The movies weren’t even good, the cast sucked at acting! They don’t deserve to be at these award shows! I can’t wait until BD is OVER so we can all move on. Once Twilight is over it will be forgotten until a new “vampire series” becomes a movie. Wait until you see, the fans will eventually hate on it too and realize how much of a shitty series it is!

  • haley

    Selena, Ashley Greene, Justin Bieber all in one show?? I like!!

  • anon

    aw, look at the famewh*re posing there with her luggage.

  • Becky

    Harry Potter will always be better than twilight, the writing of the books is a million times better – the cast aren’t famewh*res and they have amazing talent. It is a phenomenon, this isn’t.

  • Penny

    @Vanessa: You’re seriously underestimating Twilight fans then. The main cast aren’t going to be there because there is nothing to promote. Ashley Greene will be there just to be there. Chelsea Handler is a misogynist who rips into everyone except for Jennifer Aniston because they’re best buds.

    @Vanessa: There won’t be another vampire series turned into movies because the market is already saturated. Don’t you know that they’re turning to fairies and fallen angels now? Twilight obviously won’t be forgotten if it has such devoted haters like you.

    You guys are just bitter bitter haters because your precious Zac Efron keeps on losing. If you were better fans you would vote harder.

  • jordan

    The only person from twilight attending is Ashley Green. You’re upset because the twilight cast attends awards shows? Seriously? If you don’t like the twilight movies don’t watch them. Move on, and quit giving energy to something you think is crap.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Shed the reason joe isn’t wearing a purity ring anymore. Sad thing is she probably thinks nothing of it. S. Ex is s. Ex to her.

  • Becky

    She’ll only want to be known for taking his virginity, but then again…I think that ship sailed a long time ago with either Taylor or Camilla.

  • GossipGirl

    LMAO, look at the Jonas BlTCHES getting their hate on cause Ashley d8ing Joe. LOL. U all act as if u stand a chance with him. I don’t get why u guys even call urself fans when u disrespect Joe’s private life. U guys are just as worst as NILEY FANS. u know, the So-CALLED Miley fans who CLAIM that they support Miley’s every decision and then hate every guy Miley gets her hands on that is not Nick Jonas? LOL! Jonas fans are no different

  • haley

    omg someone reported my previous post get a life!

  • ria