Demi Lovato Kind of Quits Twitter

Demi Lovato Kind of Quits Twitter

Demi Lovato amps up the volume and sings her heart out as she performs at the Cruzan Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday night (September 8).

The 18-year-old singer was accused on Twitter of canceling her meet and greet in Tampa last night — but JJJ can tell you that’s not the case at all.

The stadium in Tampa was flooded! Demi even tweeted pics of the water rising. “Demi tweeted, “I didn’t cancel my meet and greet.. I was so disappointed when I wasn’t able to sing to and meet my fans tonight. For safety reasons we couldn’t follow through.”

But even celebs need a break sometimes. “About to say goodbye to twitter… I love my fans so much but the access that the other people have is uncomfortable to me,” she added on.

Demi is still on Twitter, but she’s just taking a break.

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Theoracle @ 2:37 pm on 09/09/2010

Her little twitter tantrum was so immature and rude. And I mean this in the politest way possible, grow up Demi.

JEss @ 2:37 pm on 09/09/2010

then how come the jonas brothers could still have their m&g and meet fans outside by their tour buses? she wanted to get out of there because her friends were visiting and were partying at the hotel. theres no defense

Zanessaxjoenessa @ 2:38 pm on 09/09/2010

I agree. It was kinda immature. I LOVE HER.
But, if she keeps complaining just quit.

Michael @ 2:39 pm on 09/09/2010

The rain was really bad too. Mal,Def Leppard’s road mgr, took his daughter to the show and tweeted pics of the flooded seats (@def_leppard). I tweeted Demi what I’ll say here though. If you quit something or do something just because of other people’s nonsensical reactions then you are letting them make your decisions for you. Same as Miley. As for access, it seems like quitting Twitter would be punishing her fans on there because of the actions of a few.

londonlemming @ 2:39 pm on 09/09/2010

@Theoracle: If you read all her tweets you would she was not having a tantrum,merely stating the way in which people critique every little thing she tweets is rather intrusive to her.

Hey!! @ 2:41 pm on 09/09/2010

^really how would you feel if thousands of people were attacking you..she’s strong it everyone has always talked mess about her and she just hit the breaking point

Listen to mayday parade @ 2:45 pm on 09/09/2010

@Hey!!: She needs to grow up. She’s mad because a few people were upset about the cancelled show, and rightfully so. Demi is just mad cause her twitter outted her relationship with Travis. And Joe isn’t wearing a purity ring anymore.

christina @ 2:46 pm on 09/09/2010

She should take a break. She loves drama and starts it. The Jonas Brothers did their m&g. She skipped out. An HONEST explanation from anyone, instead of excuses and lies, would have helped. But she could have simply shut off her phone and not read if she felt attacked. Instead she had a major tantrum and, confirmed by the dancers with pictures, threw her phone across the room. Please act like you are now 18 Demi.

Listen to mayday parade @ 2:49 pm on 09/09/2010

Demi drives me nuts. I met her in real life while we were filming camp rock 2 in Toronto and she was super sweet but out of no where would just snap at people. Always apologizing after but it was weird and this reminds me of it. I feel like she might be bipolar that or she just holds in her feelings and eventually snaps. It’s sad but she said it herself, she will take a break when Disney is done with her because that’s when she will have to determine how she wants to be perceived and have to prove herself without the Disney name and money behind her.

Deminator @ 2:55 pm on 09/09/2010

Please come back, don’t punish all those little girls out there, just for a bunch of spoiled teenagers! They were just in shocked,and lashed out cause u were there Demi!

Manfeva @ 3:20 pm on 09/09/2010

It wasnt a few people accusing her.. It was alot.. People just need to STFU.. Fans are harsh.. Also it was being said that her meet and greet was at a different pace.. Joe didnt do the meet and greet and u dont see anyone complaining.. I dont know why everything she does is wrong.. Regardless of her being famous she’s still a normal teen.. She’s going through problems that none of us know about.. She’s going through things that we’ve gone through or ae going through right now.. She cant always be happy and smiley.. None of us are like that.. Some of her fans are hypocrites.. If u dont like her its one thing but dont be a fan and bash her.. I mean how would u feel if people were talking **** you left and right… thats hurtful especially when it wasnt something that was under her control.. Everyone that was bitching needs to be thankful that she gives fans the time of day.. there’s alot of people that shrug off their fans.. She really appreciates what she has.. She thanks us every chance she gets then people have the nerve to talk ****.. Im not Demi.. I didnt get bitched at and even I’m upset of all the things that were said… I mean be honest do you think if people were bashing u like crazy u would just sit back and laugh about it or just shrug it off.. Hell noo… I wouldnt… Also people are always talking **** about her.. If its not this its that.. or blahhh blahh blahh.. You guys are freaking immature… She has feelings too.. She’s not a damn robot.. She’s not the one that was rude the people that started bashing her for no reason were the ones that were rude.. Seriously its like one person says something and everyone else goes along with it.. You guys dont know how she felt in the moment where they said she couldnt perform or do a meet and greet.. You dont if she felt sick or not… You dont know anything about what happened.. Just what other people said they heard or other people’s opinions.. She didnt do the meet and greet.. It was dangerous.. there was 30 inches of rain.. So guess what? Get the **** over it…

cheryl @ 3:26 pm on 09/09/2010

“the access that the other people have is uncomfortable to me” Well gee I wonder why ? Oh yea I remember, you’re part of a little group called celebrities, though sometimes I wonder why.
Has she seriously not been in the business long enough to get that her business is the media’s business ? And with all those “I quit twitter” stunts, she sure doesn’t sound 18 to me.

layra @ 3:27 pm on 09/09/2010

@christina: where did you see the pictures with the phone?

US magazine broke the story about Demi and Travis and their relationship.

Chif @ 3:31 pm on 09/09/2010

@Listen to mayday parade: well first of all if there was any ‘outing’ of her and Travis’s relationship she did it herself by posting those pics. Secondly, imagine hundreds of people calling you horrible names and saying mean things at once? Would you be calm? Would you not be angry? Be honest with yourself. I’m not saying she handled the situation in the best way but she was acting HUMAN. She has FEELINGS! NOBODY can lie to me and say that they wouldn’t be as upset as she was when people start speaking like they don’t have feelings. It probably hurt more coz some of the hate was coming from supposed fans!

tambug19 @ 3:32 pm on 09/09/2010

@Manfeva: Wow I totally agree with everything you just said. Very well put. And you’re being so mature about it instead of attacking Demi out of jealousy like most everyone else’s comments. Love it!

aya @ 4:40 pm on 09/09/2010

What she said on twitter was immature and rude.
She needs to grow up.
And seriously, saying whatever was just a cherry on the top..
Whatever is like another way of saying f.u.

Kendra @ 4:42 pm on 09/09/2010

So we lost Miley-better not loose Demi!! Just realized..Miley gives everyone a piece of their individual influence

wow @ 5:02 pm on 09/09/2010

whats wrong wit u people im sorry but come on she have feelings idk why people hate on her im not big fan of her. SHes not robot i just read everything u guys said about her RUDE much? shes not the one whos being rude is u guys if she didnt do the M&G thats not ur problems oh an if it was justin b. or selena g. jobros an taylor swift u guys wouldnt be mad at them righ? well guess what u guys mad demi now wtf u guys dont hve heart NOBODY PERFECT THIS DAM WORLD people do mistakes leave the poor gurl alone i know how she feels HATE HOW WOULD U FEEL IF U WERE HER? im really mad about this shes going thrut the same crap as miley, MILEY DELETED HER TWITTER BC EVERYONE WAS HATIN ON HER U GUYS REALLY STUPID REALLY F*** THE HATERS GET LIFE

Then after she posted a pic of her and we the kings together after she cancelled her meet and greet

none @ 5:46 pm on 09/09/2010

Hey guys when you look at the pictures on her site it was too dangerous. I wouldn’t even have a concert. The front row was underwater and the entrance had like 20 inches of rain. It was too dangerous. A small child would have drownded. I had friends who wanted to go to the concert and it was just bad outside. People need to stop blaming Demi. She made the right call and did the right thing. She put the safety of her fans first which is what she should have done. The situation was dangerous. I wish I could tell Demi that what she did was the right thing and I back her 100%.

musicismylife @ 6:13 pm on 09/09/2010

omg instead of saying how you’re soooo annoyed about how “instrusive” people are and saying thousands of times how you’re sick of twitter, just quit already! god she’s always releases these tweets where she says how much she’s sick of twitter and how kids should get out more instead of being on the computer. well guess what? she does the same thing! she just can’t get enough of drama and attention can she? i’ve thought for a long time now that she’s nothing more than a fame hungry hypocrite, and this is just her continuing to prove it.

@Chif: as a celeb she has to learn to take the good with the bad. and not take things personally. she doesnt know these people, so why care what they think?

Laffur @ 6:35 pm on 09/09/2010

@listen to mayday parade: OMG!!! Shut the heck up!!!! I get it u dont like her! Well i do….BTW if u dont like her y r u even here??!!?!!!!!!!!! EXPLAIN THAT ONE!!!!!

hey @ 6:50 pm on 09/09/2010

Wow!!!! I love you demi… but i want her too delete.. it’s for her own good, she can end the hate :\ i love you demiii <333

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