Brenda Song: SU2C Sweetie

Brenda Song: SU2C Sweetie

Brenda Song shows off her new shorter hair as she arrives at the Stand Up To Cancer telethon held at Sony Pictures Studios on Friday afternoon (September 10) in Culver City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress is close to the cause — her mother, Mai, is a breast cancer survivor.

Brenda told us her advice for anyone close to or going through treatments, “Cancer is scary, it’s a six-letter word and go with your parents to the doctors appointments. Go find out what’s going on; for me, being in that room made it so much better going in and knowing what my mom was going through. Stay educated.”

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • Anonymous

    She looks absolutely breath-taking!
    i love love love the new haircut!
    i love brenda so much, its crazy…waiting for boogie town and TSN

  • Listen to mayday parade

    It’s refreshing to see someone so pretty and so talented abd not be a size zero. She’s got bigger legs and embraces it. Love her

  • kayla

    she looks younger :D

  • Bonnie

    By time she took dem extentions out


    i just realized how tiny brenda is…
    BEAUTIFUL and very inspirational!

  • pop86

    @Bonnie: Why do you care if she wears extension or not.

    Brenda looks fab.

  • April


  • a


  • roory

    what happened to those extensions? she took them out, anyways she looks gorgeous

  • roory

    I hope she goes to the Toronto Film Festival to promote Little Sister, it’s getting a lot of buzz at TIFF it’s one of the hottest tickets there.

  • Amy

    I love her so much!!! I’m so excited about TSN && boogie town! :)

    @Listen to mayday parade: I think her legs aren’t big, I just think the lighting in that picture makes it look that way. Her legs are thin, small on TV on suite life on deck and the special delivery movie and they’re also small in college road trip.

    IDK.. she’s not a size zero and it’s great but there are a lot of heavier girls in Hollywood like Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hughens, Jordin Sparks etc. Brenda looks like a size zero compared to Demi..

  • BB

    Love Bren!!! she looks so drop dead gorgeous and she looked better with those curly extensions I hope she puts them on again and SO can’t wait for more coverage stuff!!: :D BRENDA RULES!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @Amy: Check out the pics of Demi on twitter. Tres one of her in a short skirt and belly top. She’s a size zero or smaller. She may have curves but they are bone curves.

  • Amy

    @Listen to mayday parade: Beyond impossible, these are recent pictures of Demi (the latest ones of her in a bikini revealing all of her legs):

    WOAH.. big girl.

  • good-one

    Good job Brenda. Thanks.

  • SOS

    Oh and did I mention HOW MUCH i love her new hair do!! short hair looks great on her, though I think she should wear her extensions again the next time.

  • Lolo

    she is so amazing and gorgeous, so proud to be a fan!

  • Kelena

    BRENDA ! ! ! >333

  • Jorenda

    She’s gorgeous! I love her, she’s my idol!

  • holly


  • holly

    and kool

  • MEL

    Brenda is HELLO==GORGEOUS! :)

  • dance

    She is gorgeous and beautiful!! P.s. i love her to death!!!! =) =) =)

  • dance

    @Bonnie: There was nothing wrong with ehr extensions, she should put them on. I love her extensions!!! =)

  • linaty

    Love Brenda,so sweet (L)

  • linaty

    Love Brenda, so sweet (L)

  • Dalal


  • sel

    brenda brenda brenda brenda brenda brenda brenda brenda rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rock

  • DJ

    brenda is soooo pretty!!! and sweet, down to earth and friendly!!!

  • blair


  • lily

    So happy to see this!!
    you made my day, JJ

  • blair


  • Dizney Fan

    she’s beautiful always!!
    the best ever <3

  • Emmy

    she is just beautiful…:)

  • Sara

    She’s so gr8 i love her and i hop she win the oscar in some day
    i know her movie will

  • Sara

    @roory: Yeah I seriously hope she goes to Toronto film festival too!!! she better be there.. but I doubt it.

  • saleh

    she is so stunning, i love her till death!<3

  • ghadier


  • Mariam

    brenda should go to the premiere of little sister because the director is giving the proceeds to half the sky . org

    if it gets enough buzz, it will be promised a theatrical play

    brenda needs to help the chinese orphans!

  • Mariam

    sara, i doubt she’ll go too

  • Mariam

    @Anonymous: I KNOW, she’s breathetaking! and waiting for boogie town and the social network too!!!!!!!

  • kiki


  • sidra

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you brenda plese come to peru

    ps sorry for my bad english

  • sidra


  • GG

    Cooooolll love her to death foreva

  • cory m

    yall no she in that new facebook movie comin soon..

  • jessica

    eh i liked it better when she had longer hair. she looks too…you know what never mind. im not even gonna say it.

  • janet

    wow she is SO pretty but too bad she’s dating that Trace dude..

  • Cecilia

    Aaawww Brenda’s so sweet, I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to have a close person to you with cancer, you have to be really strong. I think I admire her even more now. There’s an interview with Brenda and they ask her about what inspires her and she says her mom, it makes a lot of sense. She says ‘Cause her mom is the perfect example of a strong and kind woman. <3

  • cherrie nessa 4 ever

    she so pretty i like her dress aww..