JoJo Premieres 'In The Dark' Music Video!

JoJo Premieres 'In The Dark' Music Video!

JoJo drapes it up in a cute LBD as she sits front row at the Christian Siriano Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at NYC’s Lincoln Center on Thursday morning (September 9).

The 19-year-old singer just released her mixtape, Can’t Take That Away From Me.

Jojo also just debuted her music video for “In The Dark,” which was directed by Nicole Ehrlich and Clarence Fuller.

10+ pics inside…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jojo’s music video?

JoJo – “In The Dark”

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Astrid Stawiarz; Photos: Getty
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  • Lea

    ummm..FAIL haha
    its symbolic and has very good expressionistic techniques but boring pointless and this is so computerized its crazy
    if she can sing this live i will be suprised but i guess only time will tell
    And JoJo is sucha one hit wonder and shes never consistent with her music if she wants a solid career like other artist she need 2 keep it consistent not just plucking songs radomly throughout the years and expecting to be as popular as other artists

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Agreed, huge fail.

  • Yolanda

    That guy is HOT!!!!! Who is he Jared??? Plz post more shirtless pics!!!!

  • Carmelita

    @ Lea
    uuuummmmm…..who are you? head music critic @ Rolling Stone Magazine (LMFAO)!!! These songs are from a mixtape! Artists are able to experiment with different sounds and styles on their mixtapes. She made this for us (her fans…which obviously is not you). This isn’t an album for the masses. Plus, her career is just starting. She was a kid when she first came out. You can’t blame a 13 year old or a 15 year old for that matter on how their career went. You blame the people that were around them guiding and making decisions. I seriously doubt she picked what songs she was gonna sing as a kid. So the FAIL is on the people that were around her. And if you’ve paid attention to anything, you would know that is why she is going through major label drama. They clearly have been messing up. JOJO>3

  • hales


  • AnonymousGuy08

    I thought the song was going to be a cover of this one:

  • good-one

    So if anyone understood the message within that music video, first time around, please feel free to explain it.

  • Ine

    I don’t see how people don’t understand this video.,,,

    It’s so simple.

  • Ine

    She has a no-strings-attatched relationship with the guy, but she wants more. She only sees him “in the dark”, at night, cause their relationship is based on sex only. That’s why she’s blinfolded. It’s all physical, they don’t “see” each other, they’re just there for their bodies.

  • em

    This scared me!

  • Ine

    “she’s never consistent with her music”?
    WTF? This is the only released song that goes in any other direction.
    Her first 2 albums were the same style, only the 2nd one was more mature than the 1st.
    If you’ve ever heard her live you know she could pull it off. It’s not computerized cause she can’t sing it, but cause it was an effect she wanted to give to the song.

    she hasn’t been “plucking” songs randomly through the years…
    This is the first song she officially released since her other album. The other songs you may have heard were leaked or she posted something on her myspace to share with her fans, saying it was out of her style but she was experimenting.
    And that’s why this is on a MIXTAPE. Ever heard of one? It’s songs she loves, but won’t be on her album, cause of many diff reasons, one of them being it’s a diff style, but she wanted to share something with her fans, so she did this.

  • filipe

    this video it’s so good

  • Lindsey

    I still like her old stuff so much better.


    She has no music career, she has been badly mishandled and its way too late. More sex is a last resort…..NEXT!!!!!!!

    She is reduced to being a national anthem queen and making promo appearances for hyped products at clubs……..WHAT A CAREER.



    She has no quality songs, that song is like a million others………..Kylie Minogue’s new song (GET OUT OF MY WAY) )is a massive worldwide smash that will drive arena level sales………….for instance.


  • Ine

    @in the know
    how on EARTH can YOU know about HER career?
    She’s finishing up a record loads of peopl are waiting for and you’re here commenting on JJJ. You can say you don’t think she’ll make it, you can say you don’t like ger, but you CAN’T say she has no music career.

    @Danii this song is not supposed to be a worldwide hit, it’s not supposed to SELL, mostly cause it’s FREE. This was something SHE wanted to make to share with her FANS.

    Why don’t you all wait for her to release an official single, an actual album, and THEN you judge?

  • janette24

    @ In The Know
    That Idiot would be Blackground Records. They have destroyed pretty much every artist they’ve signed. Poor JoJo. But, I don’t agree with you about her career. I think she still has one and will come back strong. People love this girl!

  • lovelydee

    She is such a talented girl
    and I love the new sound
    as well.

  • Iwillkillyourkittykat

    eew. her old songs were way better. the video sucked. the song sucked. and was she naked?!

  • a.m./p.m.

    It kinda reminds me of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video.

  • Ine

    no, she’s not naked.

  • http://Kaylie_H knh

    i like it but it is not her best on the MIXTAPE…before you start judging her based off this one song you check out the other songs. “in the dark” is not the highlight of the mixtape

  • peacechick123

    I like just realized this is about having sex in the dark. But I still like the song.

  • Gabby

    nothing special about this video

  • hk

    I can hear this song being played at a fashion show…seem to fit in well in catwalk…

  • Lynn

    Blackground needs to let her out of her contract, so she can actually be the artist she was created to be! They keep her on a shelf, so she can’t release any music, or make a living! This is criminal! Someone should sue then and get her out of this contract! She was 12 at the time she signed to them. She’s 19 now; and it’s time they freed her from the shackles. Isn’t slavery illegal? I loved this video; though I wish I could see a lot more of her without the blind fold! I loved her mixtape as well. She is a great singer and writer.

  • Lynn

    Blackground needs to release her from the slavery of their contract! I mean the girl was 12, when she signed with Blackground, and they won’t let her release any of her music! This should be illegal! To me, they are criminals, robbing her of her ability to make a living, and express herself as an artist. She is so talented; a true artist, living in shackles, in bondage to Blackground Records.

  • -

    I Smell haters! She will do well, if she get sthe support.

  • someone

    @Lynn yeah pretty much that’s what she’s been going through for the past years. She actually did sue her record company I’m pretty sure, and hasn’t been able to release music.

    I think they are or were trying to negotiate some type of deal to get her into interscope records. Its been a very long process for her, and not everyone knows the story like she does. So I am really looking forward to this new album.