Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Back Together?

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Back Together?

Miley Cyrus turns her head away as she sips on an iced coffee in Studio City, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (September 11).

The 17-year-old actress was spotted with her former flame Liam Hemsworth!

After dropping Liam off at Panera Bread for food, Miley went through the Starbucks drive thru for a couple of drinks. Talk about multi-tasking!

The Last Song couple split ways last month while Miley was filming L.O.L. in Detroit, Michigan.

DO YOU THINK Miley and Liam are on again or off again?

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Rochel @ 9:44 pm on 09/11/2010

You know what ? I dont think its anybody business.
Why dont people just leave them alone.
Their private life is not any of our business.
If their together then its meant to be,
If their not together then good for them that they are still friends.

melu @ 9:45 pm on 09/11/2010

i want them togetherrrrrr

UzTawkin2me @ 9:48 pm on 09/11/2010

Nice to see them hangin out again =]

Soph @ 9:52 pm on 09/11/2010

I stand Miley just when she’s occupied with someone else than Nick ******* Jonas and Demi freaking Lovato, like Liam. They look so cute together and even I (that I’m not a fan of hers in any way) can notice that they are happy together.

me @ 9:54 pm on 09/11/2010

boo! plus he cheated & has been dating,niley ftw!

Warren @ 9:59 pm on 09/11/2010

I guess she picked him up again since she is in her car with him drinking a Starbucks. She loves that Panera Bread food for sure. But does this mean my chances with Miley just went to completely nil? Oh well as long as Miley is happy.

angel @ 9:59 pm on 09/11/2010

maybe they never broke up, all we heard were rumors and not the truth. Nobody really knew if they did break up or not. Miley or liam never confirmed that they did break up

GossipGirl @ 9:59 pm on 09/11/2010

@Rochel: you go girl! LOL!

and obviously Miley and Liam never broke apart. People always get supicious of Miley whenever she’s around new guys

and Niley stans-Do yourselves a favor and GET OVER IT ! Niley’s not happening TODAY, TOMORROW, THIS YEAR, or the NEXT.

itsmeagain @ 10:04 pm on 09/11/2010

@me: and u know this how?

Oh wait- ur a Niley stan- u love to assume and makeup things on every guy Miley dates just like those other obsessed Niley kids . MY EFFIN CHRIST -LET IT GO

Warren @ 10:14 pm on 09/11/2010

@angel: You’re right. Miley never said they broke up. Liam supposedly did say it, but they could have just been funnin’ with the press. Nobody ever saw either of them on a real date with anyone else as far as I know.

ronnie @ 10:18 pm on 09/11/2010

Maybe they are just leaves in a storm of love.

jane @ 10:23 pm on 09/11/2010

@Rochel then y r u reading jjj?if u want to not know about other people’s business.sucker.

harley @ 10:26 pm on 09/11/2010

Their personal lives are their business.

But on another note – I can’t even imagine how ridiculous it must be to try to drive with paparazzi flashing their cameras in your face. Not to mention unsafe for anyone else on the road.

Maria @ 10:30 pm on 09/11/2010

Their not back together. I read somewhere that he told her that he cheated on her & she was angry & threw out of her car.

amanda @ 10:31 pm on 09/11/2010

I don’t think they might be getting back together as much as i love them. when they broke up miley was kissing and flirting with douglas booth while in paris

gigi @ 10:32 pm on 09/11/2010

who cares.

alice @ 10:39 pm on 09/11/2010

I don’t like Liam..he was with a blonde in the beach and hotel

jackie browne @ 10:41 pm on 09/11/2010

they prolly never even ended lol. they prolly faked it to make people think it was real so they would stop talking about it. or harrassing or whatever

Monkey Trainer @ 10:41 pm on 09/11/2010

Miley thinks no more of herself than to settle for this joke? Wow Miley, first your album tanks and now you show a total lack of respect for yourself by dating a cheater. Miley deserves whatever grief Liam has in store for her. Yay …Miam. A cheater and his child bride. Pathetic.

azalea @ 11:05 pm on 09/11/2010

i think they are just being friend, not more.
she deserve better

peggy @ 11:37 pm on 09/11/2010

Excuse me all you “we have the right to judge other people” the break up was a rumor as basically was the cheating – being seen in the company of another woman doesn’t make you a cheater.

Only they know what really happened

iTellItLikeItIs @ 12:03 am on 09/12/2010

all u Niley Stans/Liam haters need to SHUT THE HELL UP. Do u guys really think she would go back with someone who cheated on her or treated her like a douche? Why do u think Miley hasn’t gone back to Nick yet? Cause he USED her and treated her like CRAP. None of you have proof that Liam cheted on Miley cause NONE OF U WERE THERE TO SEE IT HAPPEN/ Just SHUT UP and LET THEM BE DAMMIT

iTellItLikeItIs @ 12:05 am on 09/12/2010

@amanda: she NEVER WAS WITH DOUGLAS TO BEGIN WITH., U people need to stop listening to everything u hear.

GossipGirl @ 12:06 am on 09/12/2010

WOW, u guys are really calling userlfs Miley fans and ur sitting her bagging on the guy that makes her happy? I didn’t know Miley had so many FAKE FANS

Heather @ 12:13 am on 09/12/2010

Maybe they are just hanging out as friends.
But, I miss Miam.
Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see if they’re back together.

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