Vanessa Hudgens is Yoga Yummy

Vanessa Hudgens is Yoga Yummy

Vanessa Hudgens hides her eyes from the sun behind a maroon baseball cap as she leaves her yoga class in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (September 10).

The 21-year-old actress stopped by a storage facility before heading back home to get ready for the Stand Up 2 Cancer Telethon.

Don’t worry, JJJ will have more coverage of the telethon TOMORROW — which means more Vanessa, Brenda Song and David Archuleta pics!

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens yoga class 01
vanessa hudgens yoga class 02
vanessa hudgens yoga class 03
vanessa hudgens yoga class 04
vanessa hudgens yoga class 05
vanessa hudgens yoga class 06
vanessa hudgens yoga class 07
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vanessa hudgens yoga class 10
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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • mike

    looks like shes enjoying her day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joan

    i Really Love Her and i love When She Smile, greetings From Colombia

  • sky10

    WOOOW!! SHE GETTING READY FOR TONIGHT!!go vanessa…we are proud of you.

  • larry


  • 333

    so cute!

  • annie1st

    im late , again cute without make up, and those smile :sigh:

  • -pao-

    Awww!! she looks geourgeos like always… lol! :D with pans and cap! she looks awesome! :D

  • joceelyynn

    she’s like so… beautiful, gorgeous… i can’t even find a word to describe propertly her beauty (& she’s just leaving her yoga class!)

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I love you NESSA!!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Fit, beautiful and fit is all I can say. I love her smile. :)

  • duduche29

    i found it funny that she was never smiling on the last couples of pic we had from her and since zac’s gone, the smile is back…. just saying

  • musicgirl

    aaww that smile make me soo happy!! its so gorgeous! and so is she, she’s amazing. I love her:)<3333

  • duduche29

    she’s not that beautifull, she just a normal girl without makeup that’s all…

  • lynn

    @duduche29: IDIOT !!! how old are you like 4 ??? damn

  • duduche29

    lynn… excuse me but why are you insulted me?? very mature of you…

  • mykamicks

    Always cuter than ever…. Im jealous of her flat tummy! Great shape with Greater Smile!

  • Jennifer

    @duduche29: “Shut up”

  • Bella

    @duduche29: Go!Get some milk

  • duduche29

    Bella…. why should i go??? because what i said it’s true…

  • Emma

    She looks so happy
    I love to see her with a big smile

  • lauren

    duduche29 remove that pole from your ass will ya stop insulting people ya dont know and everyone else just ignore duduche29 cause people have theyr own opinion even if its rude

  • duduche29

    lauren… can you tell me where did i insult somebody on my last comments???

    lauren… “remove that pole from your ass” is not a insult maybe???

    very intelligent…

  • Sophia

    @duduche29: What an ignorant person you are

    she is tiny and beautiful BTW) and your comment is beyond stupid

    I donated did you?

  • Unbelievable

    @douche29… I mean doudche29
    we get it ok, you don’t like her I think you’ve made your point. Now why don’t you go and find someone you do like and stop being such a jerk. I’m just saying.
    At any rate Vanessa is looking incredible. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

  • Ann

    aawww I love to see her smiling :)

  • duduche29

    to unbelieveable…. WHERE DID I SAY THAT I DIDN’T LIKE HER?????????????????


    why am i being a jerk????


    she is so gorgeous!!!!


    Really, are you serious?


    i think she is gorgeous, one of the most beauty, natural and fresh womens
    she doesn’t need make up or surgery to look gorgeous. she is a natural beauty

  • duduche29

    to amelie…. yes i’m completely serious!

    i’m the one who’s being called “idiot” and after some people say that is ME who insulted people???

    are you crazy on this site or what??

    because i don’t find her extremely gorgeous on thoses pic so i’m being a jerk???? i can’t believe this…

  • http://j cf

    i love to see her smile

  • ooi

    i think she’s pregnant

  • Sharen

    @duduche29 You”re not an idiot to me. I understood what you were trying to say. What you said was not mean. You were basically saying that she not suuuper gorgeous but she pretty like a normal girl. It’s your opinion and you really shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone. You didn’t call her ugly or any other thing so i don’t see why there is a problem. kudos for speaking your mind:)


    why do you think that?

  • kgg

    Vanessa is looking very pretty, fit and happy in these shots. We get it if you don’t think so, but just move along to another thread… said what you wanted now leave.

  • vfan

    She’s gorgeous.
    She looks so pretty without any makeup on! :)





  • Vanney

    leave @douche29 alone… everyone can have their own opinion (;
    Vanessa looks AWESOME. love her smile <3

  • susan1

    looked really happy! i love her.

  • Anibal

    Vanessa I love u so muuuchhhhhhhhhhhhh!


    Some of the pictures vanessa looks pregnant.

  • lauren

    duduche29 it was not suppose to be an insult you idiot and in away i was sticking up for you saying you can have youe own opinion bu now ill jus everyone hate ya on this site :)

  • daniel

    vaNESSA’S so cool GIRL very fresh and happy and that’s smile ‘s SO.sweet
    WHEN SHE’S HAPPY…. i’ll be happy too


  • Joochi Vanessa has always had that little pouch @ her tummy, it has alot to do with her body type and that’s partly the reason why she works so hard @ keeping her body healthy. I do understand why you would think that but she has been showing that pouch for a long time and people always thinks she’s pregs, it’s a mean way to start rumors over and over again, I wish people would stop spreading rumors like that, that’s just her body type.

  • Mm

    She went to the storage place because her house I flooded and now she is staying at zac’house.
    He said so in the wonderland magazine interview

  • Tj

    @duduche: i don’t agree with you but i am not insulting you. i think she is a very attractive young girl. And i know that V’s fans are just being loyal by insulting you about your comment…….but i think her fans really should chill! i mean, just because you don’t find her attractive doesn’t make you a hater! i’m kinda’ defending you and just letting you know that there was not anything bad about your comment, but not everyone is going to find her attractive. And if you don’t find vanessa hudgens BEAUTIFUL and her fans defend her by saying, “how old are you 4???” they actually sound more immature than you do. Just speak your mind, Dude. Jeez, PPL! CHILL OUT! NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO FIND HER ATTRACTIVE! leave this poor human being alone! he/she just spoke his/her mind……

    doesn’t deserve such negativity by saying she’s not that attractive………

  • Diamond

    She looks gorgeous and fresh and she is always beautiful to me inside and out :)

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