Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Planet Blue Beauties

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Planet Blue Beauties

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head low as she heads back to her car after a little retail therapy at her favorite shop, Planet Blue, in Malibu on Sunday afternoon (September 12).

After working out with mom Gina and sister Stella, the Hudgens girls headed on over to Planet Blue for some girl time.

How cute is Stella with pup Shadow?!

Stay tuned to JJJ for more coverage of Vanessa at the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon!

Even if you are not able to get out to Malibu, you can get Vanessa‘s Planet Blue style at!

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Credit: MP; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Anibal

    Vanessa I love u <33333333333333333

  • duduche29

    hiding her face…. what a surprise!!!

  • su

    owwww <3
    hudgens girls

  • su

    she does not like cameras going off in her face

  • duduche29

    su…. oh really because i clearly remember that when she was come back from vancouver she couldnt stop smiling at the paps for several week…

  • su

    are you serious?
    she is a giggly person, it’s not bad smile once, in fact I LOVE HER SMILE, but she doesn´t call paparazzis

  • daniel

    what a beutiful and cool family ¡vanessa’s amzing
    can’t wait for SP and B

  • duduche29

    honeslty you are so naive on this site…. everything she said, she wears, she does….. she’s the best… but she’s not… she’s not a star

  • jazmin

    I just simply love her and her style.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Unbelievable

    obviously she is a star. If she’s not why are you paying so much attention to her? You don’t like this site, go find another one there are plenty out there.


    Vanessa looks great and want a great body she has,i think it is wonderful, that Vanessa spends time with her family, as Zac does, they have there prorities in the right place.

  • vfan

    I love her outfit!
    She’s soo pretty. :)

  • su

    Do you really think she is not a star? what are you doing here? This is a Vanessa Hudgens post, for Vanessa Hudgens fans!
    you have others “stars” who call paparazzis or use twitter to get some fame, go there

  • duduche29

    oh non unbelievable, vanessa hudgens is not a star

    her attitude make me laugh, everything she does make me laugh

    i will not leave this site just because you don’t like what i said about her

    when vanessa will have a career like angelina jolie or nicole kidman i will call her a star…

    she’s even not a singer

  • musicgirl

    can everyone plxx just ignore @su: !! He just want to start trouble so plz ignore him and focus on vanessa!!

    damn she’s beutiful! love her outfit:D<333

  • musicgirl

    oh sorry meant @duduche29: !!

  • su

    HEY!!! lol

  • duduche29

    it’s easy to ignore the truth musicgirl

    she’s beautifull? you can’t even see her face!

  • duduche29

    i was on the site of planet blue and 400$ for a necklace!!!!!!!….

  • Alana

    @duduche29: Are you stupid or something… She’s famous, she’s done at least 8 movies throughout her career, she’s done 2 albums, had concerts, a broadway production for a few days… and if the paps follow her then i dont know. Maybe she is a celebrity? …Tard…

  • Alana

    @duduche29: And obviously she’s hiding her face because maybe she doesn’t feel like having her picture taken that day. And on other days, she doesnt mind…

  • teamhudgens

    @duduche29: you’re so silly girl ! :D

    Love her outfit.
    aww stella & shadow.
    Stella is so beautiful.<3

  • suzy

    cute family.

  • duduche29

    Alana…. you’re really immature… it’s maybe you who are stupid…

    for her movie… are you calling HSM, bandlsam great movie???

    who cares about another remake of the beauty and the best, it wa done so many times, sucker punch what movie is this… a wet dream for men

    i heard her songs and she can’t sing

    i saw rent and she was horrible

  • tina

    Oh look the three uglies out together.

    Hudgens has been nothing but a flop in anything other then HSM.
    Did you all read her reviews for RENT? She was downright AWFUL!

  • su

    critics doesn’t coincide with you ;)

  • su

    WTFFFFFFFF!!!! ???? lmao

  • W.S

    @ Duduche29

    If u really don’t like her why do u even bother to comment here, the answer is clear u r jealous of her.
    I hate miley because i don’t think she deserves to be that famous as she is with all her attitude and personalty but i don’t go around and post it on her page, cuz that just means that i’m jealous.
    U comment here because she has got something that u don’t have, if u are a true hater u wouldn’t even comment here!

  • W.S

    @ duduche29

    Ow and u even know all her projects and u r saying that she is not a star how come a true hater heard her sing and know all her old projects and upcoming projects..?

  • ehryle

    that haters make me laugh… hahaha… where is your brain pick it up men.. if u see she is not a STAR ask all the celebrity site to remove her name on the celebrity list and tell the paparazzi to leave her alone… idiot..

  • duduche29

    i am not jealous of her

    not at all

    i prefer my position to hers

    i know her old project because you told me an dher upcoming project because of JJJ… think before said anything

    it’s so easy to make you react about vanessa…

    i have the right to say what i think of her…. she just a a young lady for me that’s all…

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Guys, please stop fighting!
    Just leave Vanessa alone.
    She looks amazing <3

  • anon

    I really like her shirt

  • Jez

    lmfao! I love how every time someone posts a hate comment about Vanessa, they’re usually from some dumb person who acts like a 12 year old and knows very little about her.

    @duduche29 Please stop contradicting yourself. You say she’s not a star. Yet here you are. She’s the most popular celeb on this website. I dare you to tell that she’s not a star to every single celebrity news website that posts about her. Convince them all that she’s not a star. Tell that to Neutrogena as well, oh and all the magazines waiting in line to get her on their cover.
    Seriously, you make yourself look silly when you post ignorant stuff about Vanessa Hudgens on a Vanessa Hudgens post.
    Make friends and gain a social life.

  • taylor


    did you read her reviews for BANDSLAM? uh obviously not. she got AMAZING reviews.

  • zanexxa

    Just look at her legs OMG
    I wonder if she work out her legs every single day?

  • http://j cf


  • zanessa

    i agree with ws if u dont like her dont comment here. this is for people that actully do like and apreciate what she does. {btw i love her shorts}

  • Haters Suck!

    Guys just let the haters be haters. you don’t understand this is what haters live for because they got nothing better to do with their time. If they didn’t have people to hate they wouldn’t know what do do with themselves.
    Anyway, Vanessa is looking great and she is one thing haters will never be: HAPPY!!

  • susan1

    Family Bonding love them.

  • sunny

    She looks great.

  • Diamond

    YOU HATERS ARE JUST SO FUNNY AND DUMB BUT GUESS WHAT VANESSA FANS…People haters are just their biggest fans but dnt want to admit it…Anyways Vanessa looks great im luvn the outfit she looks so stunning and when I seen the back i was like wow that’s too cute!..and i Can’t wait to get more coverage on SU2C it was a great cause!

  • Daniela

    Vanessa is the best!!

  • Miranda

    Vanessa always amazes me with her fashion sense and her spending time with her family. Thats why I love her and Zac so much, they make time for each other and their families.

    Zanessa Forever :)

  • Abigail

    @tina, duduche29: “Shut up” Get lost

  • duduche29

    she’s so stupid in the neutrogena commercial

    i’m here because it too funny to see your reaction

    cover magazine, apparences…. means money

    and Jez i can assure you that i have a great life

    you’re just a little kid…

  • you (;

    @duduche29 the fck ? your the one who’s being a little kid commenting on this. how old are you ? grow up & get a life. gtfo.

  • Jane

    dudu is obviously intereested in vanessa,,thats why hes replying ur post

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @duduche29: No, you’re the one that’s stupid for commenting on how much you don’t like her. What the heck. If you don’t like her so much then why the heck are you on her post !? Seriously, just by commenting on her flaws and stuff, I’d say you’re jealous of her. It’s okay to let it out. I’m jealous of her too but I love her. You are one of the reasons why people can’t get along these days. Yes, you do have your own opinions about her, but commenting on her negatively ? Well, that’s uncalled for. No one deserves to be put down. Not even haters like you. Like I said, you’re one of the reasons why people can’t get along. But whatever.. the world is a crazy place. I’ve said enough anyway…

    So like, wow, they have an amazing sense of fashion. How old is Stella ? Almost 15.. ? She dresses MUCH better than I can. Lol. Just like her older sister. :D Gotta love the Hudgens family. :)

  • Musicismylife

    @duduche29: Do everyone a favor and just shut the fuck up

>>>>>>> staging1