Demi Lovato on America's Next Top Model -- PICS!

Demi Lovato on America's Next Top Model -- PICS!

Check out your first look at Demi Lovato on America’s Next Top Model!

The 18-year-old actress stopped by the show to chat with the models about teen bullying. During the photo shoot, the girls’ bodies are painted with a word that describes the type of bullying they have experienced.

Designer Diane Von Furstenberg also joins the judges panel.

“Cycle 15″ on America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesday, September 15 @ 8PM ET/PT on the CW — right before a new Hellcats!

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Credit: Mathieu Young; Photos: The CW
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  • Thumper

    She is doing a fantastic thing by trying to stop all the bullying. P

  • bella

    demi she is perfect
    she is fantastic
    soy latino de corazon
    y te adoro un monton

  • any

    Demi is so awesome…love her!!!

  • denise

    so beautiful….

  • melissa

    can wait to see her….

  • nataly

    i love her she is so beautiful…

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    i like demi, she is a sweet heart in person. but shes not a good singer live, so maybe stick to acting or take your money and leave the celeb world all together.

  • Ashley

    Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And painting the words is soo cool.

  • nessa

    she is amazing! she seems like such a great person! I’ve met her on several occasions and she was soo sweet and not to mention funny!

  • Patrice

    I don’t know what that person above is talking about that Demi can’t sing live. She is the best Disney singer right now. Look at videos of Demi singing at the Arthur Ashe (Us Open) concert recently and some of the tour vidoes that she is on right now. Especially the acoustic , Stop The World, performances. That girl can sing.
    Singers can be sick or have strained voices sometimes so maybe that is when you heard her live but most of the time Demi sound spectacular.
    Anyway can’t wait to see her in this. ANTM should have had a photoshoot with Demi partcipating or made her up (like makeup and clothes) then had her sing while the models modeled.

  • danni

    @listen to mayday parade:

    You’re stupid if you think she can’t sing. Live or otherwise. Her talent is more in music than acting.

  • kym

    i cant wait for the new cycle of ANTM. but not to be mean or anything but what does she have to do with modeling. unless her anti bulleying campaign some how has to do with modeling for awareness or something o.O lol uncommon but could be the case lol. either way im actually intruiged to see what the purpose of her cameo or visit was.

  • you (;

    @listen to mayday parade so your saying you like her but you want her to quit her celeb world ? smh

  • Lizz

    Demi can’t be a model. Just Saying.

  • shanghai

    Strange choice though to talk to the models must have been really bad for Demis self image because yes she is pretty and talented but she is really short and has a dancers body and legs.

  • blah

    wow she is sooo talented she can act and sing and dance see her birthday party on YOUTUBE she is amazing i love her and i hate selena .

  • miss arf

    demi plz get back to the twitter i miss you awh!.

  • Maya

    i love Demi and great way to spread the word of bullying!

  • MA

    she’s AMAZING! she’s terrific and it is because she’s a great singer and actress, and not because she’s always trying to be on media by being a bitch like other ones.. LOVE HER!

  • itsmeagain

    @listen to mayday parade: Like or not, Demi is the best live singer Disney has to offer Go online nad here Demi sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM and show me another Disney star that can do it better than she can. Oh wait-THERE IS NONE

  • demiisthebest

    @listen to mayday parade: OMG! i sooooo not agree with youu!!
    seriously she’s the best Disney singer live!!
    you have to watch some of videos from her concertsss
    she’s reaally good.. like REALLY GOOOD!

  • nouf

    I Can’t Wait To See Her IN ANTM <3 ..

  • tmj

    i totally agree w/ patrice its so true demi is the best disney star i lov her and am her #1 fan so who the hell r some of u people saying demi can’t sing…….. i’ll tell u who can’t sing miranda cosgrove she sounds lik a swaqing goose she has no talent @ all sorry but its true and icarly is ok but the topics 4 the new episodes r getting really stupid so the writers need 2 come up w/ something actually entertaining 4 an episode and jennette mccurdy can’t sing i listend 2 her on itunes when i was buying songs and i could tell the people who produced her music did a lot 2 her voice its so obvious nickelodean find real people that can sing the only people u have that can sing is big time rush unlike disney channel they have it easy cause they can smell talent in the room lik 4 example DEMI LOVATO!!! selena gomez miley cyrus jonas bro’s but they r getting on my nerves but they still hav talent

  • http://agforever94 agforever94

    Demi is so talented. Shes one of the best disney singers! She can act, sing…etc. Shes such a great role model and i think that she is very talented. I certainly look up to her. She is very sweet and caring to her fans.

  • HIH

    She looks great! I love ANTM <3

  • Mahi

    She is so short to be a model!!!she dosent have good voice & not good in acting!!so she can’t do this one to!!!

  • Miranda

    I sense a trainwreck just waiting to happen, just sayin

  • Viqqy

    OMG I’m like so syked because like Demi is like… WELL SHE’LL BE LIKE ON MY T.V!! Isn’t that amazing? Like nobody else is more important than her like she is soooooo important, more important than …. oh let us say those poor innocent children sick in pakistan because of the floods!! What is wrong with you people??!! I have nothing against Demi or Miley or Selena nor any of the rest of the washed up pop stars on Disney. Call me sad call me ‘A hater’ as most americans may state it, but you guys are far more clever than this than to drool over a star that knows nothing about you yet you know when and where they were born!!Go on I’m ready for the cusses.

  • blahblah

    she don’t belong! they don’t need her advise.

  • Jaime kay

    I love Demi! she is so strong!
    and i love her cardigan!
    i would love to know which designer it is or where its from!!

  • sissy

    Which season is this??