Selena Gomez: Live Chat with Just Jared on Monday!

Selena Gomez: Live Chat with Just Jared on Monday!

These new promo pics from Selena Gomez‘s upcoming album, A Year Without Rain, are so beautiful!!! Don’t forget that the CD will be in stores Sept. 21 (US) and Oct. 4 (UK).

The 18-year-old rising pop star hasn’t done a live chat since February but that’s all about to change next week! Here’s what you need to know:

– You can watch Selena‘s live chat on this Monday (Sept. 20) @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 12am London / 8am Tokyo.

Selena has never done a live chat with a host before. Just Jared is honored to be her first!

– Submit questions now via Twitter using the hashtag #selenagomez

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  • andy

    She is soo beautiful!! Can’t wait for monday!! Love her!

  • Meow Meow

    Eww Selena GOMEZ! Go away! No one likes you! your fat,ugly and cant sing dance or act!

  • Jasmine

    First of all I think you are an amazing actress, role model, singer and dresser. I am in love with your video a Year Without Rain. Espicially the dress you wore, so my question to you is… Who is your fashion inspiration? Also, which brand is your favorite when it comes to red carpet looks?

  • Lizz

    How can you be so grear, Selena? TELL ME! I love you so muuuuch x_x

  • Meow Meow


    You like Selena gomez??? eww shes ugly! she looks like a gorillas left butt cheek

  • wendy

    whoa some girls here have really low-self esteem issues clearly hatting on someone wont make you beautiful.

    anyway she’s all grown up looking classy and beautiful :)

  • Theoracle

    Sweet. Can’t wait for this. <3

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Meow Meow:
    You are seriously blind, Meow Meow. She is in no way fat, in fact she almost seemed too skinny around a year or two ago. As for being ugly, this is the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  • Alex

    @Meow Meow: how in the world is she fat? your just jealous of her

  • Meow Meow


    Yeah shes fat!!!! and she looks really ugly like taylor swift. Miley cyrus and Demi lovato are Beatuiful!!!!

  • Meow Meow


    Shes wayyy to fat

  • Anonymous

    @Meow Meow: STFU moron. Selena is so much more beautiful and talented than coattail rider Demi and ugly horse face Miley. You are just a pathetic jealous loser.

  • Meow Meow


    Selena gomez looks like a GORILLAs left butt cheek! Umm first of all Demi lovato is way more beatuiful than stinky selena. and Miley is way way way way way more beatuiful than stupid selena! Selena gomez is a girl who only have 1 boyfriend. sorry no guys like you stupid selena. and miley and demi have/had lots of boyfriends. so all the boys thought they were beatuiful and not selena

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Meow Meow:
    Demi and Miley are both certainly curvier than Selena, but Selena is in no way fat.

  • Meow Meow


    Miley and Demi are pretty and skinny girls. and selena gomez is fatter than them. sorry but that what i think. we all have our opions

  • Anonymous

    @andy: I totally agree with you. Meow Meow is just a jealous, ugly, pathetic loser. Selena is really gorgeous and a true role model unlike horse face Miley.

  • blah

    i hate her
    nobody can change that

  • Disney Girl

    Are we seriously discussing how fat, skinny, ugly ,pretty Selena is.
    Selena is an awesome role model and I’m happy for Just Jared cause I love Selena and I love this website so yay!

  • Anonymous

    @Meow Meow: You clearly need to keep up with the times. Vinny from “Jersey Shore” wanted to hit on sexy Selena. Boys really think she is hot. You really need to get your eyes checked if you think that emo Demi or that ugly **** Miley is more beautiful than Selena.

  • Meow Meow


    Hes liked her??? are you kidding me? she looked like she was wrapped in foil when she was at the WMA’S and how do you even know that? and for the FIVE BILLON HUNDRED TIME YES I LOVE DEMI AND MILEY


    sometimes i think shes being like miley hi dont be hatin on me im just saying people i love selly but blaah sometimes it boredes me haha love u sell u look cute

  • AnonymousGuy08

    If anything, Meow Meow needs to get his eyes checked if he thinks Selena’s fat.

    BTW, I don’t think Miley’s ugly at all.

  • hzhz

    hhahhaha @meow meow makes me laugh and READ THIS ok if you guys are big fans of selena you guys wouldnt talk bad ABOUT MILEY AN DEMI HELLO THEY’RE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. an first demi is great awesome person shes role model same as selena k? k and miley is growin up let her grow up NOBODY IS PERFECT I BET YOU DO MORE MISTAKES THEN HER soo stop Talkin bad about SELENA OR DEMI OR MILEY PLEASE STOP WITH THE DRAMA BC THEY ARE 3 AWESOME SINGERS THEY DO THERE BEST TO MAKE THERE DREAM COME TRUE


  • Meow Meow


    Finally someone thinks agrees with me. Miley is pretty:) after seeing all these pictures of selena gomez. eehh shes okay i guess.. but i still love miley and dmei. selena is okay i guess. and yeah she isnt really fat

  • BUNNIE1303

    @Meow Meow: idiot. selena is WICKED AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!! and ur just jealous of her.

  • andy

    @Meow Meow congrats loser you are officially the most pathetic, jelous, retarded and dumbass person i´ve ever met!!! but ey what can i expect for stupid and delusional miley stan??? teenies are soo funny, poor delusional stan!!! seriously all i can do i just laugh!!!!
    in what world selena is fat or ugly??? ey bitch just look at you in the mirror, well if you dare cause lmao!!!!! whatever you only want attetion exactly like you talentless idol cyrus ewwww what an attetion whore… sooo go to se her disgusting horse face and get out of here….
    btw be carfeul because the envy kills…. LOL!!!

  • andy

    this phot shoot are so freakin gorgeous, stunning and flawless!!! wooo selena seriously in insanely gorgeous, just love it ;)

  • andy

    seriously i cant stop of laugh miley prettier than selena???? lmao best joke ever!!!!! miley is not even pretty, but whatever delusional keep dreaming!!!

  • Meow Meow


    Is this real life? well thats stupid. okay well first of all, all you haters just hate miley just because she just made like 2 mistakes. so who cares. i respect her. and what if stupid selena gomez posted a picture and videos like miley would you like her?? people just hate on miley on what she did. and so what shes growing up! finally!!! and poor selena she thinks she is still 14 living her little crush dreams in high school. wow shes dumb. she needs to grow up. and look at the real world. she will stay on disney when shes like 1023823 years old.

  • andy

    oh and btw wake up honey cause its pretty clearly that no one likes disgusting cyrus…. shes just and attetion whore!!! and she sucks….

  • Maya

    @Meow Meow:
    she is too skinny not nowhere near FAT! and she is pretty

  • Meow Meow


    well we do all have our opionions and you think selena is like the prettiest thing you seen in your whole life which is sad because she looks like pink poop. and i think Miley is pretty. and so now we can just stop fighting about stupid selena. okay? is that good enough for you?

  • demi fan

    well i agree wit meow she needs to grow up i mean miley is cool shes showin people that shes not 13 years old gurl she was before she showin people that you got to grow dont stay like baby forever thats the reason why i love miley idc what shes done but for me shes role model same as demi i look up to them an i see that there real an there amazin role models

    selena is pretty face fairy tale i love her bu i agree wit meow

  • Anonymous

    @Meow Meow: I agree with andy. No one likes disgusting horse face Miley. She only gets attention from her scandals, not because of her talent which she has none. At least Selena gets attention by her talent, beauty, and personality.

  • good-one

    Some of the most painful lessons in life deal with learning respect.

  • steph

    wow there’s so much hate in these posts! the posts are all either hate about selena or demi/miley. these girls are all unique in their own ways and they have different looks.

    btw, i think these photos of selena are BEAUTIFUL. she has many talents and she’s allowed to share it with the world

  • someone

    @steph: I agree with you.

  • jaf

    @Meow Meow:
    what are you ? some 300 pounds fat lady ? if you think she is fat what do you think of yourself you jealous sicko.get a life

  • Sahina


    go sort your grammar out, idiot.

  • Rebekah anne colton

    @Meow Meow: selena is beautiful! iv only seen her on tv but oh well! i just wish i could meet her in person! i kno,just by the looks of her she must b one of the nicest people in the world!

  • Meow Meow

    @demi fan:

    Thank you(:

  • selena123

    Anonymous i’m soo with you she is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Meow Meow she isnt fat!!! are you blind??!! and if you dont like her go away and dont write shit about her because you are just jealous….

    selena is beautiful and i cant wait monday!! :))

  • lulu

    @Meow Meow: i understand you don’t like her and I agree with your points but some of the stuff you said was a bit mean :/ x x x

  • michael

    i loveyou

  • michael


  • dream

    @Meow Meow: Get a life loser and learn how to spell before you call someone stupid.

  • Meow Meow


    Thanks though. but i dont know why i just dont really like Selena. i mea shes okay. shes kinda pretty

  • Meow Meow


    COOL!!!! I dont really care. but the advice means sooo much

  • Me

    I like these pics of Selena, they are cute! And just because these comments are written on a website, doesn’t make them any less hurtful to those who read them. We’re all created equally and every one of you is gorgeous in your own way! Let’s not judge people’s character based on outer appearances. We don’t know the whole story. Be confident in who YOU are so you won’t have to break others down in order to raise your self esteem. Let’s spend more time celebrating life rather than pointing out each others’ flaws.

  • svilena

    selena is fantastick (*)

>>>>>>> staging1