Selena Gomez to Jersey Shore's Vinny: Tonight, I'm Not 18

Selena Gomez to Jersey Shore's Vinny: Tonight, I'm Not 18

Selena Gomez may be a huge fan of Jersey Shore, but that’s as far as it goes.

Upon hearing of star Vinny‘s want to meet her if she was 18, Selena shared with MTV, “Tonight, I’m not 18! My mom would kill me! I will say I am a very big fan though, a very big fan, and I do look forward to meeting them, but that’s as far as it goes.”

WOULD YOU WANT to meet a member of the Jersey Shore cast?

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  • diane

    i laughed so hard when he said that during the pre-show.
    “Is she 18?”
    haha, vinny is my favorite.

  • magick_girl786

    okay ew why does anyone watch jersey shore?

  • diane

    @magick_girl786: because they’re hilarious! the way they act is so ridiculous and so stupid that it’s entertaining.

  • steph

    she’s so funny!
    and they would look pretty cute together if she was a little older

  • john

    they dont deserve their stardom. their show is pointless.

  • abby

    lol thats funny. Sorry Selena girl your an adult now……….no more hiding behind your mommy lol. j/k.

  • abby

    @steph: Vinny is only 3 years older then her…

  • yo


    IA….it’s time that Sel stopped talking about how she listens to her mom. \i get that she has a young audience and that she is indebted for all their support but she can’t keep saying stuff like that, it makes her younger than she is. Like when she turned 18 she said that her stepdad said that her curfew hasnt changed, no need to mention that. Everyone knows she is a very responsible person, she should act like its her decision not her parents. Otherwise it will be really tough for her to leave her good girl image.

  • bugs

    okay Selena if you don’t want to meet him just say so, don’t go around saying or pretending you’re not 18 to avoid people you don’t want to meet.

  • HIH

    I didn’t know she liked JS

  • miza linelli

    @abby: Vinny is 21 puhleeaase!!! He gotta be at least 31!!!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Your comments are weird. So what of she’s 18 and saying that her mom wouldn’t like that! No ones parent would, the cast of jshore are so gross with all the sleeping around they do. No parent would be stoked to know their kid is hooking up with a disease filled guiddo. I just don’t see what the big deal is. She said it as a ‘ha ha my mom would kill me’ not a ‘i’ll get grounded’ way. She is a mature 18, not every teenage girl has something to prove or hide. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about your parents and whether they’d approve or not. You guys should learn from Selena and keep your family in mind when you date someone new, cause like it or not it effects the whole family. Even the disease and the cheating. Wow think before you speak next time and get off the girls back. So what, she is pretty new to 18 so let her joke and say she isn’t. That’s the problem with written quotes and no video to back it up. Peole take it way out of context.

  • soughtful

    selena why don’t you try using your brains to give better answerd. we all know you are kind of dumb mentally but come on act a little older or is your brain lacking maturity!!!! boy are u dumb.

  • mrb

    soughtful, how about learning to spell before calling others you have never met dumb.

  • ash


    judging by the grammar used in this sentence i’d say you’re dumb too…

    and as for the selena comment. who cares if she didnt want to meet vinny. its her life isn’t it?

  • none

    I hate JS but you gotta love Selena’s answer. I would be careful if I was her those boys on that show might just deflower her. If she isn’t careful..

  • Carlota

    if I did, I’d be carrying a gun with me to kill them. shame on all people that like Jersey shore. shame

  • Annie

    mayby you guys dont understand the meaning of “if she is 18″.he meant that he wanted to spend the night with her.of course its bad not only in parents oponion but in a mature and wise teenager’s oponion that dosent care to parents advise. So dont try to say that you dont care to this issue because in that case you are… .By the way i promise you will see the title that says “selena and vinny are dating “soon

  • m

    She does k now the Jersey shore cast is basically paid whores right?

  • andy

    @soughtful: you are the only dumb here you fucking idiot!!!! btw a loser like you talking abour using brain??? when you doesnt even has a brain???? very funny, you are sooo pathetic….. get a life and seriously gooo to therapy yo definitely need some help!!!!

  • andy

    i love selenas answer i mean wtf wants to meet such a disgusting cast… ewwww

  • lulu

    He’s only 3 years older than her. That’s not even bad not to the amount of guys she’s been out with and linked to. And anyway if she doesn’t like him why not just say it instead of making up that load of crap. Unless it’s real in which case, I kinda feel sorry for her…

  • lulu

    @andy: oh yeah and you, stop stalking her!! Let people have opinions you freak you coment on every post you’re so creepy!

  • ak

    all of you are so inmature

    Being 18 or older doesn’t mean never listen to your parents, when so became older you hear them more, and accept that they have more experience and know more about life

    and the rebel teenagers think it’s terrible to listen to their parents when you are mature you realize you can listen and still make your own things

  • amuhinamori


    I wish I could still do that. I hate when older men hit on me…gross.

  • janiece

    i dont understand how turning a certain age automatically means you should act a certain way. when i turned 18 i felt exactly the same. age is just a number and doesnt make the person. so what if selena still has the mentality of being younger and values her parents opinions. the girl still has a good head on her shoulders and seems very mature for her age. what is with this obsession to grow up so fast. trust me its overrated. i know people in their late 20′s who still act like their in high school. some of these comments sound really childish

  • TypeO-n

    WOULD YOU WANT to meet a member of the Jersey Shore cast?


    Janiece: The answer is simple. Its called sex and age of consent.

  • none

    I’ll marry Selena if she is truely a real person and not a diva like Kate Perry called her. There isn’t anything wrong with age. It’s just a persons manners.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Aww, they would be cute

  • good-one

    Viacom has MTV as a vehicle to constantly push the boundaries on “reality shows”. Rock’n'Roll was always iconoclast and rebel, always a bit nihilistic. It wasn’t always solely about smashing up hotel rooms and drug abuse, but the artistic freedom to explore beyond a corrupt Establishment of war profiteers and an ever-burgeoning police state. That’s a far different hue and cry than glorifying low-life and thug life stereotypes and perpetually pushing those boundaries. The Video Music Awards presented quite a dichotomy between good and evil, a veritable hegelian dialectic. But to note just two examples, we see the difference between Taylor Swift’s ode to redemption vs. Kanye West’s salute to the lowest elements of society, as well as the clash between the values of givers and takers, such as Selena Gomez vs. the cast of Jersey Shore.

  • Amanda

    VINNYYYYYYYY <3 lolol

  • someone

    I don’t blame her for not wanting to meet him, the JS cast is gross.

  • itsmeagain

    the funny part is Selena actually invited the fame whor3s to one of her concerts. I’m just laffin in my head at they though of a bunch of sIuts and pedos sitting in the audience with kids that are like under 13

  • ehh

    Vinny wanted to meet Selena and she rejected him. Doesn’t she say she loves her fans? Well, she just rejected one. Hahah. Plus she’s just meeting them, not partying with them. Selena, stop being a wussy and using your mom as an excuse. Sorry for those who are easily offended. And no @andy, I’m not jealous.

  • abby

    @yo: I get that she doesn’t want to grow up too fast……..thats GREAT but there is going to come a point that because of of still acting like she’s 13 peopel are going to see her as just that………..a 13 year old little teenager instead of an 18 year old young woman. She is very muture but I think she needs to show the world she is infact an adult (no I’m not talking about going and doing playboy or any of that sh*t) I’m talking about when it comes to work.

  • abby

    @miza linelli: Well thats what google said lol. I have no idea if its true but yeah I googled his name and it said he was 21 lol.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I understand. She simply wants nothing to do with these people, and I don’t blame her. Even if she were as horny as Miley Cyrus seems to be, and she still wanted nothing to do with them it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • abby

    @AnonymousGuy08: I agree I think she just doesn’t want to get into that whole thing with the press and stuff and I think thats great. tbh I think she kinda said that as a joke. Like how her mother would kill her, I think it was more a joke then anything else.

  • T gerland

    Good! Im glad she said that! She did not do anything she does not want to do.

  • aly91

    WOAH first off I know many people above the age of 18 who still listen to their mothers and call them for advice. what planet are you from? mom-less or are you just trying to bash her out for being close with her parents? Second of all, maybe she’s trying NOT to offend the jersey shore people, what do you expect her to say? “Oh yes, I really would like to meet Vinny except for the fact that he’s a sleazy dirtbag.” Oh yes, makes sense since she’s all about controversy.

  • Quivox

    I’m a huge Selena fan, but I have to admit that I’m beginning to question some of her choices or comments which make her seem kind of silly\shallow\dumb. I mean, Jersey Shore? And now in an interview in Latina magazine she talks about how much she loves and looks up to the Kardashian’s………….
    What’s next, a sex tape?And then there were her comments a few weeks ago about being upset at being described as “wholesome.” I just have a bad feeling that she’s headed down a wrong road.

  • Meredithhhh

    @john: THANK YOUU! At least someone agrees with me! It’s pointless, they’re nothing but a bunch of whores and hoes, who get by on looks! Who really wants to watch someone get drunk all the time!? It’s idiotic! If that’s TV now-a-days our generation is screwed!

  • Hellcat Convoy

    Selena Gomez is totally goregous as far as I’m concerned.

  • maria

    omg foorr suree i’d loveee to meet vinny, ronnie and pauly D!!! i LOVE U VINNYYY <333

  • Vicky

    I want to meet Vinny too :) hes so cutee

  • Edd

    @yo: Seriously, how old are you? If you were over 18 you would know that at that age is where your parents ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR LIFE. For some, If you leave home for college, your parents are the ones who give you advice i.e. when your sick what to do and the medicines you should take, food recipes . I always thought that after 18 I’m not going to need my parents. WRONG. It’s always nice to have an occasional call fro them and get advice, no matter how old you are. ( not to mention if they are paying for your college education)

  • cassy

    Sway asked Vinny who he’d like to “hook up” with at the VMA’s

  • jason

    Like it or not, the Jersey Shore cast are stars. They have a hit tv show with record ratings for MTV. The night of the fight between sammi and jwoww, the show got more than 6.5 million viewers, and those are just homes with a nielsen box.

  • cam

    @Listen to mayday parade:
    I love everything you said & I agree 10000000%.

  • amy


    Seems like you are the dumb one here. I loved to be able to use my parents as an excuse to avoid situations I was not comfortable with or ready for & certainly the low life creeps this bunch is would be reason to say no. Good for Selena for not being like some of the young stars today hitting the fast lane because everyone else does. I admire Selena’s class and maturity with the way she conducts herself. Nothing wrong with being a GOOD role model. Tthere are enough trainwrecks in hollywood