Miley Cyrus is Pepsi Cola Cute

Miley Cyrus is Pepsi Cola Cute

Miley Cyrus gets the giggles after picking up a cool drink from a convenience store in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (September 14).

The 17-year-old actress/singer was spotted yesterday afternoon calling cops to her rescue after visitin a massage parlor, as paps were making it unsafe for her to drive.

Miley called up on-and-off love Liam Hemsworth for a quick gym date afterwords.

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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  • demiisthebest

    haters back off of her

  • emma

    I love Miley … I hate Liam

  • wraith

    I love her shoes and don’t mind the short but please cover your boobs.

  • amy

    visiting* afterward*

  • kass


  • ak

    SHE is beautiful, I want her legs

    but she needs I don’t know more class? I mean why is she always showing her bra and boobs, is “signature style”? she doesn’t need that to look sexy and cool

  • suz

    noobs. any NORMAL person would dress like that on a NORMAL day, so haters…get the fk off this page!!

  • nessa

    why are her boobs always popping out! How effing awkward. I could never have my tits popping out when around my family and stuff.
    She doesn’t need that crap to look sexy. For example look at Demi Lovato ,she usually only shows her legs, and usually only shows a bit of cleavage during special occasions.

  • nessa

    and ps i see legs like that all the time. It’s really not a big deal, lots of girls in Cali have legs like that.

  • pearl

    she was pulled over by cops for talking on her phone after visiting the massage parlour

  • candy

    who flippin cares if her bras showing, shes not 14, love her outfit :)

  • Kate

    @pearl: No she wasn’t. That’s what people assumed happened but she was actually calling for help because she was being mobbed.

  • harley

    I really like her shoes.

  • haley

    @nessa: demi doesn’t have enough boobies even to show that much cleavage. If hers were as big as Miley’s, I’m sure there’s more popping out :/
    Miley looks cute here, she is sexy.

  • raena

    she needs to buy a new pair of shoes. i swear she wears nothing other than that one pair.

  • taylynn

    She looks very happy. Miley is forever in LOVE!

  • amy

    Boy the paparazzi are getting really out of hand. I read that Miley was not driving when on the phone, but that the papps were making her feel unsafe to drive and she had to call her security people who sent the police. Starting to be scary like the way the papps were getting with Britney Spears – she could not even drive anywhere, they surrounded her car and quite frankly were digusting in the way they hounded Britney. These paparazzi are sub human & should be arrested – Miley is underage and they should back off and give her some space.

  • emily

    AGREE …

  • andy

    @haley and do you think that miley has boobs??? please she has no boobs, and no ass at all, her boobs are fake, she ony has boobs when she use push up bra soo pathetic!!! she only has nice legs, but they are a little bit chubby!!! miley is such an attetion whore!!! seriously stop to try so hard is really embarrasing!!! and she looks soo ugly with those sunglasses and her unibrow lmao….

  • Sahina


    oh just shut up you moron!
    Miley’s breasts are probably bigger than your’s, if you even have any.

    and go away, you filthy little hypocrite!

    go sort your grammar out, teenie.
    are you sure you don;t have a uni-brow, you insecure person.

  • Mileyfan

    It’s unfortunate how these young popstars can’t be on their own with out the paparazzi following them every where. Have you stoped and think they do things on purpose so the paparazzi can get their story… The paparazzi is kind of creepy they are like stockers. So if Miley was pulled over for talking on the phone she is a human being and makes mistakes. All you people out there you do know that celebraties are human beings and will make mistakes they are not perfect. We all make mistakes so you all need to get over it and let these celebraties live their lives.
    How would you feel being followed around all day long and being criticized.

  • haley

    @andy: u think miley’s legs are chubby?? at least they’re long unlike Demi’s! Demi has thick and short legs!

  • rania

    Liam cheat on her girlfriend of 5 years, he cheat on Miley now ..When Liam cheat on Miley again? soon? of course soon ..

    The man that cheat on his girlfriends always cheat

    Miley! Liam/Miam is a mistake

  • Nkeeyah

    She needs to cover up her chest. Summer is over, honey.

  • liz

    No!!! Her sgnature style now is:
    - A thin oversized tank top (usually white)
    - Mini shorts that only covers her butt (not being rude but they do & i am not hating)
    - A black bra (that seems to always pop out of her oversized tops & she should know by now cause it is not anymore a wardrobe malfuction)
    - Maybe a cardigan (usually plain black and oversized too or just an oversized piece of outerwear)
    - And those heels she is always wearing (it seems to be her favourite pair of heels but it is now making her look like she cannot afford shoes, but she can)

    But seriously her signautre style makes her look cheap and that she can’t afford to by clothes because really it does and she makes millons and she should try to look decent or sophicated than cheap and trampy.

    I am not a fan of hers and i am not hating on her or anything but she is starting to look trampish now, compared to how she used to dress in 2008 or early 2009.

  • Gossip Girl

    @andy: Dear Andy, haven’t u have enough drama on your last Selena post? U hate it when people smack talk Miss Gomez but yet you feel its okay to smack talk Miley? Miley fans feel the same when u do when u see people talking trash about Selena. And u don’t like that feeling right? Neither do WE. So GTFO of Miley post if u hate her some much like u claim. Cause from where I’m standing, u spend just as much as time on Miley as her fans do.

  • Gossip Girl

    @liz: just because ur a celebrity, doesn’t mean everything u buy has to be on a name brand. U’d be suprise how many top celebrities love shopping at cheap places like Wallmart, Kmart, Target, Old Navy, and Kholes. At least she’s not going on the street like Taylor Momsen or Lady Gaga

  • Rachel

    When Miley is without Liam she is happy, smile, pretty clothes

    When Miley is with Liam, she is not Miley, not smile, not pretty clothes

    Liam manipulates and tamed Miley and he CHEAT!! I hate Liam

  • itsmeagain

    @Rachel: get over it please. I know ur on;y hating Liam cause he’s crushing ur NILEY DREAMS. But LET IT GO. If Niley is meant, they will happen. As of now-They are a THING OF THE PAST. SO LEAVE IT IN THE PAST

  • n

    sadly she was a fashion icon but now shes not at all

  • Warren

    Miley’s legs are so hot and sexy! I love beautiful Miley! She is perfectly hot to me. I love her.

  • miley4ever

    i love u mileyyyyyy

  • Hellcat Convoy

    Miley Cyrus is so goregous her fans love her bigtime

  • alice

    Agree w/ Rachel. Miley looks + happy without Liam. w/ Liam she is always angry

  • rania

    Liam cheat on Miley again & soon … blonde or brunette? Betting

    I love Miley .. Really she want be tamed and a joke as woman?

  • smartchic93

    I don’t understand why she always has the need to show off her bra and her boobs…no I’m not jealous or a hater…I have boobs/bras of my own that I don’t show off to the world

  • rico

    She looks great, except for those bloody shoes!!! As far as fashion goes these days who’s deciding what’s hot and what’s not, Mr Magoo? Those shoes are FUGLY!!

  • nicole

    Please, Miley, put your boobs away.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @alice: no, u just happy when she’s not when Liam. Think about it: If Miley were not happy with him, would she seriously waste a whole year of her life with someone who makes her UNHAPPY?

  • natalie

    @Gossip Girl: i agree with u miley roxs i luv her so much i like selena 2 but miley seems 2 b in the news more.

    anyway i want her boobs lol im not joking and she looks amazing and gourgus.

  • natalie

    @andy: exsuse me leave miley the fuck alone she is great the way she is and how do u k wat she wears and shit
    i luv her so fucken much!!!!

  • Joey

    cool pics milezz….kiss

  • Megamileyfan1

    l’m a huge fan,of miley’s.So l wish you haters would just back off,& find something else to do,with the void you call ur life.This is how l see miley,She is,& always will be,the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.She takes my breath away,whenever l see a new pic of her.
    As far as the business with the phone,is concerned,l would tend to believe,that miley only used her phone to call for assistance,miley is far too smart to do something like that,when she knows it’s against the law.Apart from that,who are we,to past judgement on poor miley.Remember ppl,while you’re pointing your finger at miley & finding fault with her,there are three more fingers,pointing back at you.As far as making fun of the way miley looks,is concerned,l think miley,is total perfection,l love everything about her,there’s NOTHING,l would change about miley.l never knew the meaning of the word “Beautiful”,until l saw miley.All l know,is that the world is a better place with miley in it.She has certainly brought sunshine,into my life,bless her heart.So just plz,leave miley alone.Ur wonderful miles.Peace & godbless:)XXX

  • Bria


    Agree 100% If you look at the picture from her dinner outing with Demi, it’s the same black bra! Even if ou’re a Miley fan, you have to admit it’s kinda gross. At least she changed her shirt and shoes! But she shouldn’t be flashing her bra! If Miley wasn’t Miley Cyrus, and just some girl walking down the street, all you super-fans wouldn’t be so quick to defend. I get that she is “more comfortable in less” she can wear booty shorts all through winter, but her boobs are falling out. It’s not even just her bra, she’s about to have a nip slip! If over zealous fans would think unbiasly FOR A SECOND, you could see that NO ONE of ANY AGE should have a nip slip in broad daylight. I love Miley too, but I can think rationally! If Miley Cyrus murdered a baby, fans would find SOME way to defend her!!!! Honestly, I want a response fro someone!

  • Bria

    I agree that people are too harsh on Miley, being a teenager causes enough problems and being in the tabloids all the time can’t help and simply isn’t fair to her. But I hate the term “hater” It’s immature and usually wrong. Now, if someone says somthing like “eff dat ho, hate her soooooo much” then they are just losers and “haters” But if someone says “I think miley should keep her bra to herself” THAT’S CALLED AN OPINION!!! YOU SHARE YOURS SO LET OTHERS SHARE THEIRS. JUST BECUASE SOMEONE ISN’T A MILEY FAN DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE JEALOUS AND WISH TO BE HER!!! I get that you want to defend your favorite actress/singer and all, but the term “haters” and calling people “jealous” is stupid. yes, if you hate her, why read about her, but no need to call someone jealous(unless they start calling her fat when she isn’t) Can people come up with a better way to defend her and other celebs. Thanks…..

  • Bria

    Oh, and Kudos to Miley for getting water and not soda! you can tell she makes sure her body is healthy :)

  • shelby

    hello i love love miley so people if u hate her BACK OFF OR PAY THE PRICE! sorry somtimes i have anger problems

  • shelby


  • shelby

    eloooooooo my opinyon for miley showing her boobs is…she propley DOSENT LIKE LIAM i MEAN LIKE HE ALWYS CEATS SO she wants a new boyfriend.