Cody Simpson: 143 JustJaredJr!

Cody Simpson: 143 JustJaredJr!

Declaring his love for JJJ on his poster, Cody Simpson attends a charity event in Santa Monica on Tuesday afternoon (September 14).

The 13-year-old upcoming singer hung out with Zack Bonner and Scarlett, who plays the lead in Cody‘s “AyAyAy” music video.

In case you missed it, check out Cody‘s “iYiYi” video below and check out SweetyHigh for a new interview with the Aussie hottie!

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Cody Simpson – “iYiYi” Music Video
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  • darcey

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE CODY!!!!!! and sweetyhigh!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

  • lindsay p

    He is so hott!!!! I wish I could have met him, and I love iYiYi!

  • Ellie

    lol….love the raybans Cody :)

  • Amber

    i love cody!!! & i think there should be more of him on JJJ because his shirt matches the logo lol….but for serious!! ^_^

  • K.k. bieber

    awesome!!!!:D Im one of the beliebers who is on team cody 2 …he loks cute in those pics btw

  • http://JJROX Janessaboo

    the lead girl is really pretty & i think itd be cool to do a walk for a good cause like that…too bad i dont live close to there ; /

  • killerkat

    143 JJ for these pics…i think c.s. is really cool….i found out about him bc of sweety high and how that lead girl is from theyre

  • alliebearxo

    im on Just Jared JR every minute and every second of the day iyiyi…yeah i went there

  • JamieHudzZz

    ummm im trying to think of the word for Bieber Fever but for cody SImpson …..Simpson Seizure??? jk….or a Cody Cold ;D

  • Iwantatacoporfavor

    cody simpson= nom nom’s …teeheeZzzz

  • lillisays

    i<3his accent!!!!!

  • geselle

    yes!! more cody please :)

  • Lawrence

    He’s not bad, he’s got a better voice then Bieber in my opinion. Hope things work out for him. :)

  • d gurl

    Way to go OZ! <3 this boy :)

  • Oh-livia

    these pictures are cool …. i sawa them on sweety high first. im glad i found this site though its pretty cool

  • Scarlesss

    i was there!!! holla!!!! hehehe

  • lilshawty

    i love his song wit flo rida!!! <3!

  • lee-lee-likes

    143 jjj too!!!!!!!!!! 8D

  • Zooeyzoo

    i think it;ll probably be here soon…thats my guess anyways *lol*

  • franny

    i bet itll be soon for the album!!!

  • lauren

    *like button*

  • kelpiebird

    coool article!!! i found out about cody on youtube …i liked his J.T. covers…cant wait to hear more!

  • james

    i like his iYiYi song…i think hes different from that bieber guy for sure

  • Musicluvr

    hes super cute…wayyyyy cuter than JB!!! I like his surfer style

  • Musicluvr

    thats cool that you posted these pictures…i clciked on the link from twitter….itws funny whoever said his shirt matched! his voice is really good & i dont know why hes always compared to JB…thats like saying im selena gomez because im a girl who likes to act…funny funny but w/e i guess

  • smiles4evry1

    its crazy that he just picked up and left australia all bc of youtube. his sister does stuff too…but i think like acting or something

  • MJliveson

    my cousin in australia told me about him. its good for him thta hes making it big in the us now. 143. thanks jjj.

  • mandyxocandy

    I like that sign.the Hand Heart thing is cool!

  • caitiecullen

    every minute, every second, every hour of the day iYiYi….this is buned on my brain heehee. I love it though!!! 143 ;-)

  • Smileymiley

    Dear Cody/JJJ/Sweety High- 143,143,143,143,143,143,143!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JSYkay

    Sweety High’s interviews are always awesome, so is jjj. Cool! :)

  • lovedoveloves

    i think that girls pretty! she looks like a moadel..i wish i could have met them!

  • Shani-uhhh

    I like his music a lot

  • Kate

    No thank you these record companies put up these kids and make everybody think they great there’s a lot more talent out there then his kid.
    And he’s 13.. that gross

  • Missefron

    idk i think he is like JB but that doesnt mean its bad ya know???

  • selgomezfan

    does anyone know who that girl is with the curly hair & aviators??? is she from a tv show or something? let me know plz thx

  • jadedjade

    this is the first time ive heard his actual music…i think my friend made me listen to his train cover,but its cool that he has good music thtas his

  • Kim berly

    He has a really pretty voice!

  • marylowe

    He seems more like he could do acouticy sort of music lke in a band and JB is more main stream r&bishhh so yeah they are differednt. but i might think JB is cuter but that dont mean cody isnt

  • skittlesareyummy

    cool blog 8-D

  • Beatrice

    I like his hair better than you know whos ha. also i d k what 143 means…can someone explain! sorryyyy!

  • Crystal

    i like this music video a lot. my bike looks like his. im glad you have these picts too

  • hermoineg

    I think I went to school with scarlet,…..her hairs pretyy. its too bad i want her friend

  • Carla

    I love this guy. So cute :)

  • Selena#1fan

    is it just me or is he pretty much EXACTLY like justin bieber? lol theyre totally the same…

  • Alexisjoy

    MORE CODY MORE CODY MORE CODY In JJJ! Who singer does something as amazing as this, walks for a charity? Not too much. And who singer who’s only 13! walks for a charity? CODY SIMPSON! Everyone Support Cody Simpson, he deserves it because people who do nice things like this deserves nice things back! Team Cody Simpson

  • Ashley

    i am in love with cody!!!!! he lives in queensland like me!!!! i really want to see more of him on here #143#

  • @LuMarmentini


  • arturs

    wow this is amazing

  • http://Codysimonsp Lizzy

    Heoll lizzy codysimonsp

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