Joe Jonas is an American Rag

Joe Jonas is an American Rag

Joe Jonas uses his hands as he chats it up with a pal at the American Rag store in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (September 15).

The 21-year-old actor/musician picked up a couple of new items including a pair of new jeans!

Remember, you can keep signing up to run with Joe THIS SATURDAY, before his concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

JJJ is off to see the Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam concert on Sunday. So excited!

20+ pics inside…

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  • buu


  • BabyBooZanessa

    so hot

    i love you joe !

    can you be my boyfriend ?

    Lol !

  • gaby

    M-m-m-m-m-m Always look like a star! But he is star! Joe i just want you know one thing …In the scene you lokk like world is yours.. You is so sweet and so human guy…. I <3 Y

  • Lawrence

    Somewhere out of nowhere Joe got really sexy to me*lol*.

  • Yolanda

    OK that pose with the hands really doesn’t help with the gay rumors LOL!!!! But still wouldn’t say no regardless of his sexuality!!!!!

  • Jonaslove

    He is so FIT!! Hottie, if it’s possible, he looks even hotter than before :)
    I love him *sigh*

  • Lauren


    Don’t be so rude

    Joe is a really great guy who is just enjoying his day off

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I just read something about a missing ring, and no… its not the one of the Lord of the Rings hahaha just kidding… its good that Joe is finally getting out of all that squeaky clean image, he is a great guy and a very good artist… I told you it was gonna be hard to keep it having Ashley Greene close, I mean, the girl is a total hottie, no man can resist her, she is just too pretty… anyways, good for you Joe! Now I just hope all this drama stops and everyone pay attention to the music, not to their personal lives…

  • Yolanda

    @Lauren: How was I being rude!?!? I was only picking up on his effeminate mannerisms – it’s called stating the obvious b!tch!!!!!

  • http://none judy

    joe baby u looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hot
    the most pretty boy
    i have see hole of my life
    pretty +sexy +hot +beautiful soul= joe jonas

  • sandy:)

    ufffffff made me mouth water
    Mmmmmmm yummy joe is fucking hot


  • haley

    Look. No more purity ring. Joe looks sexy without it, anyway :)

  • sandy:)


    “How to sue everyone´´….
    hahahahahahhahahhahah xDDDDD soooooo funny hahahaha

  • n

    thats ryan leistman the guy with joe

  • Sia

    @Luis F. Gomez:
    Totally agree. Ashley Greene is so beautiful that it wasn’t going to be long till Joe couldn’t stay away from that.

  • Ceecile

    He is so effeminate


    OK IM SO NOT A HOMOPHOBE….BUT THAt Tag line should be Joe Jonas is a American Fag!….again im not a homophobe…

  • gaby

    I like it

  • uliGomezslovato

    que guapo!!!! te amo joe:D

  • jess

    it’s not possible… he gets sexier by the minute!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    @Sia: yeah, and to be honest, I even feel like if he is happier now, I mean, maybe its because he knows that he doesnt have to be so clean about his whole image, quite frankly I think both Nick and Joe have the potential to sex up their image and be somehow like Justin Timberlake… anyways, I will always hear and buy their music, as long as they dont go metal hahaha so for the many years to come, I cant wait to see them here in Guatemala the next year…

  • Bethany

    @Luis F. Gomez:

    I take it you dont think much of Kevin, but he’s sexy anyway

  • Ella

    Hottie can I?! Well, I’m not surprise if Joe gets hotter and hotter everyday. For me, he’s really the most handsome guy on Earth ever!! I love you my Boo. <3

  • http://justjaredjr jane

    Joe why cant you walk like a man? oh yeah your a girl in guys clothing!
    And as for ashley greene, i do not like her anymore, shes become such a b****. shes an attention h***.

  • lilysoocute

    @Ceecile: and your so masculine..I don’t see anything effminate about just pure hotness..what do you want him to do going around grabbing his balls..get over Demi lovers