Jennette McCurdy: Customize 'Not That Far Away' Music Video

Jennette McCurdy: Customize 'Not That Far Away' Music Video

So you loved Jennette McCurdy‘s “Not That Far Away” music video, right? So did we and now you can customize it!

The 18-year-old actress/singer is giving her fans an opportunity to make the video their own — you can upload pictures, messages and even have your name on Jennette‘s notebook. How cool is that?!

There are actually 18 different ways to customize it. Log onto to get started!

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  • iwillkillurkittykat

    HAHAHAH NO ONE EVEN COMMENTED. YOU SUCK JENETTE!!! and u look like a horse.

  • Kayla

    @iwillkillurkittykat if ur gonna criticize then you might want to learn her name ya jerk.. She’s a FANTASTIC actress/Singer. You certainly couldn’t do any better. Usually people criticize her cuz they like miranda better, even though jennette is way better. Seriously, Jennette has a more developed voice, and has done a wide variety of acting roles, she’s done drama and comedy, not just comedy. people didn’t comment because this was posted later and her fans already knew about it. Plus, Jennette is BEAUTIFUL, she’s wayy prettier than me, and I’ll bet a million dollars she looks better than you. If you don’t like her then why did you even click on this link, get a life!!

  • Justsomeanon

    Wow. You are pathetic, iwillkillyourkittyat. Comments on a teen gossip site are not an indicator of how popular someone is. A lot of people love Jennette, but maybe don’t feel the need to comment on EVERY little article about her. You must have a pretty sad life if you have nothing better to do than make fun of someone for that.

  • Ashley

    Jennette is an amazing singer, and I think this idea is really cool. :)

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