Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' Goes to London!

Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' Goes to London!

Zac Efron smiles towards the crowd as he premieres Charlie St. Cloud at London’s Empire Leicester Square on Thursday night (September 16).

The 22-year-old actor was spotted at Radio One studios earlier in the day where he did an interview with DJ Fearne Cotton. Be sure to listen!

After the premiere, Zac headed on out with friends to both Bungalow 8 and Mahiki night clubs to celebrate.

30+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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Credit: Ian Gavan; Photos: WENN, Getty
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  • kkdsantos

    he’s so feaking hot. I will never stop loving him.

  • emilia

    omg kkdsanotos i soo agree with you wooww..his hout + i will jever grow to not like him…his speacial in every way you ZACCCCC<333

  • A Fan

    Wow, I love all the pictures of Zac.

  • nesa

    my goodness! The kids he’s going to have with Vanessa Hudgens are going to be gorgeous and have some killer cheekbones.
    Apparently Zac Efron is of jewish descent, he just doesn’t practice the religion.

  • tealeaf

    I like Zac’s new look. Course he looks good with or without the facial hair.


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    He is like, killing me with his suits. He is just unbelievably gorgeous and don’t even get me started on his amazing blue eyes !! He is so attractive. I can’t wait to see ‘The Lucky One’ !!

  • abby

    Looking amazing. HE always seems so happy in London.

  • HIH

    He’s ok… but I still love him :)

  • amy

    He looks amazing, wish i could of been there ):

  • abby

    @nesa: Haha where did that come from? O_o Also I’m not 100% sure if Zac himself have confirmed the whole Jewish thing. Therefore we don’t know if its even true.

  • Katty


    Efron is jewish. The last name makes people think he is, not saying that nesa does, but some people think that just because his last name is Jewish he is Jewish. Zac as said before in interviews that he is Agnostic.

  • mike

    go Zac

  • Yolanda

    Urghh – Miquita Oliver looks like such a FRUMP!!! They should have got someone HOT like Jameela Jamil to host!!!!!

  • pop86

    Love it when he wear a suit.

  • Karen

    abby & Katty:

    Early on when he and the rest of the kids from HSM became such “overnight sensations” he did an interview and said his family’s background WAS Jewish but his family did not PRACTICE it and that he was raised more of an agnostic—meaning he could believe that way if he wanted to or not believe that way. He was raised to find his own way of believing or not to do so.

  • vona

    @nesa: ZAC IS NOT Jewish :)

  • pop86

    Why does it matter if he’s jewish or not?

  • Natz

    @pop86: Well said

  • Miranda

    Zac looks hott as always :)
    love him :)

  • Soni

    I know I am going to get hell for this, but i just have to say, “Did he lose the ring again”?

  • Karen


    He probably just didn’t have it on. He usually wears a watch when he is on promotional tours especially in other countries—probably to keep track of the time back home in LA. He didn’t have his watch on either.

    IF you will remember the day Zac left or the day after Vanessa was papped coming out of a yoga class I believe and SHE didn’t have her ring on. BUT did we get speculation about that??? No, because it was not a big deal and the next day she had it on. This kind of thing is what caused so much hassle a couple years ago. EVERYONE had to see if that ring was ON or not and he didn’t always wear it then either. SO give the boy a break. A ring OBVIOUSLY doesn’t define these two’s romance/relationship. IF I had to endure everyone’s speculation about if I had a ring or bracelet on, I would NEVER wear it and that what people do to Zac/Vanessa by constantly having to see if a ring is on their hands. Please, just everyone stop with the ring stuff.

  • Karen

    To me it matters not whether Zac is Jewish or not but I was just pointing out that some years ago he said this in an interview. That is apparently why this question keeps coming up for some people. But no, why would it matter if he is or isn’t? If that is his family’s background then so be it. It is an honorable heritage. But apparently they are not practicing and that is also the family’s choice, not ours, and it doesn’t make then good, bad, or in between and it isn’t any of our business.

  • zaneesalover

    OMG!!!! he looks amazing!!!! soo wish i could have been there!!!! :( dont forget to vote for zanessa at the austalian kids choice awards their nominated for the fave couple and so derserve it!!!!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Emma Efron

    Zac doesn’t like going to nightclubs maybe he got invited & didn’t have fun & he doesn’t drink.

  • mykamicks

    He always looks awesome everytime he wears a suit. Such a devonaire!

    Jewish or not let us leave it to them according to their own choice. Its a matter of respect. I admire them, probably they are practicing more on being a FREE THINKERS.

  • Celestine

    @Emma Efron: He is a 22 (coming 23) year old guy! Obviously he does drink! And how do you know he didn’t have fun? London clubs are way different then LA ones! And he obviously got invited it was the party to celebrate the premiere of Charlie St Cloud in London! And what kind of person would he be perceived as if he didn’t even go for his own party?

  • bean

    has anyone else been noticing that there are TONS of candid pictures of V doing like nothing but not too many of Zac? Odd but I love seeing these pictures of him! I love the scruff! I dunno why V don’t..

  • Emma Efron

    @Celestine: Just b/c he’s 22 turning 23 doesn’t mean he drinks. He said no to drinks at Brittany Snow’s b-day party & At Housing Gala Vanessa was sipping on a glass of wine while Zac opted for a glass of water. And in the Wonderland magazine he said he doesn’t have fun at clubs.

  • Emma Efron
  • sa5m

    @Emma Efron:
    Zac do drink. He was photographed with a few cans of beer in his hand a few months back. It doesn’t really matter if he drink because he is 22 and about to be 23 plus he is drinking respondsibility and that is the most important thing.

  • http://google lilly


  • Karen

    Emma Efron:

    I don’t think you are always understanding what Zac is saying. I don’t know if English is not your first language or if you are very young and naive and just wanting to believe he doesn’t drink because you don’t like it. He DOES drink and he has spoken about it in more than one instance. He says he does “partake” at appropriate times. He usually stays at home with friends and has a good time. Meaning, he does not go out on the club scene to be SEEN, to find COMPANIONSHIP(pick up females), or to get his name in the gossip blogs. He finds doing that and being around people he doesn’t know to be boring and mostly people are just drunk and obnoxious. But he has admitted to going “overboard” and partying at times.

    It does not mean he does this kind of think on a regular basis. It also does not mean that IF he is at a party where drinks are being served that he drinks. At Brittany Snow’s birthday party he was the DRIVER that night so he did not drink for that reason. Just because others are drinking doesn’t mean he has to. But if he had not been the driver of the night, no doubt he would have had a drink or two.

  • Emma Efron

    @Karen: He has not been photographed w/beer & he did not say he doesn’t drink so i don’t believe any of u & he never looks drunk & he doesn’t drink at all so just drop it ok. And he didn’t drive at that Housing Gala event he has in the backseat of a car. So u guys are wrong & i don’t believe he drinks. He could be lying saying he partakes. Ppl like ok so stop saying he drinks cause he doesn’t!!!!

  • Emma Efron

    And he can quit drinking u know. And he said it’s not important to let drinking become too big of a distraction.

  • Emma Efron

    He said he doesn’t have fun at nightclubs & he doesn’t go there often. And he said ppl are too intoxicated. So he DOESN’T DRINK & he was never photographed w/can of beer. He was w/aguy that had beer but doesn’t mean Zac drank it so it was that. And stop saying he drinks cause it’s not true believe all u want. So let’s stop talking about this.

  • Emma Efron

    In quotes he said,”I’m not really into partying. I’d much rather be with my close friends at home or a concert, or on a trip. I’ll go dancing with my grandma. She likes to cut a rug! “I do not want to fall victim to partying too hard, it’s too easy and too often done. It’s out of style anyway, I think too many people have done it before me, I’m not going to. It’s uncool, yeah.

  • Emma Efron

    Robert Pattinson drinks.

  • Emma Efron

    And u kno that stuff about him drinking can be made up & i think it is made up & that probably wasn’t him u saw having beer they could be pretending to be him or they look like him or it can be photoshopped.