Selena Gomez Covers Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'

Selena Gomez Covers Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'

Check out Selena Gomez‘s performance below! It’s her very own rendition of BFF Taylor Swift‘s “You Belong With Me”, which she performed concert at the LA County Fair on Saturday night (September 18) in Pomona, Calif.

The 18-year-old Wizard also covered Weezer‘s “Island in the Sun”, Katy Perry‘s “Hot N Cold”, Pat Benetar‘s “Love is a Battlefield”, and Jason Derulo‘s “In My Head”.

FYI: Selena will be making a personal appearance at the Kmart store in NYC’s Penn Station on Thursday, September 23 from 5 to 7 pm!

Selena Gomez Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’

Click inside to watch more of Selena‘s performances from last night…

Selena Gomez – “Kiss and Tell”

Selena Gomez – “Love is a Battlefield”

Selena Gomez – “Round and Round”

Selena Gomez – “Off The Chain”

Selena Gomez – “Falling Down”

Selena Gomez – “More”

Selena Gomez – “Magic”

Selena Gomez – “Island in the Sun”

Selena Gomez – “A Year Without Rain”

Selena Gomez – “I Don’t Miss You At All”

Selena Gomez – “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

Selena Gomez – “Naturally”

Selena Gomez – “Hot N Cold”

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  • c

    That was even worse than Taylor. Seriously, STOP SINGING and stick to acting.

  • mary

    wow did you even HEAR that this sound quality wasn’t the best? maybe you can’t really hear if someone is a good singer or not…

  • natalie

    Love Selena!!!

  • Fearlessli

    She nees to stop singing, pronto.
    And, listen to everything else, it proves she can’t sing.

  • ehh



    ehh, in every video, she jumps. is that all she can do? she really does need to work on her stage presence & performance…

  • ehh


    yeah, you can use the bad sound quality as an excuse, but we all know that it was her singing that was bad. just saying…

  • Lawl

    No Offence But She’s A Terrible Singer :S

  • catinthehat

    Beautiful girl. Absolutely gorgeous. Cannot sing at all. Rarely in tune, voice is weak. She needs to leave it to Demi and Miley. Miley is the only one of the 3 that can really work the stage and put on a show, but Demi has a pretty decent voice. Taylor Swift needs to quit singing live altogether. She ruins her own songs. Selena needs to stick to acting, which she is actually pretty dang good at doing.

  • Jesse

    shut up!! selena is great and she’s doing her best!
    don’t like her? don’t be mean and get out of here!!!! ><

  • lol

    you have to listen all these videos in good quality, she sounds great^^
    they were good^^ even joel madden has been there with his daughter^^

  • candy

    i love selena but she SUCKS
    leave it to taylor :D

  • n

    what happened to her clothes she used to be more stylish .. sorry i dont like her outfits since the vma’s

  • blhablahblah

    noooooooooooo ewwwwww

  • ak

    she doesn’t suck she is not the best singer but is far form suck

    in some songs you can hear really her she has a nice voice, just not that powerful. She is a better actress though

    the skirt is suppose to be fun, I think she looks pretty

  • mbart

    @c: ditto

  • soughtful

    man, she really is a bad singer she cracked. really selena stop singing is embarrasing.

  • Chloe

    Some of you are really FUNNY! First, it is a SELENA post. Second, she can sing thats WHY she sold over 700 k copies at USA & over 1 mill copies worldwide. People like her & thas a fact.

    I didnt know you have a record label and thats why you know better about music or maybe you’re a frustated singer that nobody wants.

    If you dont like her its ok but STOP comment in Selena’s post, remember she’s not relevant to you, dont waste your precious time. Thank you! :)

  • markamara

    The reason why she is selling millions of records and selling out shows is because number one: she’s pretty. Number two: silly little die hard fans aka you, think that prancing around on stage and barely hitting notes is entertainment and are willing to waste your money on it. And number three: her fans know nothing about music.
    I’m not sure if any of you have watched Demi’s private concert on – if you haven’t stop wasting time watching this and get your butt watching real talent.
    Oh and one more thing, we’re entitled to comment on ANY post. That’s whole point of a comments section – to express your opinion, whether good or bad. Booya.

  • Jenny


    My opinion exactly.

  • cata7

    @Chloe Sorry honey but a of crappy singers sold as much or more than her.. which is really stupid ! She can’t sing at ALL.. she shouldn’t be considered a singer.. she does what a lot of us can do! She has no stage presence ! The reason why she sold that number of copies is probably because her songs are catchy and because she is one of the biggest “teens” of the moment.. oh and because she is pretty and girls like her .
    And none of us need to have a record label to know that she isn’t a good singer.. we just have to listen, you should do that to and maybe listen to some really good voices to know what singing and interpretating a song is all about.

    Oh and I can give my opinion wherever I want whether you like it or not ;) And I don’t hate her at all, I just think she doesn’t deserve to be considered/called a singer.

  • cata7

    @markamara AHAH what you said is exactly what I was thinking

  • Lena

    Well…she doesn’t have the best voice…
    But that doesn’t mean that she’s really reaaly bad.:)
    I think the Year without rain was pretty good.:)

  • Lena


    sorry, I meant really, not reaaly.:D

  • Chloe

    @makamara AND @cata:

    Aww… THANK YOU for your replies! It shows that YOU have plenty of time to bash Selena AND also reply her fans, Thats SO sweet!

    First, I nerver said Selena has an amazing voice, she’s OK and I like her style. IF you want great vocals go to JustJared because maybe there are some post of Celine Dion or Chistina Aguilera.

    Second, Selena is doing music for HER fans: the ones who go to her concerts and buy her album (which was GOLD if you didnt know). NOT for your “great” taste and precious ears.

    Third, I respect everyone’s opinions but seems PATHETIC coming to a post of someone you dont consider a singer. Its lame. I dislike some DC stars and I never go to their posts because I DONT like them.

    BUT THANK YOU again for your interest in Selena & for posting your “relevant” opinions on SELENA’s post. :) Thank you <3

  • Pascalee

    I really like Selena. She is a terrific actress, but her singing is horrible. It’s embarrassing, actually.

  • tmj

    r u kidding me!!! seriously selena i’m a huge fan but y r trying 2 b taylor u keep acting lik taylor what about the real actual right friend 4 u demi i miss seeing u 2 2gether its sad when i c u w/ taylor all the time what about demi???? i bet u would never sing here we go agian by demi y r treating taylor lik a better friend than demi demi was a true friend 2 u and u c demi hanging out miley but u don’t c demi acting lik miley @ least demi kno’s how 2 b herself still and not 2 b lik any1 else whats next r u gonna dye ur hair blonde and make it curly lik taylor’s???

  • Ceecile

    @catinthehat Miley just dances skankily and walks around on stage. Demi is a real performer, she gets into the songs, connects with the audience. You can tell when watching her perform she was made for this. She doesn’t need big money or effects. Watching her is hypnotising.
    And a “pretty decent voice”? She has the most range out of them all and the most control on it as well.
    Selena is just boring and awkward.

  • BUNNIE1303

    I THINK SHE’S AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luvd80s2

    @markamara: Good for You! You took the words out of my mouth!!!! So that’s the horrible noise I heard at the fair yesterday, It was spooking the cows!!!!!!

  • ines

    i like her as a actress but c’mon selena stop singing you’re embarrassing yourself and ruining the song

  • ines



  • ashlee

    she can’t sing. It’s embarrassing

  • Gossip Girl

    @Ceecile: If u ask me. Miley has more stage presence than any of the Disney girls on stage. Demi can sing well, but she dosen’t really connect with her audience. Selena’s just up the embarresing herself to please her little kids.And serously, if u find Miley’s performances skanky, I advise u to never put in a thought to attend concerts by : Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, or Britney Spears. I grew up idolizing Brit and JT. So I have seen far worse than what Miley dose on stage.

  • Ceecile

    @Gossip Girl I don’t think Miley is bad at all. As a french girl I think most of the stuff the girls are accused of are ridiculous and just a result of the puritan culture the US have.
    But I disagree with the most stage presence thing. Miley just dances and rides motorcycles and runs around shaking her ass. That’s not stage presence. It’s putting on a show yes, but not stage presence. And it dosn’t allow her to truly connect either.
    Demi however really does put her all into the songs and you can really feel her emotions, her hurt or anger because it’s what her show is about: the music and what she felt/is feeling when when she wrote it/when she sings it. She takes the audience with her. She also takes time to communicate with them and often singles out a person or a group.
    To me that’s what a real performences are all about. When it’s all about the music and the feelings and the connection. Not how much it took to build a stage, the pyro, the fancy lights and effects. Those stuff are the easy way out. You lose focus of the music.

  • itsmeagain

    @Chloe: LOL! her show is the reason why her records are selling. If she weren’t the star of Wizards. Her music career would be as big as Paris Hilton’s. Oh Wait..

  • someone

    @mary: That was a bad excuse hahah she butchered those songs. She needs to stick to acting, she’s really good at that. She’s just not a good singer & she has no stage presence what so ever.

  • meiner

    your comments …
    i will now sometimes unfairly … ;) … your last president had no idea of his job … led a world war … caused a global economic crisis …
    again factually … ;) … and the earth revolves still

    you have no other problems?

  • Mahree

    Selena Gomez is awesome. I just think her vocal talent is a little weak compared to most singers. Still Selena is superb at eveything. she’s great. just wish the best.

  • mJ

    @catinthehat: wha!!?? Demi is the best of all of them miley is good but demi has the best voice over all of them :/
    they’re all ok.

  • lovelydee

    She’s obviously not the best
    but I think she has great stage
    presence and she’s getting better

  • Joochi

    @markamara: My thoughts exactly! I been saying this all along, Shame on Disney for letting these young kids have recording contracts and deep down in their hearts they can’t sing, they call it GREEDY! at whatever expense. I pitty the parents of these young girls just wasting their monies.

  • whattheG

    I was there, and i think this videos doesn’t do justice to her voice, been in a Miley, Demi and Selena concert and i think I’m having more fun with Sel’s concert o_o

  • http://mileyfan2000 Sarah-msl


    I agree 1000% she is great and she’s been working hard!!.

  • http://mileyfan2000 Sarah-msl

    Come guys be nice she’s had some throat issues and about a month ago the poor thing lost her voice!!.
    I thought she sounded great!! and can’t wait to get “A Year Without Rain”.

    Love Sarah.

  • whateva

    OMG!! selena plz dont you ever sing live

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    I like Selena I think she is a wonderful actress but to become an actor these days you gotta know how to sing whether it’s good or bad, and one thing you can’t say that she isn’t doing is trying she really is trying her best not for her but for her fans she puts it out there just for them whether she failing at it or what she doing her best for them and even though I don’t prefer her singing the fans that she is singing to there don’t really care so I don’t see why we have to, and all that say Demi is the better singer, yes she is truly an amazing singer but she is not twice the actress Selena is, so lets say they both have what the other lacks in.

  • jonasz

    as much as i love Selena, but she’s not that good singer :P sorry!

    Hey, didn’t Nick sang “You Belong With Me” on his NJATA tour?

  • Crissy

    Selena is such a sweet and modest girl. My best friend met her at Epcot almost a year ago. Good for Selena! :D

  • ella

    yah, wow. she cant sing. its painfully obvious.

  • meiner

    Who allows us to criticize music?
    Music is in the feel of the individual and provides a means of giving expression feelings, much more direct and deeper than words could.
    Music is the rhythmic order of noise, sound and tone.
    Speak now with a metal or punk or rocker or classic fan.
    Take them away, but before the weapons … they do not understand what music means