Selena Gomez: Live Chat is TOMORROW!

Selena Gomez: Live Chat is TOMORROW!

Selena Gomez puckers up to the camera while posing with Just Jared backstage at her Selena Gomez and The Scene concert at the LA County Fair on Saturday night (September 18) in Pomona, Calif.

The 18-year-old rising pop princess performed a SOLD-OUT show with 8,500 people in the audience. Amazing!!! Sel opened with her super catchy song “Round and Round” and other fun tunes including “A Year Without Rain“, “Off The Chain”, “Naturally”, and “Magic”.

She also sang her own renditions of Taylor Swift‘s “You Belong With Me”, Weezer‘s “Island in the Sun”, Katy Perry‘s “Hot N Cold”, Pat Benetar‘s “Love is a Battlefield”, and Jason Derulo‘s “In My Head”. Sel always brings so much energy to the stage!

DON’T FORGET!!! Selena‘s live chat on will start TOMORROW (September 20) @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 12am London / 8am Tokyo. Submit questions now via Twitter using the hashtag #selenagomez. Don’t miss it!!!!!

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez and The Scene

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Credit: Breeden; Jones; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • a.m./p.m.

    The show was sold out. Seats were completely filled. I felt like I couldn’t breath! D: But it was worth it because the concert was amazing!!

  • whateva

    she looks cute,but i hate her.

  • markamara

    wow, she chose to butcher all of those songs!?

  • Jaz

    @markamara: someone’s jeeeeealouuuussss…..

  • melissa

    Selena is a good actor, but she not a singer. She’s a very nice girl, but i don’t think anyone has been straight up with her. She is just not a singer but I don’t think anyone has the guts to tell her no! But then again, if Disney are going to make a ton of money out of it, i don’t think they’d say no to anyone….no matter how bad they are!! They can just use auto-tune!!! Poor Selena…it’s wrecking her credibility as an actor!! I hate it when musicians become actors, and actors become singers just because they can…it doesnt look good! It kinda looks like they sold out!! Nothing against Selena (she’s one of the good Disney stars, unlike Miley) but i think she is getting some bad advice about her career and she is naive enough to believe them

  • markamara

    @Jaz: yes, I’m jealous of girl who embarrasses herself every time she get’s on stage to ‘sing’ and ‘perform’…spot on there.

  • Theoracle

    @marakamara Your bitterness is showing, sweetie. ;) Selena will continue to sing as long as her music is selling. The show was sold out tonight (I couldn’t even get tickets) so obviously people want to see her. Deal with it.

    She’s lookin’ cute, btw. I like the new dress.

  • daa:/

    daaang 12am london time… im gunna be at freaaking school! :P

  • kazey


  • Katty

    @Jaz: @Theoracle:

    yeah cos @markamara: couldn’t find any one else to “jeeeeealouuuussss” of

  • markamara

    @Theoracle: Babe, please tell me, honestly, do you think she can sing?
    I find it so hard to understand how someone with clearly no talent whatsoever is selling millions of records…but then again, the type of people who pay to watch this pathetic excuse for a show are you guys, die hard selena fans…people with clearly no musical background.
    And I’d happily admit that I am bitter towards someone who is making so much money for something she’s so bad at…but the question is, can you admit that she can’t sing/perform let alone write her own songs….

  • plasticfantastic

    funny selena didnt write anything on her new cd ….yet people still claim she did…kids love loud and flashy things and selena fills that perfectly and as stated all her die hard fans can not even see how she is changing. sexier image, more revealing clothing, songs about selling her soul ..yes rock god is about selling her soul doubt me? do your research the devil was the angel of music before being cast out by god. so who you selling your soul too selena? she has said she hates being called innocent and the good girl, she said she wants to be more sexy and daring with her cloths, and look at her lately dressing the part she knows its time to sex it up and get the older male fans and its working. her first three videos were not that great in sales but AYWR was sexy and she showed alot of skin and boobs and look what happend that video exploded on itunes she knows whats she is doing. she built her fame on the little girls and now she is leaving disney since her show is ending with season 4 and she know she has to get the audience of guys she ignored when she built her fame so now well get ready for the new selena all new image and attitude

  • kara

    I love Selena Gomez, I think she is pretty and a good actress but seriously she is a very bad singer, she enjoys singing but she is not good at it.

  • ash


    damn who pissed in your cornflakes. you dont like her fine but there is no need to try and bring everyone else down with ya.


    let the girl live…she’s fufilling her dream…end of discussion.

  • SSL

    Pfft… I’ll be impressed when she sells out the O2 Arena. Five nights in a row. Oh wait, that’s MILEY!!!!

    Selena’s cute and a good actress, but the girl can’t perform to save her life. Plus, sounds like she sang more covers than her own songs! That’s just ridiculous.

    I’m sorry, but Miley can perform circles around her.

  • ash

    oh and i really like that skirt shes its tres cute

  • glen

    i dont understand y do ppl who dislike sel, even bother commenting,
    anyways u rule selena,keep goin girl!!!

  • Chloe

    Some of you are really FUNNY! First, it is a SELENA post. Second, she can sing thats WHY she sold over 700 k copies at USA & over 1 mill copies worldwide. People like her & thas a fact.

    I didnt know you have a record label and thats why you know better about music or maybe you’re a frustated singer that nobody wants.

    If you dont like her its ok but STOP comment in Selena’s post, remember she’s not relevant to you, dont waste your precious time. Thank you! :)

  • markamara

    @Chloe: God, go cry hater whenever people are giving constructive criticism. Know one is saying they hate her. They’re stating the fact, that Selena Gomez cannot sing, cannot perform and certainly doesn’t write her own songs.
    And you know what’s funny, the fact that you copied and pasted that exact comment on her other post…

  • markamara

    @SSL: Amen sister.

  • Aline

    For some random reason I love the fact that she combined that skirt with flats! :P

  • Savior

    Sucks that it sold out so quick. I heard her singing Kiss and Tell, More and her cover of You belong with me. I wanted to sneak in so badly! lol

  • cam

    Amen! Totally agree.

  • luvd80s2

    @SSL: LOL! You are so right. She sold out at the L.A County Fair not the Staple Center! The day that she headlines a big venue like that and has The Jonas Brothers open for her will be the day that I will bow down and call her a singer. As for now stop covering songs you can’t sing, If i wanted Karaoke I would of gone to the local bar and not payed to see overpriced Karaoke surrounded by the smell of cow poop!!!!!!!

  • meiner

    frank sinatra, elvis presley, celine dion, beyonce, lady gaga, …, miley cyrus, etc used songwriters, so are / were they not allowed to sing?
    How many songs have you already written and published? I would like to write a critique.

  • meiner

    … and if I want to hear music … but certainly not miley cyrus … we talk about music

  • someone

    @meiner: Actually, the only songs Miley ever sang that were written for her were the HM songs because they were for the show. She writes all of her own music.

    & I love Selena as a person & as an actress, but she really can’t sing. Don’t hate on me because I don’t think she can sing, I mean obviously I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  • lisa

    Let her sing; she may not be THE best singer in the world..but she’s not Paris Hilton, making a record with NO VOICE whatsoever! While there are some that don’t like her voice, there are millions who do. So let those millions enjoy it, and you few others just back off and watch her climb up and be successful. She’s trying to develop music! She’s trying to get better for her fans. She ENJOYS IT. SO WHO CARES…I like it, so HOW DOES IT MATTER IF YOU DON’T. just don’t listen to it. problem solved.

  • andy

    @markmara yes, I’m jealous of girl who embarrasses herself every time she get’s on stage to ’sing’ and ‘perform’…spot on there.
    hahaha you fail this is not a cyrus post!!!! and please dont continue to embarrasing yourself show how much do you envy gorgeos selena, is sooo damn pathetic get a fucking life and get out of here…
    oh but thanks loser you always put a lot of money in selenas pocket and shes more and more famous every day!!!! soo saty mad you idiot!!!!

  • me

    @andy: You’re a serious weirdo. You’re like on every SG post. You have no life. You’re obsessed.

  • ACg

    i think selena is a really good actress but she is an awfulllll singer. why does she even bother? i love her but seriously, i would love for her to stop singing and just do acting. i feel kind of embarrassed for her when i watch her perform. she’s so awkward. i know she’s having fun and fulfilling her dream and stuff but just cuz you have a show on disney, doesn’t mean you can sing. same with the jonas brothers except they should stick to singing and never act ever again. except joe…he’s pretty good.

  • ACg

    @andy: lol you shouldn’t really try and insult someone unless you can spell right.

  • ACg

    oh and her hair looks horrible but her skirt is super cute :)

  • lisa

    lol what’s funny is you people keep saying you feel embarassed for her, yet she’s becoming richer and richer….i don’t think that’s something anyone would be embarassed about.

  • super_blind

    i’m totally Selena’s fan. i love her acting and everything, but there something i must admit as her fan, she’s not quite good at singing. she can sing(of course she does, everybody does) but not so good. she may be a good actress, but not a singer..sorry Selena, i like you, but i need to tell the truth..she still a good performer though..

  • melissa jane isnain “kimper”

    i love selena gomez…..
    she is cute with justin b. and david h.

  • melissa jane isnain “kimper”

    i love selena but i love more demi lovato

  • giusy

    selly i love you … you are very very fantstic love you… :)

  • meiner


    wiki: The Climb
    Writer(s) Jessi Alexander, Jon Mabe

    Who allows us to criticize music?
    Music is in the feel of the individual and provides a means of giving expression feelings, much more direct and deeper than words could.
    Music is the rhythmic order of noise, sound and tone.
    Speak now with a metal or punk or rocker or classic fan.
    Take them away, but before the weapons … they do not understand what music means.
    Everyone thinks only his taste in music is the yellow of the egg.

    … and the earth keeps on turning

  • meiner


    Party in the U.S.A.
    Writer(s): Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Jessica Cornish

    The Climb
    Writer(s): Jessi Alexander, Jon Mabe

    Their two biggest hits … and she has only performed the songs
    … and the earth revolves still

  • meiner


    and gratitude for their fans?
    “Ordinary Girl” and “Que Sera … would also be able to sing the Muppets … Miley Cyrus could not be seen.

  • http://ihsuyaa Ayushi

    is this where we ask questions for the live chat today??

  • http://ihsuyaa Ayushi


  • http://nikkinitemare95 Nicolette95

    I love you selena. I have your cd, and I dont care if your changing. Your 18, everyone knows it I love how your maturing because your still the same amazing gorgeous girl and you always will be! I love you selena!!

  • http://nikkinitemare95 Nicolette95

    i love you selena gooood job and your amazing dont change

  • someone

    @meiner: The Climb, Ordinary Girl, and Que Sera are HM songs! Like I said before, the only songs she’s had written for her were the songs for the show because they’re for the SHOW. The Climb was made for the HM movie that came out last year & Party In The USA was originally written for her clothing line Miley & Max.

    I suggest you do your research before you go and run your mouth.

  • acg

    @lisa: yeah but not everything is about fame and money. and selena probably doesn’t even care about fame or money.

  • Abdul Kareem

    hi selena u rock

  • stacey

    hi my name is stacey and what is this

  • selena fan

    i love selena gomez i wish i was like her