Zac Efron: Sunrise, Sunset

Zac Efron: Sunrise, Sunset

Manned with a pink Sharpie, Zac Efron signs a few autographs on his way into Channel 7 studios in Sydney on Monday morning (September 20).

The 22-year-old actor will be making an appearance on morning show Sunrise to promote his new film, Charlie St. Cloud.

Don’t forget to check out pics from the Sydney premiereZac even got a kiss!


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Credit: Big Austraila; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • pop86


  • kami
  • Katty

    He looks good :)

    I don’t like the beard, but I don’t hate it. It’s his face, he can do what he wants with it.

  • beatriz

    yumi yumi <3

  • e

    I found a video of Zac on this show if anyone wants to see it

  • Taylor platt

    Want to meet him. He’s talented, gorgeous and real. Love him. <3 I just finished reading the book, ‘The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud’. I read it in less than a week. It was heart-melting, sad, amazing and highly addictive. :D I loved every word.

  • Taylor platt

    He looks so hot in jeans and a t-shirt. OMG!!! *drooling*

  • abby

    Aww I think he looks cute. <3

  • Tiptoes

    Yes….it is. The filming for TLO is about 3 weeks from now.

    thanks for all the links….

  • Skylar

    Ummm, the second I saw the pictures of him at the LAX a few days ago, it grew on me!!!! Haha he looks amazing! Looks like he shaved a tad though lol, I bet it was starting to bother him.
    I love that he has a pink sharpie lol, if I ever get to meet him and he’s going to sign something, I would love for it to be in pink or purple! :D
    Anyway he looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to see more about his promotion and for Nov 9! I HAVE to see Charlie St. Cloud again, such an AMAZING movie! I also can’t wait till he’s back home with Nessa.
    Love you Zac! A lot! :)
    Zanessa Forever <3

  • kyle

    Thank you for all the links.

  • Miranda

    Awwww love him :)
    Zac is amazing and hot
    I just think he probably really wants to go home to see Vanessa :)

  • Soni

    I thought for sure Vanessa was going to go to at least one of his European premieres. I was so wrong and so diappointed.

  • bean

    I love his beard! I heard he’s growing it for his next movie “The Lucky One”. I dunno why Vanessa don’t, he looks handsome and grown up! I’d love to photograph him for my college portfolio, dunno if I could handle it though :D

  • juliana

    Juliana, São Paulo, Brasil.
    Love Zac…

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I’ll admit, wasn’t very fond of it when I first saw it, but after a couple days… oh, I just love it on him. He looks good any way. Yum. Aw.. pink sharpie !! I LOVE IT !!

  • :*

    Yes hot beard :)

  • londonlemming

    @Soni: Why would she be there? This is his work not hers. By all means its acceptable for her to go to The US premiere,but it would be wrong of her to attend the ones in other countries.
    It is work for Zac not a vacation. If Vanessa was to attend other premieres with him then it would be like Zac cannot work without vanessa there.

    Both have careers and work events of there own which do not overlap any more and people need to learn to live and respect the fact that they have individual careers and obligations which the other cannot attend.

  • neGroxoxo

    @londonlemming: i’m really agree with you. you are right. by the way the couple looks hot and great as always. i love them. i want to see them together again. can’t wait. i think Zac can’t wait too

  • pop86

    @londonlemming: agree with you 100%

  • gabby

    is like watching my robert Pattz ! arrg !! :S

  • Naima

    He looks alil bit like Jared Leto from 30seconds to Mars right?
    That was my first thought.

  • susan1

    yeah his beard is growing fast the first time i saw it not good but a couple of days i just love it .
    he look cute and matured

  • Karen

    I think part of the problem with the disappointment of Vanessa not going to any of the European premieres stem from the fact from very early on after Zac’s European schedule was announced rumors swilled from supposedly reliable sources that the fans should not be surprised if Vanessa ended up being with Zac during some of the promotions. SO, by the time the one site was reporting that Vanessa had been confirmed of being there many came to believe it. Then when she didn’t show it was disappointing.

    It wouldn’t have been all that far fetched that she might have joined him either. They could have planned a little get away in Australia before Zac started working on his new movie so it would have made sense that Vanessa might have joined him. However, since they just recently got away for a little R&R to Hawaii it became more doubtful that she would travel so far from home for just a few days. No, she is not required to be there for Zac to promote a movie but it isn’t like it is forbidden either. She was with him on his last trip to Sydney when he did the Oakley event but then again, they went on to have a little holiday afterwards. Basically, we don’t know what their plans are nor should we be entitled to that info.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is hot & he did say he will shave it cause it itches & the beard is for his movie,”The Lucky One,” & he might shave in the movie when he meets the girl or after he’s done filming.


    @ Karen i agree with want you said. When he was doing promotions, across the country in July, someone asked Zac if Vanessa was going to be at some of his premieres, and he said not this time,and he hinted. she was going to be at other promos latter.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful zac!