Bella Thorne & Roshon Fegan: 'Shake It Up' Promo!

Bella Thorne & Roshon Fegan: 'Shake It Up' Promo!

Bella Thorne and Zendaya jump high in the air in this new promo for their upcoming series, Shake It Up!

In the new series, the girls star as CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue — two best friends who land their dream job as background dancers on the most popular teen dance show “Shake It Up, Chicago!” Now, between learning the latest dance styles, navigating the backstage antics of their “frenemies,” balancing responsibilities at home and their newfound social status at school, the girls encounter plenty of comedic bumps in the road.

Roshon Fegan, Kenton Duty, Adam Irigoyen, Caroline Sunshine and Davis Cleveland also star.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Shake It Up!?

“Shake It Up!” Promo #1
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  • Eli

    Oh My

  • taylynn

    Hey these guys you will see Shake it Up too! Go Disney! Cool show.

  • mike

    I’m excited 2 shake it up!

  • ampitupTrip!

    check it the dancing seems legit! The girls are pretty cute espec the redhead (; isnt the african american dude from cr2?/??/// hes funny idk the rest of the jokers are but this looks pretty coooooooooooooooool!

  • Bri

    I am soooooo excited for Shake It Up! I’ve been anticipating this show
    since Sunday, May 23, 2010! I’m Bella Thorne’s #1 fan forever and ever!!!

  • Sereena

    ok im sorry but these too girls are just another pair of girls that have been adopted by disney. Like all the disney stars, they end up dissapointing fans by taking photos nude, in underwear etc. these two girl look like by the time they reach 16 they are going to think they are the shi* and start acting like miley cyrus, and vanessa hudgens. I know allot of people arent going to like this message but its true. Disney starts especially when they turn sixteen think they are ready to grow up and act like a 23 year old stripper. sorry but its true.

  • AmY

    how old are these girls??

  • Zoey

    Good job girls you did a fantastic job and you 2 qirlz dance awsome…. Your fan Zoey :D

  • plotso

    the shows pretty retarted but good at the same time

  • Lil_Amy21

    I LOVE Shake it up! Lol it is so cool! I aspecialy like bella. She’s cool

  • Shake it up protector 3

    @Sereena: well that is rude to say. How old r u? 23

  • LIl_amy

    Hi lol

  • abby

    Its a pointless show, and not really funny…But i still lov Rocky and Cece (Zendaya and Bella) and their sense of style and their uniqueness!