Joe Jonas: 90210's Newest Star!

Joe Jonas: 90210's Newest Star!

Joe Jonas will play himself in a November episode of 90210!

The 21-year-old Jonas Brother will be “Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) date to a magazine cover party (she’s the one on the cover). Natch, he’ll give the wannabe pop star some good advice on being in the music biz.”

A few months ago, Joe guest-starred on the TV Land series Hot in Cleveland.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Joe on the small screen again??

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Credit: Johnny Louis; Photos: WENN
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  • amy

    i don’t think Joe is the best actor, but nice to see him trying new things!

  • Sarah

    Uh…yeah! I’m ALWAYS excited to see Joe Jonas! <3

  • cheryl

    Oh lord, why ruin the show even more ?

  • justme

    Awesome! :D

  • Emma

    totally awesome

  • SB


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  • jess

    can’t wait to see him in this!

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    luv joe 2 death, my fav jonas bros but hes da worst actor out of da jonas bros. that doesnt mean i wont watch him. happy hes pursuin other things….

  • nathalia

    I’m ALWAYS excited to see Joe

  • m

    Joe can’t act….

  • Eliisa

    OMG . This is SOOOOO AWESOME !!! yeah , can’t wait to see him in 90210 <33

  • Ceecile

    Joe stop embarrassing yourself. Just like Selena needs to stop singing, you need to realize that this acting thing will never happen.

  • Jonaslove

    I love 90210!!! And I adore Joe!!! So perfect match!
    I love how he is doing different stuff, I’ll always support him

  • nooo!

    Nooooo! I thought adriana is going out with navid? What happened?:( that bloody sucks:/ damn joe jonas! :P

  • Mel

    I absolutely love 90210 and the Jonas Brothers so at first I was excited but now this had raised alot of questions for me. Ade’s date, what about Navid?

  • kay

    he is amazing singer :) & is a good actor :D
    i love him i cant wait for see him

  • Sophie

    Give him a chance people! We don’t know how he’ll be yet, judge him after he’s been on?

  • Effronpower

    she’s pretty, joe loves pretty girls !

  • Natalie

    I can’t wait to see Joe on 90210! He was SO awesome on Hot in Cleveland!

  • n

    WOW … good luck joeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Thumper

    Please stay away from my shows Joe. I’m tired of Jonas Brothers everywhere.

  • looool!

    Lol I havn’t ever seen joe act properly before…. should be a laugh :P

  • http://itsallisson allisson


  • jess

    @looool!: you probably never saw him on Hot In Cleveland! you should.

  • Daniela

    Love Joe!

  • marimadness

    OK. To all you pessimistic haters that commented or R going to comment negative things…SHUUUUTTTT UUUPPP. U dont like it? Ignore it! U Hate it? Dont comment and just walk away dont feed ur time into hating someone u dnt know! And dont bring selena gomez in here wen NOTHING is stated about her or ANYBODY BUT THE PPL TALKED ABOUT IN THE ARTICLEE! Joe’s gonna act whether you like it or not. Actors (even boi banders) get better with time as they act. Joes learning at all these acting experiences hes gonna get better. So shush and go along for the ride or jump off and ignore him. Give him a friggin chance ppl! And same with selena @ceecile shes gonna do it whether u like it or not. Some ppl enjoy it some ppl dont but they arent gonna stop just cuz a few ppl dnt lyk them So if u got a problem or nothin NICE to say dont comment nd move on Sheesh. U guys act like they care that u like them. THEY DONT So while some of u bash nd be unhappy all theyre gona do is keep enjoyin happiness nd count money theyre earnin. So.

  • menna

    and then he’ll date a cast member from that show!! YAY!!

    he’s not even an actor…

  • Thumper

    It’s called an opinion. Just because Joe is famous and a lot of girls like him doesn’t mean every girls have to like him.

  • joeforeva

    OMFG! i love him soooo much u have no adea how much i love him but i dont think he can act and selena cant sing poor her lol

  • joeforeva

    i love soooo much but i think hes a player but i dont care i love him to death!

  • thatlautnergirl

    i bet he’s going to break up with ashley greene to move on to jessica.
    typical joe.

  • Ella

    Super nice!! Joe is living his dream on tv series. Good luck my Boo! :))

  • michelle

    @Thumper: you can think what you want but he’s not going to stop doing what he does because people don’t like him. and i don’t blame him , why should he.

  • Sia

    Stop being a hater. AND you think she looks better then Ashley Greene ? HELL NO SHE’S NOT BETTER LOOKING. All you Ashley Greene haters are immature and stop delusional. ASHLEY GREENE IS BEAUTIFUL AND YOU know it !

  • Sia

    She’s not better then Ashley Greene so stop being ridiculous and making up crap on here.

  • Sia


    If your going on pictures. That girl has nothing on Ashley Greene.

  • SB

    Its called opinion, and if you don’t like opinion, then, GET OFF SITES LIKE THIS. You have to respect others opinion and not call them IMMATURE! and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks she is better looking than Ashley Greene. By the way, I was front row at a Jonas Concert and sat next to Ashely Greene and Danielle Jonas and Ashley is not that great looking in person. Again, before you slam my opinion, THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE hateful notes on this site.
    As @marimadness says, “its an opinion”

  • SB


    Don’t u hate people that take comments so seriously?
    Read it and move on is what I say. Nice comments!

  • lilysoocute

    its funny when say Joe can’t act have you seen 90210 none the people on this show can act

  • michelle

    people pledase

  • michelle

    leave her alone

  • haley

    Joe is so much hotter than Navid

  • cluck

    He needs to move on to more adult things so this is good.

  • andre

    sorry guys but lets be honest.. he was invited to the show just for publucity cuzz he suck at acting….I dont know if he can act in this case but in Jonas LA his performance leaves a lot to be desired… just my opinion!!!

  • joejonaslover

    @haley agreed
    joe is much hotter thn navid…nd im glad for him
    he has improved ALOT in actin..jst see him in hot in cleveland…nd to mention he is HOT
    @thumper oh sht up
    joe rocks!! nd i luv him to da core!

  • Jennifer

    @cheryl: I AGREE :° no im not excited :( i love 90210 (L)