Win a Chance to See Victoria Justice at Goom Radio!

Win a Chance to See Victoria Justice at Goom Radio!

Victoria Justice is headed to chat with one of our favorite DJs — Zach Sang!

Not only is JJJ excited about her interview on Wednesday, September 22nd, but we’re teaming up with Goom Radio to get FIVE LUCKY READERS a chance to sit on the interview!

HOW IT WORKS: Comment here with a reason why you should get to sit in and the first five with the most creative answers will win!

JJJ Notes: One winner per answer. No friends permitted with the winner at the station. Transportation is not provided, so you must be able to get there by your own means.


Also, check out this new video from Victoria promoting Girl Up!

Victoria Justice – Girl Up!
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  • Bryan Towers

    The reason I should be picked to sit in studio for Victoria’s interview on Zach Sang’s show is because I’m seriously one of the biggest Victoria Justice fans out there and I’ve been a fan since the beginning of her career. It would be such a dream come true to win this. I also listen to Zach’s show on a regular basis and it would be awesome to experience the show from inside the studio.

  • logan

    i deserve to get a pass because victoria is the AWESOMEST person on nick i love her!!!!!! im Her BIGGEST FAN! i watch every episode of victorious and read her every tweet

  • Jess

    hi. i would like to be at the interview with victoria justice because shes a very talented person and i would like to see what it feels like to be next to a famous tv actress. i watch her show victorious and i used to always watch zoey 101 and she was my favorite on there. i know this isnt a very persuading comment but.. i would be thrilled to join in. [:

  • http://@Lexieslavin Lexie Slavin

    i have been to the goom studios before because i won one of their contests on air before! i absolutely love victorious (it is my favorite show) and i have seen each episode at least 5 times through. i think that victoria justice is so talented! it would be an honor to meet her!

  • http://Brooklynbabyx3 Brooke bonsted

    I believe I should be one of the lucky winners because this is my dream. No one wants this as bad as me.. I always wanted to get the chance to see my idol but of course it sounds easier then it really is! I’m a great teenage girl who is a straight A student and would love nothing more but to help others and fix this econmy! I will do whatever it takes, thank you so much for this amazing chance.

  • Erica

    I should get to sit in on the interview because @ZachSang is spectabulicious, and because I knew about @VictoriaJustice when she was just the cover model for American Girl- before she was a superstar!

  • Travis

    I belive I should win because Victoria is someone I and many others look at to and is one of the reasons I like coming to your site

  • Jasmine

    I love Victoria Justice. I remember watching her debut on Zoey 101 when she was only a preteen. She has grown up now, beautiful, smart, as well as classy. It stills shocks me knowing that she was the same girl from Suite Life of Zack and Cody to a fresh new face on Victorious. I am really proud of her and amazed at all she has done. Beside that, I recall looking up to her from Zoey 101 wanting to look exactly like her and so if I got the opportunity to meet her, I would be so grateful. And also, who wouldn’t resist to meet a chance with sensational Victoria Justice. She is absolutely a fashion guru, humble, and quirky so I believe she will connect with her fans easily.

  • http://@Minnaad Minnaa

    If i will get a chance to sit on the interview, it will be my first time meeting/seeing an American celebrity in my life….

  • Minnaa

    If i will get a chance to sit on the interview, that would be my first time meeting/seeing an American celebrity in my life..

  • arturs

    Very nice, that you do that. : )

  • marissa

    I would love to sit in on a interview with Victoria Justice because she is one of my fashion idols, she always has the best style and her confidence is contagious. It would be amazing to see that confidence in person. She seems like such a genuine person, and I have been a fan of the girl since she was on zoey 101! I just moved to Southern California from a small town in Maryland so this would be an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I love Just Jared too, its such a good source for the latest information. Please give me a chance! :)

  • Lisaura

    I would lo ve to come into Goom Radio and interview Victoria Justice! I love listening to Zach and Shelley everyday. They are really cool people and they sound fun to hang with in the studio. Zach Sang & The Student
    Body is fun to listen to maily because we get to weigh in on all the topics and we get to chose them too, plus they let us talk to our fave stars when ever their on the phone or in the studio. Victoria sounds like a really outgoing girl and it would be awesome getting to interview her right on Zach’s show! She’s an amazing singer and actor and she sounds really eassy going. Thank you guys and Zach for giving us the opertunity to make this happen and giving us fans the chance to interview one of our favorite stars. Y’all are some pretty awesome people and you guys rock!(:

  • Jeremy Carden

    Basically, I would consider it an honor to meet one of the most influential rising stars of today’s time. There are very few shows on television today that have a positive message. I believe that Victoria’s role in Victorious teaches the viewers to follow their dreams no matter what. Even where there are people that do not believe in you or it seems like there is no hope, it is important to do what you have always desired to do. I really think that it will be a great privilege to meet someone that is so talented, down to earth and humble as Victoria. This will be my first time meeting a celebrity, so I figure that it should be someone that I not only admire as a star, but someone that is having a positive effect on the media today. So, I hope that I will be chosen to come and sit in on the interview.

  • Jack Keller

    I want to sit in with Victoria because my dream is to ride an ostrich with Victoria justice

  • Joseph

    I feel I should be selected because I truely feel a connection with Victoria. Even though we haven’t met I can feel how genuine her heart is through my heart. Anything Victoria tries she does outstanding and I truely am inspired by her and her song “Make It Shine” motivates me to finish any process I start. I am truely honored to be her friend on myspace and facebook, and It would be such an honor to meet her because she truely has brought out the best in me and her genuine heart and soul will always be in my mind. She has everything a perfect girl needs and she has taken a huge impact on my life, and I feel even if I’m not selected, just me wishing her the best and keeping her in my heart is all I need to feel her genuine heart.

  • andrew

    I believe i should be able to go meet Victoria justice! because i love her tv show victorious! and i think she is really beautiful and a very talented person! it would be a dream come true for me to be able to go and meet her! or just say hi to her! She is one of my favorite actresses right now! it would just be an incredible experience just to meet her! She is like the coolest person on earth! and just one chance/ or time just to meet her and speak to her! would be the happiest day of my life!! thank your for the chance to meet Victoria Justice! If I don’t get it! atleast i tried! and maybe one day i’ll get to meet her!

  • michael

    I am the father of a 7 year old boy with special needs. He doesn’t play sports like the other children. He loves the show Victorious. He lights up whenever she is on the screen, His birthday just passed and he had it in his head that Victoria was coming to sing for him. He kept telling me I had to build a stage. Just think how your life might have turned out if you had met your 1st crush!!!!

  • Maryrose

    i believe i should win because i’m a huge fan of victoria justice! i ‘ve loved her ever since Zoey 101. and i always wanted to be an actress so her character was my favorite. shes so amazing and pretty and her show Victorious inspires me to follow my dreams just like the theme song. i know i’m not that creative but what i say is coming from my heart so i hope you’ll choose me and make my dreams come true<3

  • kristy

    Victoria has been a role model for me for years. From watching her on The Suite Life…and now her own TV show she has made me realize how hard work and passion can get you far in life, and within time you can make your dreams come true. She is an amazing person and will get farther in life as the years progress. Whether or not I get chosen i really hope she reads this!

  • Marissa

    I think i should win because VicTORIous is my favorite TV show and this is a one in a life time chance to meet my idol Victoria Justice! She is an awesome actress and she inspires me. And if it wasn’t for her I would have never have interest in music or acting. Its been my dream to meet someone famous like Victoria Justice and her voice is so beautiful. And just to talk to her will be a dream come true! So i hope i get picked so my dreams will come true :D

  • Roy turnwall


  • samantha

    I think I should win because Im a very, very, very big fan of Victoria Justice since Zoey 101. I think she is one of the best people in the world, she is grate actress, singer, a very cool persone, I mean she gets along with evrybody. Well it will be a honor to have the chance to know her.

  • Justin

    On the real I should win cause if yall looking through these comments and realize wow, I don’t know why but for some reason im compelled to choose him as one of the lucky winners. I wouldn’t blame you in fact NY being where its at makes it even better cause im in that New York State of Mind. So it would be pretty cool if I got picked. =)

  • Tabitha

    Basically, I would be an honor to meet one of the rising stars of our generation. I think it would be an honor to win a chance to meet a celebrity, expecially Victoria Justice ! If I am chosen to meet Victoria, she will be the first celebrity I have ever met, Victoria is really a person to look up to. She has a positive effect on the media today.Victorious is a really inspiring show, because it has a meaning behind it. I think it means if you have a dream, just follow it and it may come true. It will be a privilege to meet someone that is so talented. I really hope that I have the privilege to meet Victoria Justice, and sit in on her interview.

  • Bracha

    I should win because i am a huge fan. I have been a fan of her since she was on the suite life of zack and cody guest starring as Rebecca. I also have the dream of being famous one day and i would like to see what it feels to sit at an interview with a celebrity who is being interviewed. She is my inspiration. She too, started out as a small town girl and worked her way up to hollywood, california from hollywood, florida. Her song make it shine made me realize that i can do anything if i set my mind to it. She is my favorite actress. I am the oldest child with a brother with learning disabilities and this will make it that for one day i get to do something special in which the focus will not b about him. My birthday was recently and that is the best birthday present anyone could ever give me. Make it shine is the perfect soundtrack to my life right now. I am trying to put my goal into action. My goal is to become an actress and a actor. She has the best fashion sense and she inspires me to try to be fashionable. I would really like to meet my inspiration in person. Even just sitting in the same room as her is amazing. She has been my mentor for a long time. She is a genuinely nice person and she has experienced a lot of change through out her life. I, too moved to los angeles from a small town place in illinios. Plz let me win… It would mean the world to me. Whenever i acted out a zoey1o1 monologue it was always her part i would choose. PLZZZ let me sit in on the meeting. I appreciate your consideration.
    ~her biggest fan

  • Angela

    I believe I should be a lucky winner because i’ve always loved acting & watching Victoria makes me want to chance after my dream. She’s soo beautiful & talented & i’ve never really won anything before. I also never met a celeb before. I live in New York so it’ll be easy for me to get there. I really hope i win.
    peaaaace dudes (:

  • Lillian

    I think I should meet Victoria because I am a huge fan of hers. I love her show Victorious, and she’s an amazing artist. I love her sense of style/ fasion style. Everything she wears looks amazing on her. I love her voice, and to be honest she’s one of the few people who actually can act on disney and nickeloadeon. I also think that I should meet her because she’s such and amazing and sweet person. My dreams will deffinitely come true!

  • Destiny

    I think i should win because victoria is my idol. Shes an amazing singer and actress. She means alot to me. Ive been a proud fan ever since Zoey 101 and if anyone says anything offensive about her i feel horrable. Shes very talented and amazing. If i won it would be a dream come true. Victoria inspires me and gives me hope that dreams do come true. If i won a chance to meet her id be the happiest person on this planet! Shes amazing and a great person who is involved in great causes! Victoria is just.. Victorious shes a strong person who isnt affraid to show herself to the world(: she reminds me of myself (:. I think we would get along just fine (:.. Victoria is so beautiful and she doesnt even judge on looks. If i won i would ask Victoria for some advice aswell on how to become a singer and how to face the world when worse comes to worse. Victoria is amazing and i hope i win! If i win it will prove to me that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!
    Thanks everyone for reading i really hope i win!!

    - Destiny aka Victorias Fan Now Till Forever!

  • andrew holland

    My name is andrew and i want to win so bad i mean its like that commercial what would u do for a klodike bar. Well i would jump off a skyscraper to meet her, and im talkin empire state building size. i want to meet her because she is such a big inspirattion she was awsome in zoey 101, and even better in victorious, and if thats not enough she’s a great singer and the most beautiful girl ive every seen. shes just basicly a great woman that i would love to meet p.s please pick and me me shine.

  • Dillan

    Victoria Justice has been inspirational for me. I remain as optomistic as I can but along the way I have run in to many obstacles towards accomplishing my dreams. Everytime I watch her show she uplifts my spirts and replenishes my mind with positive thoughts and I continue to remain strong and hope one day I can accomplish as much goals as she has. I would love to meet her as I have many questions. I would be very appreciative and could learn so much from her. I would love to be picked but even if I am not I will keep my chin help high and never look down. She rocks!

  • Brandon starks

    I think i should win because i want to meet Victoria Justice because I want to meet her one last time before god comes and takes us all to heaven. I want her to start going to church too. It would mean a lot if you picked me. I want her to be in heaven forever with all the rest of her fans.

  • Megan

    Hi, my name’s Megan & I should win because I am a REALLY huge fan of Victoria!!! I’ve watched her on Zoey 101, Spectacular!, & Victorious! I even remember when she guest starred on Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She is one of my favorite actress/singers. She is SUCH an insperation & I’d LOVE to meet her!!!! I really hope my dream comes true!!!!! ♥

  • Courtney

    I think I should be chosen because I realize how great Victoria is as an actress,singer, and dancer. Triple Threat, at that, just like I want to be. To meet her would be surreal. Victoria is a VERY unique person and at her age, she is most definitely one of the most talented and hard working actresses for all young hollywood stars. I can’t wait until she gets more noticed because she derserves more publicity with her talent. If I met her, that would just be like I said, surreal. To meet someone that down to earth and someone with that awesome personality……it’d be great :) I really hope I’ll be considered.

  • cHRIS

    Ever since Zoey 101 I have thought Victoria was a babe. She’s extremely cute, is a great actress, and she is really funny. I always thought it would be awesome to meet her. And come on, I’m not that bad lookin of a guy. haha… anyway, not expecting to win, but good luck with everything in life Victoria, keep doin what you do ;)

  • Alexa QUinn

    1. Me & Zach sang are best buds. He threw a tee shirt in my face once- yeah, he loves me.
    2. It would be an honor to be in the same room with someone as talented as victoria justice! I have been a fan since the legendary Zoey 101 & now victorious is one of my favorite shows! I look up to victoria because she was so much going for her & is so grounded. It would make my life to meet her! :D

  • Mathew

    my friend once stepped on a two inch nail about 7 years ago and you know what happened? that day became a memory. if i win it’ll only not become a memory of mine but i will try my best for it to become a memory for her to remember.

  • http://@irynahrubiy iryna Hrubiy

    i should meet victoria justice cause a lot of people say i look like her so, yknow, we could be twinsies and whatnot.. oh and i love acting and making movies so uhh i guess itd be like, pretty cool to meet a famous awesome actress.
    or like, whatever.

  • http://Dancergirl4evr Ashley

    My name is Ashley and I believe I should win to see Victoria because I am a big fan and she is a very big influence to me. One day I want to be a performer and she influences me to keep trying and to never give up. Victoria is an amazing actor and I would love to have a chance to understand how it is to be a performer so that one day if i ever become one i will know. Victoria helps everyone gain confidence to follow their dreams and never give up on what they believe in. (:
    <33 Ashley

  • http://@bhom095 brennan hom

    OMG I LOVE VICTORIA JUSTICE. Everyone in my school calls me a fag for being so obsessed with her, HAHA (but they obviously are joking). I already missed 2 days of school this year just cause I wanted to watch my 2 favorite episodes of Victorious. I will guarantee anyone that they are not a bigger fan of Victoria Justice than me. Ughh, only if I can meet her in real life, my life would be complete. By the way, I really think she’s the prettiest girl in the world, SERIOUSLY…I mean who else in the world is prettier than that cute little angel?

    Much love for Victoria Justice

  • Emmabele

    i believe that i deserve to meet her, its been my dream ever since she was on zoey 101. i always believed that she would be one of the first people i could look up too. and she was. shes my inspiration and i just know that shes better than what people say she is. i pray that i get this because it would mean so much to me. its my dream and my passion to meet a celebrity like her. shes amazing. and i love her to death.

  • Evan santiago

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that I deserve to sit in, but I definitely think that it would be a great time. Victoria is amazingly talented, and even though I sound like another million people, I am a big fan. Because I don’t believe I’ll be chosen (considering the fact that there are millions of people tossing in answers as I’m writing this sentence in parenthesis), I just wanted to say that I have no skills, I am completely NOT talented, and I have no chance of meeting anybody famous in my life. I am boooooorrriing.

    … Wink. ;)

  • Brandon

    I want the chance to interview because I’m looking for a wife….hey you said creative :) But in all seriousness, I’d just like to get a chance to talk to an actress my age because I’m interested in the buisness side of Hollywood and all that goes on….. plus i’m looking for a wife

  • jennifer

    I think I should get to meet Victoria justice because #1 mustaches rule :{D #2 I love love loveeee the show victorious #3 it would be like a dream come true and #4 because i know i want to meet her and pshh I just know she wants to meet me, I mean come on I am a very hyper happy person, who WOULDN’T want to meet me? hahahaha I hope this was the creative direction you were looking for, Thanks for reading this and hopefully I will get chosen! :{D <3

  • bianca

    i think that i should be able to win because i am the #1 fan of victoria justice. she is really beautiful and shes my idol. ive been a fan of her since she was on the suite life of zack and cody. i love watching victorious it is my favorite show ever ! if they had never made it i dont know what i would do. she is such an inspiration to me and people all over the world. Just Jared is so cool ! its a perfect way to keep up with everything ! ive always wanted the chance to meet a famous person and if i win this i will be the happiest person in the whole entire world. ive wanted to be an actor since i saw her on suite life and even more when she was on zoey 101 and 100% when she started her own show ! i will remember that date for the rest of my life. also, i will always remember that ive met my idol/inspiration <3 i would be so greatful to you guys if i met victoria justice.

  • Nupur

    I am a big fan of Victoria’s, and not only for her amazing acting and singing talents. She seems like a beautiful person (inside AND out), who is down to earth and has a wonderful love for life. Victoria is a great role model for me and other kids all over the world! I would LOVE to have the chance to meet the bright, happy, and talented Victoria Justice!!

  • Matt

    I think I should get to see Victoria Justice in her interview because she is my role model, you could say. I always watch every show shes on (Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, etc.) and I am one of her biggest fans. I would love to meet her and hope I win !

  • Lance Afromowitz

    I honestly do not have a good reason for me to be at the interview, other than the fact that she is my role model, and she is so pretty, and talented. But I know that is not a good enough reason, so I will not be mad when I do not win.

  • kaylin

    Because she likes mustaches and i have one, i just wax it…a lot.

  • Pedrito rodriguez

    i would lov 2 win because Victoria Justice is amazing she is sooo beutiful & a talented actress also a good person meeting her would be the best things for me my dream is 2 always meet her she is my secret crush for a long time i would lov 2 now her as a person & why she is so great as well help the poor with anything they need i would lov 2 help i hope i win meeting her would be amazing pleaseee i hope i win please & thank you

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