Jasmine V: Justin Bieber's 'Baby'?

Jasmine V: Justin Bieber's 'Baby'?

Justin Bieber keeps his head turned away as he heads through the security line at JFK Airport in NYC on Tuesday morning (September 21).

The 16-year-old musician, who is currently on tour with Jasmine V, was spotting sharing a few kisses with her!

According to TMZ, the two were spotted having a smooch session in the backseat of a silver Honda in California recently. Check out photos at J-14.com!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Justin and Jasmine V coupling up — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/KCA2010, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • http://www.twitter.com/itsmaec m

    omg omg omg NO ONE CARES



  • Lu

    @m: hahaha right.

  • joan

    I think they look cute together. His hormones are raging right now what do do people expect. LMAO

  • amy

    @m: Lol so true!

  • Brenna

    I couldn’t care less…



  • Deena

    :( lmao

  • Inna

    LMAO i love how no one cares.
    but hey, at least she’s not blonde.

    both are mediocre singers/performers, industry garbage. so whatever.

  • chakyun

    They are always together in concerts, so what people can expect.! They are just both experimenting and wanting to gather experiences to their credits. It´s a trend. Once they meet another people more often, they will switch partners rightaway. It´s temporary girls, calm down!

  • http://none kendra j bethune

    justin bieber going with jasmine vasmine now i saw yesterday on twist magazine .com i was watching king of anything before i saw the justin bieber news that’s good i have a pearl braclet and i heart nick for nick jonas

  • http://Donthaveone Brittany


  • celine


  • Jessica


  • haley

    nay! I’m sure she’s just a booty call.

  • jamie

    omg, give me a break, he is NOT dating her. He’s single, he knows that when he gets his first gf his fans are going to go crazy and he’s going to lose major popularity! Look what happened Britney spears and jT back in the day! DUH! JB is single! This is only for promotion for that jasmine chick!

  • sarah

    Is his 15 min fame over yet? His voice cracking, lip-syncing, inability to carry a note… All says about today’s tweens’ musical IQ. I watched the commercial, Proactive. It was so funny this 8 year old looking boy was talking about his skin. LMFAO.

  • me.

    lmfao did you guys see the comments from his fans? there’s one that cracked me up. i know they’re obsessed with him, but saying that justin betrayed his fans and not loving them (just because he’s spotted kissing jasmine) is ridiculous.

  • http://facebook alessandra


  • sam

    i really dont know wat to say ….i liked justin bieber very much !!!!! ….but now he is wit jasmine :( .but tats not his fault ..even he is a teenage boy….he has his stuff goin on …..so …all i can do is just sit and watch …but i was really devasted to see this news . then did he lie all the time in the interviews ????? where he said he doesnt have any gf ????

  • assmaa


  • karissa

    i dont care who he dates but., her shes SOOO UGLYY and her teeth are so yellow GROSS,… X(

  • karissa

    Shes ugly has yellow teeth gross

  • http://website raynee

    oh hell i do not agree wif him and HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hmp…………. o well

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    #19 Haha

  • http://Bfhdhvh H

    @chakyun: @assmaa:

    I agree

  • cherrie nessa 4 ever

    what justin beiber baby was jasmineV. no way
    the all of youre fans will be sad like me:(

  • http://twitter.com/ingridsheena saywhat


  • armyofkitties

    i dont know about u guys but i dont give a damn about lesbians.

  • disneyfan95

    not NAY
    not YAY
    how about GAY


    COULDN’T CARE LESS anyway good luck jasmine and justin love yous (as friends)

  • Gabrilelle


    Haha thatw as really funny!

  • http://twitter destiny rodriguez

    wow they would make a good couple and i will be happy 4 him so yay

  • aakash

    they were looking out the window if you look at the photos correctly…clearly Justin doesn’t want a girlfriend, let him come out in his own time, see how you react then!

  • http://twitter.com/justinsecobkn Ashley

    :O la odioooo

  • http://facebook Natalie

    It does not really matter Justin bieber is hot no madder what LOL

  • Rachel

    and I don’t even care about Justin that much but she is UGLY!

  • anibobonita


  • http://babyohblue xxxohblueohblue

    Yay! Stay away from Selena Gomez!!

  • melanie

    ew why would he want to date her no body even knows who she is i know he can do better like selena gomez or dakota fannings!

  • livlafluv

    awwww poor Jasmine she has to hear his voice cracks all day lol xD

  • livlafluv

    @armyofkitties: haha me 2

  • livlafluv

    @armyofkitties: haha me 2

  • http://thebiebzlwazi mrs bieber

    wat da hell!!!I swear 2 … When I see u jas.v i will kill u!!ur such a bitch!!!

  • crazy crazy

    UGH i think he should date her…. he cant stay single all his life yall stop hating on that girl she is pertty and they look good together if his fans LOVE him as they say thay do then they would let him be happy….EVERBODY NEED SOMEONE TO LOVE & SOMEONE TO LOVE THEM BACK… yay!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ninjaCaos Raina

    I think people should JUST LEAVE THEM ALONEEEEE!!!!!
    Gah I mean there teenagers who have raging hormones and
    at times cant controle them!!!
    ALL teenagers go through it! They just cant exspress it in the ways we can!! Their famous….. and if that means they need to kiss each other every once in a while so be it!!!! Crap happens!!
    ANd not only that but the last time I checked it was a free country
    they can date ANYONE they want!! GET OVER IT!!!!
    And too all the girls that hate on Jasmine V I feel REALLY REALLY
    bad for you because it shows how much self esteem you have!!!
    Obviously its really low becasue you have to be mean to other people!

  • http://facebook kaychelpaule

    ..deir luk cute 2geder ..love it….

  • http://www.twitter.com/DestiniBabbie Millie+Destini

    :O You guys chat so much BULLLLSH*TT!
    He Fancies us two AND only us two. So Please. All of you Get a F*CKING LIFE AND GO HOME. ALSO SUCK YOUR MUMMY :)
    Stop wasting your time hating on others fammmmm dog. (Y)


  • http://lovejustinbieber kiran

    i just love justin beiber and how he sings. i am obsessed with his singing.

  • jb101

    This does piss me off, but they are celebrity’s and everybody know it wont last. They would have to be like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and we all know he is just 16 and that wont happen. For the mean time, he has not said that they are going out, so dont freak out girls.

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