Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: LAX Landing

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: LAX Landing

Miley Cyrus keeps close behind on-and-off flame Liam Hemsworth as they arrive back at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (September 21).

The twosome look to be coming back from a quick weekend getaway. We wonder where they went!

Miley, 17, apparently had a little accident earlier this month while driving her SUV. According to the SF Gate, Miley apparently ran into the back of a parked car and then sped off.

Eek! We hope it isn’t true!

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  • itsmeagain

    YAY MIAM! They both look gr8

  • lifesgood

    Miley looks gorgeous:) & Liam is so sexyyy

  • umm

    adorable <3

  • kass

    miley look soooooooooo beautiful!!!! i dont like mian but is miles is happy u know …im happy for her…u go cyrus!!!

  • me

    Boo! give me Niley Niley Niley and there goes the fishface she always has with him, she’s different with him, not for the better, oh come back sweet happy friendly Miley that we know and love, I saw a glimpse of you on Nick’s bday pics

  • Gossip Girl

    Niley stans to the left! This is what REAL LOVE looks like!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @me: as Miley Stewart once said: BUILD A BRIDGE, and GET OVER IT

  • Mika

    I wonder how long it takes her to put on those shoes .. lots of laces.

  • k

    i want …. miley tour…!!!!


    im glad they are back but as soon as they broke up it was like liam who?? not one photo of him but as soon as they get back together its like ohhh ok thats liam hemsworth!

  • rachel

    I don’t like Liam … Miley looks cute and not happy

  • ashytisdalefan

    @rachel agree.

  • HER purse!!!

    WHERE IS HER PURSE FROM??? i love it!

  • fan :)

    She was in Tennessee :) xx

  • I KNOW

    she took liam back to her hometown franklin in nashville

  • natalie(mileys biggest fan

    @k: so do i i want her 2 tour australia
    anyway miley looks lovley and liam so dam hot!!

  • natalie(mileys biggest fan

    @rachel: well i agree 4 miley not lookin happy cause i think its the paps and caue the other week she got really angry at them

  • Lawrence

    Love Liam!, Miley sucks!.

  • Monkey Trainer

    All you “YAY Miam” people are ridiculous. So you approve of Miley dating a cheater? I cannot stand this couple. Making out in the front seat of a car? Really Miley? Way to show respect for yourself. Not. It seems the older Miley gets the more immature she acts. Stages of a career fading away.

  • HIH

    They have similar sunglases…

  • Katie

    Hey everyone, i was just watching the ‘everything’ video and she said she had just come back from Tennessee – so thats where they went im assuming.

    Oh and i love this couple becasue im australian and i remember when he was on a kids show i used to watch and one of our soap operas and he has really come along way :)

  • nela

    Liam is so cute.. They’re adorable! :)

  • blahblahblah

    Cute Love Her :)

  • amy
  • TropicalBarbie

    Her shoes are really cute and Liam’s hot. :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Monkey Trainer: Look u effin Niley freak. it was never confirmed that Liam cheated on Miley! Get that tru ur effin SKULL OKAY. I’m pretty sure Miley would have ditched him along time ago if he really did cheat on him. GET IT TRU UR HEAD!

    LOL! The funny part if- If Nick Jonas had cheated on Miley, I am pretty sure u’d guys still believe that HE’S A PERFECT LIL ANGEL

  • itsmeagain

    that same day Niley stans were making up rumors on Twitter saying she was at the JONAS concert that nite when clearly she wasn’t. Ugh, Those guys do nothing but make up lies on people and they really give Miley fans a bad name

  • amy

    Sorry, but Miley is happy – she is just not happy with the paparazzi. If you saw the video of them in the airport. Miley was holding onto Liam’s shoulders until she saw the paparazzi & then she & Liam were all business as they were escorted to their waiting vehicle & Liam is a gentleman & Miley entered the car first. Good for Liam, he seems protective of Miley & that is a good thing.
    I was not sure before, but I think they are good together & I hope this relationship works out for them. I am now team miam (always team Miley).

  • Mark

    “Eek! We hope it isn’t true!”. Don’t worry JJJ – It wasn’t true.

    Like the rumour started about Miley Cyrus being stopped by the Police for talking on the phone – not true either. Although this was more serious because JJ claimed there was a police report on the incident, and there actually is – they were investigating a photog for dangerous driving.

  • Larissa

    Enough with that ‘Niley, I want Niley’ already. She is with Liam, accept it!

  • Anon

    Hey Larissa, blow it in your cakehole, you suck. You suck on mr.winky.

  • Kristen

    i have to admit, she does have awesome legs and a great looking boyfriend.

  • a

    They went to Tennessee. They live near me and I heard several reports of them about town, including getting dinner at Chili’s.

  • cassy

    miley reminds me of an old white trash woman..

    their matching glasses are laughable

  • zam

    oh i hate liam!!i love miley!

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