Zac Efron: Vanessa Is Coming Around to the Beard

Zac Efron: Vanessa Is Coming Around to the Beard

Zac Efron snaps a pic with Aussie radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O at the 2Day FM studios in Sydney on Tuesday morning (September 21).

The 22-year-old actor opened up about singing with Good Charlotte, filming love scenes and what girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens thinks about his new beard. Check it:

On filming romantic scenes: “To be honest with you I really enjoy love scenes, it’s not hard, by then you’ve inevitably got a good relationship with the actress you’re working with… that was the case with Amanda [Crew], we really just saw where it took us… it was pleasurable for me. That was a weird choice of words (laughs).”

On what Vanessa thinks of his new beard: “She goes in stages, early on when it was just coming in, they’re itchy, they’re super prickly so she wasn’t a fan at the beginning, now it’s really soft, she’d coming around.”

In answer to Good Charlotte, on what he would call his own band: “Mine would be like ‘The American Ninjas.’ If you talk to Good Charlotte, tell them yeah dude I’ll sing folk songs with them.”

Stay tuned to JJJ to hear what Amanda told us about that love scene too!

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  • amy

    aww <3

  • Christy

    Aww, that’s nice of Vanessa…It’s nice to see that V is starting to like his new beard…

  • Yolanda

    I <3 Jackie O

  • m

    he’s obsessed with ninjas lol

  • Karen

    It would be nice if there was a link to this interview so EVERYONE could read it first hand. That way before people start to find fault with anything then they would know EXACTLY what Zac said and HOW he said it. It was a nice interview.

  • megan


  • Lawl

    did he just say that?! O_O

  • Soni

    Well yes I would like a link to the interview, because right now I don’t like his choice of words when he said the love scene with Amanda Crew was pleasuable., as I am sure Vanessa does not like that statement either. So yes, as soon as possble please some one put the link to the interview.

  • mike

    hes so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :*
  • http://none judy

    yea agree
    he always talk about amanda
    i think he love her
    i feel sorry for vanessa

  • erika

    I think people do not know what else to say now if zac says something nice about some of his co star that means this love, please and it is time to grow up and stop misinterpreting everything zac says.

  • lauren lipkin

    wow. all of you fans need to chill the hell out, him and vanessa r friends. i’m, pretty sure he’s commintd and all that with vanessa.

    theres a another part of the interview some where they he talks bout the ring.

    so all of you need to shut the fuck up.

  • lauren lipkin

    @ ericka
    thank you for that, most of this fans are bout the age of 15 years old.

  • http://none judy

    i don’t like his choice of words when he said the love scene with Amanda Crew was pleasuable
    he is really bad boy why he says this word
    he not care for the feelings of his girl friend why zac
    that boy not the boy that i know him or love him
    just like akid do sexy and woooooooooooow

  • ehryle

    @ judy if he always talk about amanda just bcoz she is her co-star.. get it!!!

    Zac is totally awesome :)

  • lauren lipkin

    shut the hell up
    your obvisously a teen who is confused and your annoying.

  • http://none judy

    Has become very arrogant
    Does not care about his girl friend as it was before
    Always talking about things that hurt her feelings
    I hope vanessa looking for someone who loved and Aegerhaa
    not like this every movie he will say that thing about sex
    and vaneesa please go and find someone care about u

  • http://none judy

    i love zac before but not anymore

  • erika

    please, if you had told zac said another star would not have mattered, but as he said if zac is bad, stop being so silly and stop believing that their comnetarios worth something, zac is not going to die if no longer judy has a fan and so dramatic, leave him alone him and his girlfriend once, do not have to ask what he has to say in an interview. ALL MATURE.

  • _Unknown_

    how can you say that he doesn’t love or care about her ? -_-
    if he didn’t love her he wouldn’t miss TCA for her performance in “Rent” and encourage her and he wouldn’t go to buy flower’s for their anniversary which most of guys forget about them and he wouldn’t make sure that she has sunscreen and water before going to that beach in Hawaii, oh and he wouldn’t hold her and keep her cap low to avoid the camera flashes when they got back from Hawaii ! there’s a lot of other things he has done for her but they are too many to count and write…
    anyway looking awesome Zac :]

  • http://none judy

    he will never ever look like brad pitt or leo dicaprio do u know why
    cause brad never hurt angleina
    and leo never hurt bar
    just like these shit word

  • erika

    judy, you have no idea what is being ridiculous, get over it better not let that annoy, these tired to everyone

  • http://none judy

    i love hin since summer land
    but these days
    he always hurt vanessa
    zac not respected vanessa
    i hope she say somthing about these word
    i feel that zac hate vanessa
    zac will break out with vanessa soon
    that he can be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • http://@josiebrooks2010 joellen

    he looks great. i watched high school musical for the 1st last night and when it showed zac i about died,hes gorgeous in it,and he sure can sing. just love him!

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is not arrogant he’s the nicest person ever!!!! And Zac will shave his beard.

  • kami


    are you graciemarie?

  • :D

    LOL he wasn’t gunna say they were a weird choice of words if they hadn’t started laughing like they were really shocked. HAH! He is sucha weirdoo :P no offense :P

  • http://none judy


  • _Unknown_

    umm ?
    it’s not like he was saying something bad or hurtful -_-
    it’s obvious that you’re not a fan of Zanessa or either of them so why are you here ?

  • http://none judy

    im biggest fan of zanessa i love both of them but ihate when zac say bad word hurt vanessa
    cause i love them so

  • londonlemming

    @judy: This interview has been taken highly out of context.

    You seem to be under the illusion Vanessa actually cares what he says in interviews? She knows how these things work, you don’t. Just Jared Jr needs to stop turning itself in to a sensationalised tabloid pile of rubbish or you will lose readers.

  • gracemarie


    No I’m gracemarie I’m really tiring of this kami – I can actually talk English. You need to stop listening to another poster’s accusations which by they made to a lot of posters.

    But it does make me wonder if you are Judi covering your tracks

  • pop86


    You come on Zac thread being over dramatic. I don’t think you read or listen to any of the interviews before you start whining about somethihg Zac said.

    There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion but I think you just post whiny comments some people can pay attention to you.

  • pita

    Zac doing his job to promote his movie not his love life.Yeah I listened the interview how many times yesterday i love what he said about Vanessa at the end of the interview.
    Zac you are perfect!!!

  • :D

    @pita what did he say at the end?

  • sophie

    zac loves vanessa very much if he didnt love her why would he still be with her five years later some people need to understand that some of the things that he say is taking out of context to make the story be exciting that all it is , he is not breaking up with vanessa and he does respect her and loves her so much and he adores her too as i have heard and seen in all the interviews he has does so people please relax and dont take everything u see or read to heart its not worth the hassle at the end of the day

  • Katty

    At least he admitted it was a weird choice of words. He really just meant he doesn’t dread it, it’s part of the role, and he likes to immerse himself on the role, therefore he kind of goes through what the character goes through.

    It’s not like V has never made out with another actor on camera. Um, Alex Pettyfer anyone? Not to mention Will from Bandslam, his off name escapes me right now. It may not have been as intense as CSC, but it is still getting physical. It’s all a part of the role. He loves acting so much he enjoys all of it, it’s nice.

  • zanessa

    judy: he does love vanessa and is fully committed to her. if he didnt they wouldnt be together for almost 5 years. so just leave them alone.

    zanessa forever

  • zanessa

    what does he say. because i did not hear anything

  • sasha

    you know..I think he is a nice guy..but sometimes the things he say makes him look like he’s not..
    i don’t hate him..i wish him all the best ,but i do believe that sometimes he disrespects his girlfriend , i mean, she never says anything that could show her like she doesn’t love him,she’s always so nice and funny and she’s careful about what she says..
    I understand what he meant by his words..but a lot of people may feel like he doesn’t care about his girlfriend..which i know he does..

    best of luck !

  • neGroxoxo

    Judy don’t worry and be sure that he loves Vanessa so much I’ve read the interview that he said he is in love and doesn’t want to be with another girls. and it’s the movie & he loves acting and it’s normal Vanessa does that too. it’s not real. if you’re the biggest fan of Zanessa don’t say this thing. vanessa doesn’t pay attention what he says. they love each other very much

  • pita

    @ Zanessa;
    About his washing clothes thats the one I’m talking about.Vanessa helping him a lots and she is very good.

  • lauren

    i think all of you need to shut the fuck up. my god all of you are annoying.

  • Miranda

    @Soni: Zac said in the interview after the pleasurable comment, he said that was a bad choice of words. i listened to the interview live

  • Amy

    la duh, obvs hes gunna speak about amanda, she is his love intrest in the movie, think of all the lovley things hes said about vanessa :’)


    people if you would hear the interview…. he said the thing about amanda crew and love scene but really not taking it at all seriously i heard the hole interview so please don’t make a big deal of it

    an: Loll he is compleatly obssessed with ninjas btw his birthday is coming soon

  • zanessa

    thx, pita

  • lynnt

    Someone posted earlier that there is an interview that Zac says that Vanessa is one of the 5 things that he can’t live without. Does anyone know anything about this? If so, can you please post a link to it? Thanks!

  • carly

    @lauren lipkin:

    what interview does he talk about the rings???

>>>>>>> staging1