Zac Efron Wants Guest Spot on Glee?

Zac Efron Wants Guest Spot on Glee?

Zac Efron carries his favorite bag with him as he arrives at Sydney International Airport in Australia on Tuesday afternoon (September 21).

The 22-year-old just recently completed international promo for his film, Charlie St. Cloud. Check out pics from the Sydney premiere!

According to online reports, Zac was overheard saying that he would possibly like to guest star on popular FOX show, Glee. “They haven’t asked me yet… I think it’d be really fun. They’re doing a great job of the show. Yeah, absolutely,” Zac shared.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Zac getting a gig on Glee - YAY or NAY?

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Red Wasp/Blue Wasp, Picture Media; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Miranda

    yayyy!!! He’s finally headed home to LA :))

  • Veronica

    i dont like Glee but with Zac i’m gonna love it!

  • beatriz


  • carly

    I think Zac would be AMAZING on Glee

  • Kati

    Zac on Glee? I would love that. I love Glee, it’s really good and with Zac it would be awesome! Hopefully this is gonna happen =)

  • Miranda

    btw Zac is wearing the ring
    its not that important, just thought id mention it :)

  • Katty

    I’m glad he is going home. He needs some time before going to film. He needs so me time and V time and relaxation time.

    Can’t wait for production photos from The Lucky One.

  • ant

    NOOO!!! nothing against him but i just think it would be good. everyone says glee is like highschool musical as it is… him on there would just further what people say

  • Ashlee

    “They haven’t asked me yet… I think it’d be really fun. They’re doing a great job of the show. Yeah, absolutely.”

    Ha. That is his pat answer to any question he’s asked about doing a show or movie. Funny.

  • Naomi

    Oh man, I would love to see Zac on Glee!

  • juliana

    Juliana, São Paulo, Brasil.
    Love Zac…

  • gleek130193

    YAY! If he guest starts on the show, he should have a character, not be himself, and definately SING. I’ve been missing his voice! So long since I heard it!




  • mishyB

    Zac Efron on Glee HELL YAY!
    That would be awesome. But please no singing unless pre-recorded. LOL I’m still a huge fan though of him as an actor!

  • Nicki

    @ant I have to agree. Him doing anything dealing with high school or musicals is not a good career move , also I think thats just a nice way to answer that guestion. Love him

  • iwillkillurkittykat


  • SarahC

    Zac Efron next to Mark Salling? Count me in! (:

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Hm.. Zachary on Glee.. Not really a fan of Glee but the show’s pretty entertaining. And Zachary is great at entertaining his fans. :) Aw.. I love his beanie !! :D

  • http://twitter GRace

    he would be amazing on glee.
    hes my husband.. (LLLLLLLLLLLL)

  • :*


  • Athena

    Actually, Glee is the eccentrical knock off of HSM. The Glee cast should be paying homage to Zac and gang. I don’t think Glee would be as popular if it weren’t for HSM.

  • lauren

    random: he wore that out like two weeks ago.

  • Erin

    yay, would love to see Zac with the cast of Glee, Great series.

  • a

    yayayayayay that would be awesome :)

  • Dunamis

    Zac on Glee would make the show more entertaining, so yay!!!!


    Glad you are home, i hope you get some needed rest, and guiet time with Vanessa, before you leave again to do your new movie, Zac did really well promoting CSC. God bless you and Vanessa always.

  • lauren lipkin

    does anyone know that if he’s actually home?

  • http://wwddsal@ Anne

    zachary!!!!! blue cross please!!!! im sittin in the music lab.


    He left Sidney yesturday afternoon, it takes 12 hours to get home, he got home late last night or early this morning.

  • sheila

    @ant: glee is no high school musical. people who think that probably have seen neither show. glee has witty, intelligent writing and it tackles some gritty topics in a way that doesn’t come off as preachy. high school musical may have opened some doors to have the television audience be open to watching a show with singing and dancing but the two shows couldn’t be more different.

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    i have to be honest i’m really not liking his beard!
    but it’s zac so i still love him loads, he’s still a cutie!

  • MYMy

    that would be AMAAZINGGGGGGGG :D

  • Kim

    Zac guest starring on Glee would be phenomenal. Glee and HSM are two competely diffferent views on the high school environment. I don’t think I saw one pregnant teenage girl walking the halls of East High LOL. And again, it would only be a guest appearance, something like that certainly wouldn’t hurt his career.

  • Nicole

    YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L-O-V-E HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessa

    that would be so cool to see him or vanessa on. my fav things all in one

  • kyle

    Well, i think he was just being polite about the guesting part for Glee. He will be busy filming The Lucky One and there are other films lined-up for him so it might be difficult for him to do it. I don’t know but i can be wrong.But if he gets the offer and can squeeze the time to do it, then so be it. It’s his choice and not ours to make.

  • maichi

    Goooo! :)

  • Melanie

    Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I would LOLVE LOVE LOVE Zac Efron to come out on GLEE!
    Please Zac!

  • http://ultraflyy23 gold baybay


    Keep on wishing. Glee is not popular because of High School Musical. Actually, from all the reviews I’ve read about the show, not one single reviewer has mentioned a similarity between the two. The only thing they have in common is them being in High School and I guess the singing part. In Glee the singing makes sense though, they’re a glee club.

  • millegleekadik

    if zac would join glee…
    he must be rachel’s childhood friend
    and finn will get jealous….

  • ***

    OMG!! YAY!!


    he is a great acteur!

  • http://happyfeet Ellie###

    I love zac

  • Ellie

    I love Zac and Glee. it would be intersting to see Zac on Glee. I can picture being related to either Mr. Schue and coming to visit him and the story builds off from there.

  • weaboo

    Get over yourselves. Zac can’t sing for shit. He should stay with his kiddy Disney shows.

  • Cassondra


  • quinn bolton

    He should have something with Quinn! They’d be soooo cute!!