Miley Cyrus: I'm Not Moving in with Anyone

Miley Cyrus: I'm Not Moving in with Anyone

Miley Cyrus gets animated as she explains to her many fans about the police situation earlier this month in a new YouTube video.

The 17-year-old actress uploaded the new vid to reach out to her fans and update them on what’s been going on in her life.

Miley was quick to shoot down rumors about moving in with anyone, saying, “I don’t even know where that came from. That’s been a rumor since I got my very first boyfriend. People have always been like, ‘Miley is living with her boyfriend.’ I live at home. I’m sitting in my mom’s shoe closet (laughs).”

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  • jenn

    rumor well said

  • Cincin_mc_fan

    I friggin love her!!!!! What celebrity who’s an A lister, takes time out of their busy schedule and makes an almost 10 minute video for their millions of fans?…………anyone?………. I know Miley friggin Cyrus that’s who! She’s the best no matter what any hater says. She craps on everybody else. They use twitter, what it takes a minute to send a tweet. She took 10 minutes, thats love and devotion to her fans. Now watch some hater come and leave a mean comment. I love Miley and always will. I’m a loyal fan, no matter what she does I will support her 150% =)……..*DEUCES

  • shawntae

    thanks miley

  • MEgamileyfan1

    Well said miley.l personally don’t take any notice,of what ppl write about miley.l always wait until l hear from miley herself.At the end of the day,lt’s nobody else’s business,but miley’s.l love to hear miley talk,l could listen to her 24/7.She is an amazing girl.l just thank god,& her parents,for giving her,the strength of character,to be able to take what ppl say & write about her,in her stride.Ur wonderful miles,peace & godbless:)XXX
    Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  • Heather

    So proud of her :) She’s amazing, everything she just said was so honest and real and she’s just a genuinely cool girl. Love her <3

  • Justzgirl


    and your absolutely right with everything you said
    rumors will always be rumors
    and haters will always be haters and there is nothing much anyone can do

    And i think Miley is freaking amazing and she does love her fans, she’s so sweet and lovely.

    Its making me sad that paparazzi make so much crap about her and judge her and start all these rumors. Its really annoying
    And it is stalking, they need to chill!


  • natalie(mileys biggest fan

    luv ya miley :)

  • EzSparkle

    It’s so nice to see good comments for Miley.

    It’s sad that people keep saying bad and false things about her.

    Miley Cyrus is strong and wonderfull! She needs to be supported by all her fans!

  • slywolf

    She forgot to mention the parked car she hit and ran from. Honest? She’s as phony as a three dollar bill. She may or may not live with Liam, but have they spent the night together alone at her new house? Hmm? Can you say fornicator?

  • blahblahblah

    i luv this girl :) ♥

  • swiftfan


    That is so right she is genuine person that is has made her so big…love her!

  • tina

    Thats why I love this girl Miley is awesome. Stay sweet girl you are blessed.

  • Dunamis

    I love the fact that she did this, it shows how honest and genuine she is and how much she cares about her fans. Still love you Miley, u r amazing. Stay strong!

  • Meh

    This girl….. awesome. There are no words!

  • Naive People

    Ha. You all are so sad. Miley has been dissing and ignoring fans for months. ONLY when someone says something she does not like does she bother to “speak” to her “fanatics”. You guys are gullible and eat the garbage she is feeding you hook, line, and sinker. Miley is living 2 lives. Some day ….the truth will be revealed.

  • Rochel

    Good for you Miley for clearing up all those stupid rumors !!!
    It just shows that she still cares about her fans.
    You dont see to many people making a video to clear up rumors.
    So Kudos to you Miley !!!!

  • SB

    You should do this more often Miley. I personally like it when I hear it straight from the source. You don’t really owe anyone an explanation, but great to hear it straight from you!

  • Linds

    California is a city according to Miley… She should have finished school.

  • Ana

    i love her!
    she’s so honest and so real.. i think she grew up and is learning how to enjoy life the best way she can :)

  • ashytisdalefan

    I love her! shes so great :D

  • Warren

    I Love beautiful Miley so much! It was great that she gave this update to her many fans. I could listen to Miley talk and especially sing all day. I wish I could be with her. She is so sexy and sweet! Wonder if any other guy has any chance with Miley though.

  • actress

    Holy crap. Can this girl get anymore amazing?? I mean seriously who does this?? What celeb takes the time to sit down and actually talk to their fans about what truley is going on in their life? Its so sweet. I love the way she talks too, she makes you feel like your important. Not just “a fan” but like ‘the fan”. And shes soooo down to Earth!!! I freaking love this chick!!!!!! <33333 :D

  • Mileyfan

    @ actress I totally agree with you. She is just amazing.
    Will always be a fan of Miley. She is awesome!

  • http://@stef_efron stefanie

    love her <3.



    sometimes we assume, i mean its what it looks like ya know? .

    but its cool that she cleared things up

    I know A LOT of people who met her and saidd she was sooo nice and stuff.

    honestly i NEVER heard anyone who met her saying she mean or a diva.

    she looks cool and down to earth!

    I wish i can meet her, or go to her concert.
    come to jerseyy :)

  • Rain

    well said Miley !! i think its awesome she made this video just sayin’

  • catinthehat

    She really seems like a nice girl. I have always been amazed at her calmness and graciousness with the paparazzi, they should remember that, and give her some space.I think she grows up and puts on a pair of booty shorts just like every other 17 yr old girl and the media turns into a bunch of prudes and virgins tsk tsking her like she’s a street whore. Shame on them and anyone else who isn’t giving her the opportunity to be like everyone else.

  • Gaby

    I admire her so much. She always stays true to herself and her fans. It’s great to just sit down and connect and show that shes still the Miley we know and love. Not the bad person that some people make her out to be.

  • Prettigurls

    This is why I love Miley so much. She so real and ginuwine I’m so glad she made this video to set these random rumors STRAIGHT!! I’m so proud of her and will always be a fan.

  • http://Penguinemz pEguinemz

    I didn’t particularly like Miley all that much but I think she’s ok now. Ugh I would absolutely hate if rumors were spread around about me and paparazzi followed me everywhere, how annoying!
    She seems a nice girl and I can understand why she gets annoyed about the paparazzi, that police story was so over the top!

  • Cincin_mc_fan

    @Linds: out of all she talked about that’s all you noticed? really? if you’re here to talk bad about her, why even waste you’re time reading story and watching the video? people make mistakes, she said it herself. she’s not perfect, and you aren’t either!