Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Out with Weezer

Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Out with Weezer

Vanessa Hudgens tapes a bit of Weezer‘s show on her phone as she attends the AXE Music One Night Only concert series held at the Dunes Inn Motel Sunset in Hollywood on Tuesday night (September 21).

The concert series previously featured T.I. in NYC. Vanessa‘s former Bandslam costar Charlie Saxton (not pictured) also joined in on the fun.

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Vanessa was wearing Blu Moon‘s Studded Army Jacket, 7 For All Mankind‘s Gummy Denim Gwenevere in Black, and a Soixante Neuf ring.

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • mykamicks

    Having a fun night!

  • c michele

    she met mark salling!

  • z

    omg shes so tiny

  • duduche29

    does she ever work???

  • sky10

    Wooow! always gorgeous and happy,,,,GOD BLSSD always V and ZAC.

  • rme

    lol she just did rent recently, and if you want to play that game and discount that, then you should discount zac’s promo… which means he’s worked two months less recently than her.

  • Tata

    Love Weezer!!!!!!

  • duduche29

    rent was not work for me… work is when you do a movie for 2 months… zac was working for his pormo…. vanessa’s doing nothing

  • duduche29

    stop mentionning rent all the time… it was only a show for 3 nights

  • jazmin

    Love her…she’s just beautiful inside and out.

  • annie1st

    @duduche29 nessa been doin anything not to do with you, the fact she just work beastly and sucker punch, this is the time she relax before busy time next year to promo her 2 movies, and also this time she could see and audition for movie she want next and she dont have to tell us because she do movie not for fame but because she love acting, fame is something that follow you in this industry, thats why she always amaze me

  • desiree

    who cares abt duduche29

    he bash v all the time.. looking at him talking just like hearing a fly passby

  • annie1st

    and even rent is only 3 night, but it is a good show, i love it and thats stage show just fabulous, i love all the cast, especially mimi, thats an art of acting and performance you know

  • duduche29

    annie1st… excue me but beastly and sucker punch was LAST YEAR

    so from what you said she’s gonna relax until 2011

  • annie1st

    i even always play the video that i got form skylar astin fan on youtube coz he got the best video, i become love Rent, even im not a rent head but i love the story, love the character and love the song LOVE RENT, thats the best show

  • duduche29

    desiree… honeslty when jjj had pic of her, what does she do?? shopping, gym, yoga, movies… there was only ONE time when we saw her going to fox studio

    i’m not bashing her i’m just telling the truth

  • duduche29

    i saw rent and i didn’t like it at all

  • duduche29

    annie1st… vanessa had nothing to go with you either

  • duduche29

    i mean nothing to do with you

  • annie1st

    so what i will always support her, and i will wait coz i trust her ability in choosing movie project, i dont want she involve in something stupid just to appear on screen, she so far has a good sense in choosing movie project (bandslam, beastly, and sucker punch), i want she keep continu pickie and get a good project with a good story and a good director so she could be a high class actress like natalie wood and meryl streep

  • duduche29

    annie1st… oh my god! you really think that vanessa could be the next nathalie wood or meryl streep???? you’re dreaming girl

    “beastly”… not interesting to see ANOTHER REMAKE… everybody know the story and honeslty i saw the trailer and vanessa’s not convincing… “you’re the most beautiful man i ever met”???? seriously, this is so dumb

    “sucker punch”…. wet dream for men that’s all…. vanessa with a gun…. i don’t believe it for one second

  • desiree


    she like to chill for a yr let her chill..! like is any of your

  • annie1st

    ah i forget this, i always love to see her candid coz she’s amaze me and inspiring me so much that we a girl can be our self and look cute and beautiful everyday effortless with or without make up, just be healty by yoga, close to familiy, also its a pleasure to see her beauty face and her kind smile, always made my day, thank you jj

  • Angel

    @duduche29: shut up

  • vancrazed

    hey!!! thanks hater for knocking her post count up..that just means more posts of the hudge!! We love you for that! YAY!!!!

    and man she’s got so much stuff coming out next year. so so much. Glad she’s had a good onto better stuff.

    BTW hater, you do know that many of us know your chouchou or julie or whatever the H*ll you call yourself. Your not fooling us!!

  • duduche29

    vancrazed… is this supposed to scared me or something???

  • duduche29

    seeing her face and her beauty made your day?… it’s so…. i can’t find a word

  • duduche29

    they are people who said worst thing than me in this site or others site

    besides them i’m really nice to her

    i never insulting her, i’m always polite…

  • annie1st

    you can call me a dreamer, but she’s the next natalie wood and meryl streep…she always become different in every character she play in all project she get involve, she bring up live lindy (the inner beauty and the individualistic of a woman, i call her acting very convince and so beautiful) and as mimi she become a sexy and tough girl yet vulnerable, and as blondy she bring this vulnerable girl to a tough girl that nobody want to mess up, i could def picture her as a hero girl but cute….she have all those character after gabriella..all of it is an independent woman

  • duduche29

    annie1st… how could you know this things about “lindy” and “blondie” since these movies only came out next year???

    go see the movie first and say your point of view after… it’s more logical don’t you think?

  • lucy

    @duduche29: Vanessa in the span of a week. Worked the phones for the cancer telethon, flew out to Las Vegas for a last minute Make A Wish for a terminally ill little girl, did a little promo work for Sucker Punch at the “Legend” premiere with the director and her costars, and had a business meeting with Fox studios. That is what we got pics of. There were days we didn’t get pics so no one knows what she was doing those days.

    Since in Hollywood, any promotion is considered work – yeah, I think she works enough.

  • boose

    Learn how to use proper grammar and haters get a life, I’m sure you can find something better to do with your time than diss her.

  • http://facebook novelle


    hello miss annoying how are youre but cracks is it to itchy thats why you wont shut up!

    do you have like a life! mind it and get lost! if you have one! a total a**hole!


  • kyle


    So true. And if she wants to have fun in between, let her be.

  • duduche29

    lucy… for you doing telethon, doing make a wish, go to the premiere for zack snyder’s movie is working??

    working for me is what zac is about to do… working on shooting a movie for about 2 months

    you can say what you want… for me vanessa’s not working at the moment

    going to the premiere of the new zack snyder’s movie is not promoting sucker punch for me

    doing comic con for sucker punch was promoting the movie

  • lynn

    @lucy: u stole those words from my mind ! thx now i don’t have to reply to that retarded loser !!
    anyways i think she looks rly gorgeous , love her outfit and glad she had fun ! It’s great to see her standing up to cancer and visitind a little 9 year old girl who is suffering from a rare brain abnormality ! God bless her !

  • duduche29

    to lynn…. retarded loser?? mmm, wouah you must be so proud of yourself for insulting me like this

  • Karen

    dudouch29 has proven what they are all about. He/she is not here to post any contructive comment. If this person doens’t think Vanessa has been working, so be it, because IF she was actually away somewhere shooting a movie this person wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t care.

    Also, given how many comment this person has made and the number of them having to do with how Zac is working and Vanessa is not it seems to me all this person has in mind to do is to get the competition stuff going between Zac and Vanessa and thus a fight going there too. This person is only trying to push everybody’s buttons and be manipulative. That’s how they get their jollies.

    Even though after the first of the year Vanessa will be running her butt off doing promotion for two movies, this person will then also say that Vanessa is not working BECAUSE she is not filming a movie. And even if she was, this person would find something wrong with what Vanessa is or isn’t doing.

    Lastly, IF she is doing nothing but shopping and sleeping and having a good time THAT IS HER BUSINESS. If she is not sponging off someone and is capable to take care of herself she can do or not do whatever she pleases. Other actresses have taken off a year or more between movies, why can’t Vanessa?

  • lynn

    @duduche29: I am !

  • duduche29

    lynn… i am proud to say that i am intelligent enough to have never insult someone on this forum

    you’re more than pathetic for insulting me since i never say a bad word to you

  • suzy

    so cute.

  • mike

    love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathalia

    vanessa is beautiful

  • annie1st

    @ Karen well said karen

    and i have followed beastly and sucker punch from the very beginning, and so far i like what i see, then you judging vanessa performance before see the movie too, you tellin me ha, you havent see the movie too, but i have chat with someone who see the screening session (of beastly and like it, and so far from the trailer she look so descent and have great chemistry with her co star) you tellin me to tell you from the fact i know and from what i see so far, thats why i love her

  • miss j

    duduche29 = douche

  • sunny

    Oh enough drama! Just ignore some posts if you don’t likewhat they say! Is it wrong that if V is on the dating scene again that I think Mark Salling would be totally worth the time for her, ah only one can hope. Take it easy I just said IF she were dating.

  • sky10

    Vanessa and Zac are not competing with each other!!! what if Zac has a lot of work than Vanessa??!! is that can affect their love or lessen their relationship??? well,this is the time for herself to enjoy with the family and friend,and that’s a good bleesing to count and thank for,,,,everything should be balance in ourlives so we won’t forget our love ones.

  • lol

    First of all, it isnt her fault Beastly got pushed back. I think she’s a very talented girl. She’s obviously got something in the works with all the business meetings she’s had lately and right now she’s probably enjoying her downtime while it lasts before she has to start filming.

  • musicgirl


  • musicgirl

    Vanessa looks so HOT, love this rock look on her :) looks like she had a great time:) love her, she is the BEST:D<333