Zac Efron Isn't Loosing The Beard...Yet

Zac Efron Isn't Loosing The Beard...Yet

We noticed a trim, did you?

Zac Efron makes a straight bee line for his awaiting car as he arrives at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning (September 22).

The 22-year-old actor told The Evening Standard on just why he’s growing his beard. It’s for The Lucky One!

Zac shared, “We’re discussing it right now, my director is curious about what it would look like if it got longer. Because at one point, my character loses sight of his appearance. So I can’t really cut anything right now.”

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Credit: Johnstone/Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • pop86


  • musicgirl

    yaaay, he is still HOT!

  • emily

    Losing, Jared.

  • ashytisdalefan

    yeah, he trimmed it. looks much better :)

  • :*


  • susan1

    yes! he is back to LA. The beard look the same to me no difference.

  • sydney

    so hot!!!

  • Miranda

    FINALLY, He’s back in LA! Now zac and vanessa have some quality time together :)

  • teamhudgens

    yay! finally he’s back <3

  • zanessa

    i hope z and v can spend sometime together before he leaves again

  • amy

    Glad he’s back in LA <3 hope he gets some time away from all the cameras now!

  • Emma Efron

    He will shave his beard & cut his hair after or in the movie thank god he does but he is hot no matter what!!!!

  • kami

    ♥ a trim before he kiss vanessa. ♥

  • Skylar

    YAY!!!! He’s finally back with Nessa & in the same country as me! So excited for him to be in the same state as me October 4th!!! Too bad I live on the opposite side of the state :/
    Either way, he looks AMAZING here! And I’m making my mom take me to New Orleans to see him before he leaves!!! :p
    Love you Zac!
    Zanessa Forever <3

  • steve

    what Emily said.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Just what I thought. Beard or no beard. He’s one hot looking man.

  • kyle

    Yeah, he trimmed his beard. He still finds time to sign autographs (as shown in one of the pics) even if he must have been feeling tired from the journey back to LA. Awesome!!!

  • karen

    Yes, as emily and steve said, the correct word is LOSING, not LOOSING. Big difference in meaning.

    I bet Zac is more than happy at this point to be home where he can kick back and take some deep breaths.

  • http://deleted carie


    hey do you have the link of the interview where Zac talks about if Vanessa is jealous of those scenes he did????????

  • http://deleted carie


    and also what did Zac mean to say when he said “they might have it come up in the back of you mind”
    sorry i didn’t get that…

  • Karen


    First, I’m don’t know how my last comment came up as “karen” instead of “Karen” but moving right along…

    I have read so many interviews with Zac from both London and Sydney that I’m not sure which interview it is that he is talking about the jealousy thing. Many of the interviewers have asked him if he and Vanessa are in competition/jealous in a lot of different ways and this one you are asking about is just one of them. I will see if I can go back and find it. Many get sent to me and some I get from a couple different sites so it is not like I keep them in some file.

    I believe what he was saying in this one interview about if Vanessa gets jealous with scenes like he had with Amanda is—and this is not his EXACT words—is how that MIGHT run through the back of your mind for a moment but you then know it is part of the job. Like he said something similar while he was promoting the movie in LA in regards to HIM seeing Vanessa filming scenes like that and how it isn’t always pleasant when you first look at it but then HE KNEW it was something that she had to do.

    So, in other words, no they don’t always like to watch it when it first comes on but they have to keep in mind it is part of their job and they then set their minds on how it is not REAL—it is acting. And the part of how it may run in the back of your mind is this: We ALL have those moments of insecurity. Like Zac saying he feels odd at first seeing Vanessa in that position with someone, the same goes for her seeing him with some other woman because let’s take Alex Pettyfer. He is very attractive. Zac although he is very handsome does not see himself as the man everyone wants over everyone else all the time. He could look at someone like Alex and see he is a good looking man. He could worry for a moment that Vanessa might suddenly like him so much and maybe Alex might come on to her—as she is very beautiful and sexy—and Vanessa MIGHT for a moment at least find him more interesting or attractive than Zac. BUT if you trust someone and want a good relationship you need to “check” that insecurity and/or jealousy very quickly or you are going to ruin your relationship all on your own. Zac and Vanessa MUST remember it is a job and that is all. The same goes for Vanessa maybe having those same feelings for a FLEETING moment since Amanda or whomever Zac is working with is very attractive, etc, and she may have a moment of insecurity too.

    I would say both Zac and Vanessa have spoken about these things and say Zac KNOWS how he is feeling when he is filming such scenes—that it is not real but he can make it LOOK real BECAUSE he knows what those kinds of moments are like with him and Vanessa so it helps him do a better job on screen but the point it it is NOT REAL with the actresses he is with on screen. SO, he must realize the same as Vanessa that he knows when he films those scenes with someone it isn’t real that Vanessa ALSO knows it isn’t real when she is filming such scenes but again, she knows what it is like when it is real so she can make it LOOK real. But that is all it is, making it only LOOK real—it’s acting. That is why actors who have had life experiences can make certain subject matters on screen look so realistic.

  • Karen

    Sorry my previous comment is so long but I would love for people to understand the concept of these things and why Zac and Vanessa can maintain their relationship and do these movies without getting worried or jealous, etc. If people could understand maybe we could then move on and not have so many females—particularly—getting all bent out of shape when Zac films romantic scenes with some other actress. We will be seeing Vanessa very soon doing the same thing with another male when her movie Beastly comes out. Will we have to listen to how she is not doing right by Zac? Maybe not since some females don’t see that women are as likely to be unfaithful as they see men doing it.

  • kyle

    It’s okay, Karen – at least the overzealous fans who tend to react over love scenes done by either Zac or Vanessa will realize that it’s all part of the job as actor/actress to make it “look real.” Zac and Vanessa are cool about love scenes with other people, so the fans should also be cool about it.

  • carie


    Well thanks for elaborating everything….i just thought that maybe i could see that video and nothing more…but i think the reason some females here over react on these kind of scenes with Zac is that he is already a hearthrob and can get any girl he wants…i think that’s the insecurity of most of female fans who over react and i can to totally understand that coz its natural.

  • AjlAn


  • http://deleted carie


    And Karen i totally agree with whatever you have said but i don’t think it is justified to compare CSC love scenes with that of Beastly coz in CSC they are supposed to be quite intense coz its a serious movie but in case of Beastly they are supposed to be just sweet n simple coz it caters to the teen audience…n besides i think that one of more reasons why some fans get concerned when it comes to these kind of scenes in Zac’s movies is that he has always been open that he enjoys those scenes with his co-stars n has no qualms in doing those scenes..on the other hand,when Bandslam came out Vanessa was quite open that she didn’t like filming those scenes n wasn’t comfortable doing them at i think Zac as a gentleman as he is says as he wants to be nice to his co-stars whereas Vanessa just says what she really here goes the difference n maybe the reason why fans get concerned…but i want to clarify that i was just pointing some facts abt why some fans might get concerned but i don’t want to give u guys the impression that i am starting some rumours or sth…i m mature enough to understand that it is acting n just that.

  • http://deleted carie

    oh sorry #kyle actually that was supposed to be for #Karen…

  • Karen


    I have today off and I will see if I can track that video down.

    People need to think about this: after 5 years it seems apparent that whether or not Zac can have any girl he wants—he has her. He doesn’t seem to WANT anyone else.

    Also, Vanessa is a beautiful and sexy young woman and we could say she could have any guy she wanted and apparently she has what she wants.

    AND in all truth neither Zac or Vanessa can actually have any girl/guy they want—it never works that way and either of them would have people who would no find them to their liking. I also think both understand that. With what Zac has said about himself I don’t really think he believes he could have any girl—but then again, he doesn’t want just any girl.

  • Karen


    Zac has also said on many occasions that filming love scenes is not anything like it seems. He said in one interview how it is anything but romantic because you have some big old smelly camera guy standing over your shoulder and someone telling you to turn you head or not to smash each other’s noses…

    And yes, CSC is suppose to be where Charlie and Tess become intimate BUT do you see any of that? Do you see anything more than kissing that isn’t even that intense? It certainly isn’t any more than what most 16-17 year olds do with their boyfriends/girlfriends and thus their kissing even though is suppose to be leading to something more is in actuality any more than what you will see in Beastly.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Jane

    Zac looks like he is channeling
    Rob Pattinson. The beard, beanie, plaid shirt, just like RPattz.

  • Karen

    Zac has worn beanies and plaid shirts way back in the his days of HSM1.

  • Karen


    Here you go with the video!

  • http://deleted carie

    thanx for the link…
    I completely agree with u this time also but i want to mark that Zac said how unromantic it is filming those scenes when hsm3 was going to release or somewhere near that time.

  • Karen


    Yes, when everyone wanted to start talking about his and Vanessa’s kiss he tried to point out about people hanging over your shoulder, etc. But he has said this many times about filming romantic scenes on his other movies. And the fact is, it is not just him that says this. Most actors/actresses point out the very same thing of just how awkward it can be. Many talk about—especially when there are scenes where the actors are really making out, etc—how they diss and then it is “cut!” and they have to do it again being filmed at a different angle, etc. Of they have to do it again because a shadow is in their face, numerous things. I forget which actor is was who complained by the time a certain scene was done that he felt like his lips were numb—-and that was not romantic or sexy! That why many actors say just how technical it is.

  • http://deleted carie

    yeah ,thats right…..

  • http://deleted carie


    but i have to mark that that’s not the case now…i mean now he is saying abt his latest scenes that:as they are extremely close friends now,therefore they didn’t have any problem doing those scenes.

  • http://deleted carie

    sorry don’t take me wrong…i m his fan too..but i want to state out the facts

  • http://deleted carie

    sorry if u guys think i m exaggerating this thing..i don’t want to make this an issue, its just that i wanted to straighten out the facts clearly of what he he has said n when….and besides that i myself m a big fan of Zac n i support his movies…n i loved this movie too…its just that i was just stating the facts on why some fans might get concered..especially when he used the word “pleasurable”..which i think was wrong n he admitted his mistake so its alright..coz he also knew he made a mistake.

  • maria

    @carie: I think he’s just saying that love scenes are pretty easy and pleasant, compared to most other kinds of shoots. You don’t have any lines to remember, you just have to get in the moment and go with it as the character, because it has to be somewhat believable. He understands that he will have many more of these kinds of scenes in the future, as will Vanessa. She just finished RENT, and kissed Aaron multiple times during each performance LIVE in front of her boyfriend.

    In Zac’s case with CSC, I honestly think he was just trying to drum up some interest in the chemistry between the characters. Remember, during promos for the film, he has to do this. The film has not been a financial success, and has not made back the money spent so far. It will probably break even with overseas box office. But I do think he is a master at promoting, and knows how to drum up interest, especially when there are concerns. The movie and especially Amanda, were not well reviewed, and he was doing his best, while also being a gentleman. I find no fault in him doing this, at all. It’s his job, HIS movie, and he will continue to speak highly of his roles and costars. Really, would you expect him to say it was awful kissing Amanda? No, he would never, even if it did.

    So let’s just keep in mind that kissing is a part of most movies, between many different actors. How often are those actors ever involved off-screen? RARELY. And remember, they filmed CSC the summer of 2009. He is still happily with Vanessa, long after those kissing scenes were filmed. :o)

  • kyle

    Kissing an on-screen partner, be it tender or passionate, is part of an actor’s job. It doesn’t mean anything unless the actor and actress involved in the romantic scene get carried away and starts an affair – then that is something else. Obviously, Zac treats love scenes as just part of his job and nothing else. The fans should understand what is real and what is “reel” and not to make a big issue on kissing scenes/romantic scenes.


    @Karen & Kyle, are so right, Zac has said himself and Vanessa several times it’s part of acting you have to, thats why they call it acting, and both of them take their job’s serious,and they want to it right. I saw CSC i thought Zac and almanda did alright, but i thought the chemistry between Zac and his brother were really great,Zac and his brother sole the scenes, i did like the movie, and i will buy the DVD, in Nov.

  • http://deleted carie


    well i think Vanessa would have said that kissing onscreen sucks coz that’s what she did during Bandslam promotions.
    And again i m mature enough to understand that its a part of his job n i myself have no problem with that…i was just stating some facts.

  • Nicki

    @carie i don’t need to tell you bandslam bombed really bad, so him not downing the movies love elements may help the movie.

  • maria

    @carie: But she didn’t say that after filming Beastly and kissing Alex, or after RENT kissing Aaron. I think Bandslam was her first non-Zac onscreen kiss, so I’m sure she would say it was awkward. Since then, she hasn’t said that, if you notice. I’m sure when she promotes Beastly, she will say nice things about her love scenes with Alex too!! I think you’re making far too much of this. You KNOW it means nothing to Zac.

  • http://deleted carie

    thats hilarous…well i don’t think it has anything to do with that…i mean how can anyone say that the movie didn’t do well because the lead actress didn’t like filming kissing scene…

  • maria

    @Nicki: @carie: No, Bandslam did not do well, but it was not because of Vanessa’s comments. Summit promoted this movie to the wrong audience, sadly, if you could even say they did any kind of promotion. It’s too bad, because it was a REALLY good movie and had great reviews.

    But promoting a movie does mean talking it up, including the actors. Zac is a master at that, and to be honest, he is being paid to do it. It’s work for him. Pure and simple. To be honest, I don’t think CSC would have had half the box office it’s had without his all-out efforts, because the reviews were not good. The fact that this movie made that kind of money, with those reviews, speaks to Zac’s draw with women and his ability to promote a movie. Now imagine what it will be like when he makes a GOOD movie, that appeals to women AND men. Can’t wait for that!


    Zac was asked, a question? In the middle (csc ) You risk youir life to save the girl you love, would you do that in real life? Zac answer was I’d risk my life 10 times over. That is how deeply Zac loves Vanessa.