Demi Lovato: Urban Outfitter Lover!

Demi Lovato: Urban Outfitter Lover!

Demi Lovato puts money into the meter before heading into Urban Outfitters in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (September 22).

The 18-year-old Sonny starlet headed to the popular shop after stopping at a salon for a quick tanning session.

Demi recently shared in an interview that she’s taking her cue from Dakota Fanning when it comes to acting. She shared, “I feel like I don’t want to go too edgy, I don’t want to go too family friendly — I’d rather just play normal teenage roles. I think Dakota Fanning does a really good job at the roles that she picks, so I kind of want to go down that route.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Demi’s picking of roles? 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • becky

    lol demi is 18 now

  • Maki

    She’s 18 ;)

  • ryan

    Glad to see Demi finally enjoying some time to herself, doing some shopping & getting a tan. The woman deserves it after all she’s been through recently. She’s been a real trooper & I commend her highly for it, love her even more because of it as well.

    Looking beautiful as always, even when she’s not all glammed up & dressed to the nines. Love her outfit here & the Fedora too. Even when she’s out & about, Demi still manages to look great.

  • Phoe5be

    seriously demi? you damaged your hair and now your skin too? i love you, so please keep natural

  • lauren


  • JoJo

    she looks so graet :)

  • itsmeagain

    About time we get some Demi action JARED !

  • HIH

    I love her outfit!

  • Ella

    gorgeous! :D

  • marciunderground

    I freakin’ love everything about this girl and that’s good you’re having time for yourself, you deserve it afterall. Demi rocks and i can’t wait for her 3rd abum, i think the world is ready dem dem. <3

  • arturs

    She is very cute

  • Zippy

    I always thought that when they say tanning it means a spray tan not a sunbed.
    Anyways, she looks good. Carefree and shopping, good way to spend a day off. Chilling. Not sure why people don’t like her style sometimes, I think she always looks nice. She’s not afraid to mix & match stuff and wear what SHE wants to wear. I think she should wear hats again more often too. They suit her.

  • haley

    She looks orange and wth that is so many layers! It makes her look even bigger.

    Keep it simple and natural please!

  • melissa


  • noland

    i love demi she is so beuatiful

  • Bria

    I HATE it when people tan! You end up looking orange (even if your Hispanic like Demi) and you ruin your skin. Who wants to look like old leather when their in their thirties? And her hair color is an odd and unatural shade as well. She naturally has hair that is a very pretty moussey medium brown adn she should stick to it! I agree with everyone she looks best natural. I agree with Demi about Dakota, no two roles are alike for her, she most definately chooses her roles well.

  • blahblahblah

    loveing her style

  • linna_RDL

    haha is she fuc*king kidding me?! you are friggin 18.. dakota is 16.. and you are following her route.. and taking her as a role model.. I really like dakota.. but demi you are never gonna go far in acting or singing as well.. well you have to be honest she has talent in music.. but she should stick to that and let acting forever.. she is horrible in that.. but she does look good here.. I really miss the 2008 demi..

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @linna_RDL: See I think Demi should stick to acting and not singing lol I enjoy her albums but find her live voice painful.

    When she was in greys, although a very small role, it showed a different acting side to her. It’s just sonny with a chance thy makes her acting look lame. It’s cause Disney has them over act, I think of she takes the right route she could be successful. But it’s true, at 16/17/18 you can do both but eventually she will have to choose between singing and acting like jtimberlake did and many others (when you want to be taken seriously.)

    Anyways, if I liked in LA I would get a job at this store, a discount and several celeb encounters. Yes please.

  • Lyss

    Lol I love how you guys criticize this girl like you guys can do better. She’s not here to please anybody, she’s here to please herself. Personally I like her style. I think she look great

  • Jessica

    I support Demi with anything she does:) She has a bright future ahead of her. Oh and I love her outfit!

  • bella

    demi eres asombrosa soy latino , y me encantaron estas fotos ,cuando uno tiene su personalidad y estilo ,todo sale bien ,y tu diosa ademas de mi artista favorita ,eres un gran ejemplo me gusta como te vistes y el sombrero ,te adoro y a pocas semanas de tener en mi pais ,latino que te adora ,amo ademas la nueva version de remeber december ,felicidades mereces un gran descanzo ,suerte y que viva la musica como tu nuevo album

  • tia


  • http://op ro

    tu la que dice que no va a llegar lejos eres una total perdedora ,soy eury te acordaras de mi cuando demi lovato sea una artista mas famosa que los jonas

  • http://op ro

    cual moderacion demi es mejor que todos ustedes

  • karr

    @haley: what are you talking about she’s wearing a t-shirt and a scarf

  • Zippy

    Thank you!
    She’s happy with her style and tanning so let her be! And SPRAY tanning won’t harm your skin!! (which is what I assume she is doing!).
    Everyone who criticizes her acts like their style is so superi
    or to hers! I’d like to see pics of the critics and tear them to pieces!
    And she doesn’t look orange! wow.
    And why can’t she have Dakota as a role model?! Is there a law against it? She can choose acting and/or singing. And yes she can do both – J-Lo anyone?
    End of rant!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    LOL at the people trying to tell Demi what to do with her life. Like she’s really gonna listen to u guys. Demi is a legal aduly now, she don’t need a bunch of kiddos telling her what to do with HER OWN LIFE. SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS. and the ones saying Demi won’t go far in singing/acting. Let me tell u- If Demi had gotten discovered outside of Disney, she’d be bigger than both BIBER and MILEY slammed together! and that’s saying a lot coming from a MC fan! So stop being haters and realize that Demi is wonderfully gifted at both of her talents? If u think she can’t act or sing, I’d like to see u do better

  • Bria


    Relax, you and everyone else(Lyss, Zippy)! No one is REALLY telling Demi to do with her life, it’s just our opinion. We (or me, I should say) aren’t trying to convince her to change her hair/stylecareer. That’s what these websites are for. They use to be fun but people are either too mean or too defensive for no reason. Personally, I think she do both actiing and singing. She is stronger in the singing department, but her stint on Grey’s showed off her acting chops. She did a thousand times better than Miley in the Last Song!(no offense, Miley) She has an amazing voice, but she is kinda doing what Christina Aguleria does, over use the low octaves of her voice. She has soul, but it can come off as just screaming. She said her next abum is going to be RnB, so her voice will probaly work better for that. I’m hoping she does soul, and not the fake radio-friendly stuff.

  • MA

    there are always so much haters on demi’s photo comments… she’s an amazing girl! whats the matter with you? complaining that her hair and her skin are damaged (while i think they are both great…)? i mean, SHE wanted the hair lighter, SHE WANTED! and she problably was finding herself to pale, i dont know, and wanted to tan… i mean, whats the problem with that?
    she is a great girl there is always having to deal with bunch of heaters! i hope she knows that there are lots of fans too that will always support her in her decisions!
    GO DEMI ♥

  • Erica S.


  • nesa

    who the heck are you guys to be giving anyone advice on acting or singing? Demi is going to be around for a very long time so get used to it Kiddies.

    You rock, DEMI!!!

  • nesa

    And furthermore, Demi is extremely talented. Just wait ’till her next album.. you obsessed little Selena “Can’t Sing” Gomez, fans.

  • kay

    if she wants to be like dakota, she’s gonna need an acting coach. & I thought she said she was done “frying her skin” in tanning beds. but then again she’s always going back on her tweets like getting a tatoo lol

  • peacechick123

    Why are you guys freaking out about her going tanning, you don’t know if she got a spray tan or a sit in the whatever tan. But, I do think she should be more natural and get a real tan at the beach. Anyway, I love Demi no matter how much her style changes because I look up to her way more in the career range. I love Demi because she can be in the business and still be a typical teenager. She doesn’t try too hard for people to think she’s mature; because she’s not she’s only 18. Or she doesn’t try too hard to be sexy. And she’s very talented.

  • blahblah

    nah, never loved her style. so black! used to be a fan before. and now its like, deme? awh.. DIVA.. DRAMA QUEEN! she should quit acting and focus on her singing!☺

  • Maya


    you are so right! i love anything Demi do, either it be acting or singing!

  • TropicalBarbie

    Wow, okay. *ignoring the Demi hate* :) she looks so nice and casual in her outfit. it just proves that a famous teen star, make that any teen or adult doesn’t have to dress o.t.t to look good. <3

  • gabbie

    @Phoe5be: haha really? she spray tans stupid.

  • sarah

    demi, you’re beautiful :)
    don’t worry about that stupid selena, who thinks she can sing..

  • linna_RDL

    @sarah who the friggin hell bring selena on her, ecxept of you and @nesa .. of course demi can sing.. she has the most beautiful voice on disney.. but she is bad at acting.. period!

  • -

    Demi sucks!

  • you (;

    LOL, I can’t even tell she got a tan. she looks pretty the way she is.

  • you (;

    @- if you don’t like her gtfo, suckerrrrr

  • J

    Obviously Demi has something, because I’ve noticed she has more haters here than anyone else, lol!