Debby Ryan & Dylan Sprouse: Suite Life in Vancouver!

Debby Ryan & Dylan Sprouse: Suite Life in Vancouver!

Debby Ryan steps out of her hotel in a bright pink skirt with her mom in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon (September 23).

The 17-year-old actress, who put her highlights back in, has joined Dylan and Cole Sprouse to start filming the new Suite Life movie!

Summary: Cody and Zack Martin (Sprouse Twins) receive an opportunity to participate in the prestigious Gemini Project at a high-tech research center that studies the dynamics between twins. Soon they find themselves connected in a way they’ve never been before: When one twin experiences a sensation, thought or feeling, the other twin feels it too. While this newfound power helps the boys see eye to eye for the first time, it ultimately puts them in more danger than they could have imagined.

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Credit: JKing; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    What in the .. !? Sprouse twins.. in Van-City !? So does that mean Brenda Song is here too !? This is cool. :)

  • Holly

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: Yeah Brenda is there..
    but they don’t start shooting the movie till September 27.

    I guess Debby and the twins are just there to explore the place, settle in there with the crew.

    I’m hoping for paparazzi candids of brenda there coming up soon, like a few days from now. And btw,that’s not the official plot (Disney release). I’ve seen the official plot, it’s a ‘man tries saving the world’s twins from a mad scientist’s corrupt scheme to save the world’s twins from being merged into one person when he falls in love with one of the twin girls (the ‘man’s incentive)’.

    the twins are the victims in the movie, they don’t save anyone. london tries saving them, she’s one half of the twin the man (the hero) falls in love with.

    SPOILER: b-song times TWO!

  • yo


    I know right!!!! Hope to run into them!!!

    JustJared you should def help us out w/ the locations :)

  • nicole

    I LOVE Dylan and Cole! :)

  • linna_RDL

    wohoooooo that means ashley brenda and the twins reun again.. hell to the fucking yeah

  • Jenna

    OMG hottest twins i ever seen!!! I love Cole and Dylan Sprouse

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    i luv these boys, they r hilarious but they look lik zombies in da pics. LOL Cant wait 4 da movie!!!!

  • ashytisdalefan

    can’t wait!! ashley tisdale tweeted that she hung out with the boys. :)

  • http://@britfeather brittany(canada)

    It seems like disney likes to film their movies in canada…it’s pretty cool how disney is always bringing their movies to be filmed here..either vancouver or toronto….I love it, But i did hear it’s cause it’s cheaper to film here in canada(expecially in ontario) which is why thye filmed both camp rocks and spin off of high school musical in toronto and is must likely why they filmed 16 wishes and now this one in vancouver…we dont get lot of celebs coming to canada all the time unless they’re from here but once they do come here they always seem to come back…which is nice…can’t wait to see pictures from filminf and see the movie

  • My Name

    I’ve watched Disney Channel for a long time now and some of the best shows they’ve aired (Avonlea, Ready or Not, Flash Forward) were all Canadian shows that are probably still on the air in Canada.

  • kym

    is it just me or does dylan look either really tired or high…. maybe its crazy makeup for the movie or something.

  • nickj

    @kym: no they look extremely tired. you can definitely see dylan’s and cole’s eyebags. poor guys :( cant wait for their movie though

  • Emily

    i love debby. her outfit is so cute. and yah, dylan looks really tired.

  • cherryyy

    dang it!! they’re in vancouver?? I was just there for 3 months! but i had to leave though last month D: If only if i had stayed longer in vancouver then i would have a chance to meet dylan and cole :( i’m a big fan of you guys noticed that dylan is catching up to cole!? i mean he’s one inch shorter but i could see that dylan is still gonna grow taller than cole. i hope lol.

  • Oliv.

    I like debby’s glasses, in the other picture of her. her style is really cool here.

    and i can’t wait for the movie. what are cody/ bailey up to in it? does anyone know if they get back together?

  • http://alglby arhyme

    hi cole and dylan sprouse

  • SadFangirl

    Wow, in all the pictures, Cole and Dylan look like zombies. Hmm, must be the project MK Ultra torture techniques. They look completely dissociative. I wonder if it was electroshock this time or something worse? So sad. I love those boys. Somebody help these Disney stars….. :’(

  • http://facebook lOVEGIRL

    yES right ZAiley Loveteam I always like Delan Loveteam :D

  • http://http/amirg amira

    i hate debby it’s not cool i like all the stars bute she no.

  • http://http/amirg amira

    she is sow coll in the picture