Demi Lovato: Pinz Bowling with Rob Kardashian!

Demi Lovato: Pinz Bowling with Rob Kardashian!

Demi Lovato looks out for her friend as she arrives at Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (September 23).

The 18-year-old actress was seen meeting up with a Rob Kardashian at the popular center before heading to In-N-Out for some lunch.

Rob, 23, was spotted at Demi‘s concert this past Sunday night with sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Demi is also pictured picking up her alice + olivia dress for the 2010 PADRES Contra El Cancer’s Anniversary Gala earlier in the day.

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  • mariantt

    isn’t that Rob Kardashian? :O … the look cute together btw

  • Amy

    I think the guys is Rob Kardashian, not sure thought.

  • Marquita Smith

    Okay i was about to say the same thing how that looks likerob kardashion

  • MA

    demi you’re amazing!!!!!!

  • catarine

    cute…demi is so beautiful….

  • catarine

    so cute….

  • melissa

    demi is so beautiful….

  • Erica S.

    I DEFINATLEY think that Rob has a crush on Demi. At the concert on Sunday he didnt stay to watch the Jonas Brothers. He left after Demi was done preforming. (Now we all know the real reason he came!)

  • A Girl

    yeah, That’s Rob Kardashian. She’s good friends with him and knows the sisters, as well. (:


    wait how cute! haha! i think he has a thing for her! he always tweets her!

  • Amy

    Aww @Erica S. that so sweet! :)


    REMI FTW ;) they tweet eachother, they hang out w/ miley :) the concert!

  • francie

    is she seriously gonna date rob kardashion? what a skank/fame whore. not even surprising though.

  • sHarteecha

    They’re cute…I’m starting to love them and forget about Jemi. Jemi is out of date. LOL. Rob is Hot. :)

  • sb

    She deserves someone who is a friend first. Hope she takes the friend route and waits to decide if they are ready to take the next step. She looks up to Kim Kardashian,too. So it kind of makes sense. Go get him girl!

  • http://@michellemoye michelle

    okay people don’t start that jemi thing joe and demi have a right to be who with they want and break up with who they want.

  • J

    @michelle: ROTFL! This! :D

  • Katiesavestheplanet

    Go Demi!!! So happy for her!!!

  • Jessica

    I love Joe & Jemi, but at least someone’s giving her the time of day. My little Jemi heart won’t let me ship them w/ anyone else, but if this leads to somewhere, I just hope Demi is happy and knows what she’s doing. Look where her last “friends-to-more” lead her, so I hope she is thinking with her heart & not her head.

  • Miranda

    Well, if their dating, that pretty much means Demi is having sex, just sayin.

  • MER.

    She’s gorgeous!

    does anyone else find that she looks really short in these pictures, though?

  • Laffur

    @Miranda: and you know that how?? She might actually have values & standards! Think abt it!!! Ur just jealous :P

  • Nani23

    I know rite

  • Ella

    Rob is tall!! I wish, he’ll date Demi. But she seems not happy. Wonder why..

  • http://alushy27 alie

    GOooooo demiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

  • davis

    what a downgrade for her that whole family are a bunch of losers looking for fame

  • kara

    She is getting fat………..

  • michelle

    @Jessica: Hey jessica i’m a big jemi fan too. But its no one’s faught, some things work out and some things don’t. Because joe and demi are both ” famous” people are going to take sides and make things. It’s really none of our business whats going on with them. The media is already toturing them and making rumors. You know what lets just be fans and support them no matter if they love eachother or not.

  • mary123

    HELL NO!!!!!!! WEIRD!!! ROB IS MINE LOL JK :P don’t be mad at me yall

  • Mrs.stemifanforever

    awww i love how demi moved on from joe jonas. i hate that joe likes ashley green now:( demi and rob look really cute together! forget jemi!:) i still love joe tho lol

  • Mrs.stemifanforever

    @miranda WHAT???? wtf are you talking about? they’re taking things nice and slow why would you even say that?

  • Miguel

    Rob is so gonna hit that ;) lol

  • Bristol


    She is not getting fat ,she’s got curves and anyways what are you really gonna judge on how somebody looks.

  • ally

    awe! that’s so adorable!