Demi Lovato: Padres Contra El Cancer Gala Girl

Demi Lovato: Padres Contra El Cancer Gala Girl

Demi Lovato is pretty in purple as she arrives at the 2010 PADRES Contra El Cancer’s Anniversary Gala held at The Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood on Thursday night (September 23).

The 18-year-old singer was there to support Twitter pal Eva Longoria Parker who is the spokesperson for the center. This nonprofit organization works to improve the quality of life for Hispanic children with cancer.

Demi was spotted out yesterday afternoon picking up a few things from Urban Outfitters.

FYI: Demi was wearing alice + olivia by Stacey BendetMARCIA” dress.

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Credit: Axelle; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • armyofkitties

    what the hell did she do to her hair?? hate the new look. she’s become so ugly.

  • diane

    nice dress, but her makeup is way off.
    her face looks pale while her body looks tan.

  • Wings

    yeaa i agree with u she does look stunning but her make up should be more natural for she has natural beauty dont u think?

  • Melissa

    i love her dress and her make up and her hair right now <3<3
    she just looks amazing here <3 ILOVEYOUDEMI <3<3

  • Maki

    The dress is from Alice + Olivia btw. There are candids of her picking it up. Creepy, I know.

  • niceoldlady

    I think pretty is a bit of an understatement. She looks fabulous. I haven’t seen her wearing this colour much before but it really suits her and the dress is spot on for her figure and age. Big win for Demi

  • linna_RDL

    its too much.. I mean the make-up..

  • demifans

    Yeah I prefer her black hair with her natural pale skin,love her natural and she must fired her make up artist ,buttttttt she still pretty,and I love herrrrrr.. Demi be strong baby and succesfull in ur career

  • bella

    demi she is beautifull
    me encanta su cutis ,que bella es omg
    demi te super bien con maquillaje , siempre es bueno un poco de color a la vida ,que super encantador y magnifico vestido ,estoy amando tu cabello ,estas increiblemente fantastica ,te felicito y es bueno verte feliz y vamos por favor , el maquillaje esta super bien ,me gusta el color de lapiz en los labios ,regia

  • demifans

    I must take my words shesssss beautiful amazing in that pic.. Whatever the haters said, demi has beautiful soul,caring and forgiving hearts that’s what we have to count

  • marie

    I actually think she really is pretty here. She is more natural and I like the color of her makeup and of the dress on her. I am usually not a huge fan of how she dresses but she is beautiful in here ;)

  • Liz.

    I don’t think her make-up is all that heavy, apart from her eyelashes – she’s got falsies on and a whole lot of mascara.

  • Samantha

    even with her make up effed she looks gorgeous!

  • leena

    She looks stunning, her make up is perfect not too much eyeshadow which is good for her. I am happy she make her face little lighter than her body or otherwise people will start making a joke of her by telling she looks orange.

  • Gbayyy

    Demi you look pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Love you

  • diordoll19

    yeah, but how many look this beautiful with bad makeup?
    I think she has matured a lot in the past year. I love how she is so colourful now, with the hair and dresses. Black did not suit her. I think hanging with Miley gave her new perspective on life :) Cant wait to see what she does after Disney

  • Zippy

    Wow! So many people ready to critisise!
    She looks really beautiful and the purple is really good on her.

  • Cat

    She looks really pretty. And the colour suits her. I actually have got used to her hair colour again now and it looks nice here.
    People should stop having a go about her clothes/hair/makeup and concentrate on why she was there in the first place – for charity!

  • tia

    georgous !!!!
    i love her !!!

  • TropicalBarbie

    She looks beautiful and her dress is a stunner. :)

  • http://op euryvenezuela

    ella se ve magnifico

  • candy

    YEs FINALLY this girl got a fashion clue. Next time though wear an ankle boot…its fall hunny! Or a closed toe platform…..almost there not quite a list but I’ll give u a B+ for effort.

  • demiisthebest

    stfu haters! she looks awesome

  • mandy

    she is beautiful :)
    i think she looks better now (i mean, the brown hair)

  • Effronpower

    i think this is the best she ever looked, maybe she has a new style team…
    really nice !!!!!

  • Ryan

    Demi looks absolutely radiant & GORGEOUS! Purple is a great color on her & I love the dress itself w/ her trademark Gold & Black heels. Her beauty comes naturally & her fashion/style is, honestly, the best of any woman I’ve ever seen. These photos prove that & then some. Add to that, again helping out w/ those in need, supporting a great cause such as this, & giving back . You have her beauty, style, & heart all at one event.

    Just one question to the people here bashing Demi: Why? Don’t you have stars that you DO like? Go find them & quit taking the time to comment on somebody you don’t care for.

  • nu

    she it’s definitely a beautiful girl, with an amazinjg curvy body, pretty face.

    a just think the much eyelashes, still beautiful, I like her with darker her more natural but she is gorgeous

  • stephanie

    beautiful, it’s for sure….

  • blahblah

    she looks old!

  • Maya

    i love the whole look! i like her hair now at first i hated it!

  • SB

    Demi is not a skinny girl, but the years of that are over… Demi is gorgeous and remember….Those lights shine in weird places, unless we see her in natural light can we really say if her makeup is badly placed or not.
    YOU GO DEMI! You look fabulous

  • Chloe

    she has had her cartilage pierced!! i love it it must of been recently because it still looks a little bit red.

    love her style and her hair shes beautiful.

  • christina

    so freaking gorgeous ♥ like omfgomfgomfg.

  • MA

    soooooooooooooooooo pretty! love her

  • sHarteecha

    Stunning…. She look beautiful as always.

  • kay

    purple isn’t her color.and i’m not so sure about the makeup/hair either :/

  • dknvsdlkvn

    well look at this. while her ex is off doing his new girlfriend in florida.
    demi’s here going to charity events, hanging out with her family and friends…

    who’s classy now? :)

  • nesa

    she is simply STUNNING.

  • nela

    I like the hair, but her make up it’s too much! She’s still pretty, though.

  • Ella

    very stunning! :))

  • nina

    Demi, you are so GORGEOUS – but please change your make-up artist!