Jesse McCartney Interview - Send In Your Questions!

Jesse McCartney Interview - Send In Your Questions!

In case you haven’t heard, JJJ has an amazing opportunity to interview Jesse McCartney and we’re seeking questions!

Let us know your questions for the 23-year-old musician about his new single, upcoming album and what ever else is on your mind! We’re meeting up with Jesse THIS WEEK — so hurry!

Don’t forget to BUY Jesse‘s new single, “Shake,” out on iTunes NOW!

ARE YOU EXCITED for Jesse’s new music?

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  • leonorcilla

    Your French fans would like to when you are going to give a concert in France! Don’t worry you will have a public! bisous

  • leonorcilla

    to know*

  • Mike b

    Does the song SHAKE pertain to anyone in particular?

  • Shumina

    Question for JMac; when will you be going on a world tour? & will you ever come to the UK?! :)

  • http://XoxJackie Jackie

    Jesse! What’s the title of your new album? Can’t wait until it comes out and to see you on tour! Shake is awesome :)

  • Louis

    Jesse what kind of car do you have? And do you like it?…..Thanks Just Jared Jrm

  • hadar

    i wanted to know and it’s very important.. will jesse come to israel to perform when the 4th album is out?.. :)
    if you can also say that there are lotsss of fans in here it will be awesome!!!
    love your website!
    hadar <3

  • Taylor

    hey jesse do have any future project coming up

  • Charliiine


  • Chaarliine


  • kimberly

    Jesse: We all know you have/had a huge crush on Katy Perry, since she’s engaged…who is his new celberity crush?
    What’s the best gift a fan could give him if they met him?
    What music is he listening to right now?
    What new recipes has he learned to cook?
    How would he describe his style?
    Who/what inspired “Shake”
    Any hint on the “Shake” video?
    How was it working on this new album and how did it differ from his last?
    Is he really writing for Justin Bieber?
    Does he have a lady friend yet?

    Tell him Kimberly says hi! :)

  • soledad

    1. The tour of your new album will consider latin america?
    2. What inspire you to wrote “shake”?
    3. What do you feel when you heard your single in a radio station?
    4. What do you thing about Justin Bieber fever? The remembers you in some way?
    5. Are you single?

    Good luck with the interview! I ‘ve so many questions! :)

  • Ykih

    Could you one day do a duet with chris brown?

  • kimberly

    What’s his favorite shoe brand?
    How’s his shoe collection going?
    If his house was on fire, and all his family was safe, and he had to save one inanimate object…what would it be?
    What’s his favorite beverage?

  • kimberly

    What’s his favorite tv show?
    What’s his favorite board game?
    Does he play video games?
    What does he do when he’s bored?
    What movies has he seen lately?

  • c

    To Jesse:
    Could u please perform at the Jingle Ball?
    I know your hair got darker over the years, but is your natural hair color aka the color of your hair when you were born?
    What is your favorite kind of food to eat?

  • c

    To Jesse:
    Where do you buy all your shoes?…Name a couple places!
    Does your family live in LA near you or in NY?

  • JesseMacLvr96

    When are you planning on going on tour again? I’d love to see you a third time :D

  • c

    To Jesse:
    What’s that tv show your filming with Girlicious?! What is it called? Who do you play? What’s it about? When will it air?!

  • c

    To Jesse:
    Why did you unfollower your sister on twitter?

  • karina

    are you going to come to brazil?

  • vivien

    will his new cd be available in the UK and not just imported?
    and will he do a show in the UK? so many people love him and he’s never even been here!! his more dance sound is what the UK charts are filled with xoxo

  • Tara


    you once said you played piano, and a little bit of guitar. why not play an instrument while singing on stage? we have never seen you play an instrument before.

  • Tara

    how do you feel about doing a re-make of one of you songs from your Beautiful Soul days?

  • Tara


    do you ever have nightmares? and what are they about?

  • Tara


    are you a twilight fan?

  • http://www.twitter/com/angeyla Angela

    Hey Jessse :)
    Here are some of my questions:
    What inspired the new album?
    Who would you like to duet with?
    Would you ever do dancing with the stars?
    Are you planning to come to Toronto anytime soon?
    Favourite vacation spot?
    How come you don’t follow fans on twitter?
    Most recent movie you watched?

    I think thats all…
    Much Love
    - A

  • Kindra mcclure

    When is the Music Video for “Shake” coming out?

  • http://www.twitter/com/angeyla Angela

    would you ever do the amazing race?

  • Pixie15

    Love Jesse! <3
    Questions: what inspired you to write ‘Shake’ ?
    are you planning on doing any music video? and to what songs?
    who would you love to do a duet with?

  • Torri Anderson

    i have three questions for jesse (:
    (i’m a huge fan!)

    what is you’re favorite thing to do with friends?
    are you currently dating anyone?
    what kind of car do you have?

    & as my latest tweet says: if you give me a shoutout, i will write you’re name all over my car & drive around with it on for a week! i’ll even post pictures daily to prove it. ;)

  • Torri Anderson

    Are you planning on touring in South Carolina anytime soon for you’re new album?

  • Torri Anderson

    What is the craziest thing that has happened to you?

  • Jimena

    are you comming to Mexico city???
    what the name of your album???


  • S

    how do you see yourself in 20 years?
    Will you acting again? or just music?
    which thing you could’nt live without?
    do you have any pet? if you don’t have, what it could be? and name

  • pauxy

    Jesse are you coming to Europe (Spain) on tour with your new CD cause you have a lots of fans???

  • Lawl

    Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

  • erika cracchiolo

    Are you going to have a concert in philly sometime soon?

  • mc

    When will you be going on tour? When will you announce dates if you are going on tour?

  • kay

    Question: will you ever go back to writing songs similar to the songs on your beautiful soul album?

  • http://ryancrotts Ryan crotts

    so is this new album going to have the same sound that departure had?


    What Was Your Favorite Part Of Making Your Ablum? Like Favorite Song, Who You Worked With Etc…. Thank You

  • Ashleigh

    1. What was the experience like recording/writing his fourth album? Was it different from recording “Departure”?”
    2. Anything he can giveaway about the “Shake” music video?

  • http://ryancrotts Ryan crotts

    Would you like to do the Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race again?

  • Valeria

    When you come to Latin America?

  • DebyHJ87

    For Jmac:
    hi,jesse I’m debby..
    I’m so curious,what do you think about a duet with Hilary Duff?
    It would be very nice to hear two very different genres in one song

  • Andrew

    Hi Jesse
    woud you get your penis pierced if the movie you are doing want you to do it?
    have you ever done a preformence on stage whitout underwear on you?

  • http://@adrianaortiz05 adriana

    What’s the music video for Shake going to be like? :D

  • Lawrence

    Would you ever consider writing a song with Justin Timberlake?.

  • Danieladeca

    hi jesse my name is daniela and i have 25 years hold and i live in italy! i love the new singol shake! :) congratulascion im sorry not aquisted shake on i tunes the new singol shake
    i have not money ! so check out My street team for you:
    i bigghest fans my question is: When are you coming back to Italy? Because I am all ready to win a M&G and see you! ahahha :)
    hugs from italy DanielaDeca!

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