Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas Have a Vampire Weekend

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas Have a Vampire Weekend

Ashley Greene keeps close to her new boyfriend Joe Jonas as they take in the Vampire Weekend concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night (September 26).

The couple were spotted out with a group of friends and enjoyed the show. Vampire Weekend is actually one of Joe‘s favorite bands.

Ashley tweeted early this morning, “The sound of my alarm clock came very early this AM….But Vampire Weekend at the Hollywood Bowl last night was a really great show!!”

FYI: For everyone asking about the rumor that Ashley and Joe are living together. JJJ sources tell us that this is NOT TRUE.

Joe is wearing a Bermuda Triangle tee from Christopher.

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  • Natalie

    I don’t like them together… Ashley known for being a female player… I just don’t want Joe to get hurt

  • Natalie

    I don’t like them together. Ashley is known for being a female player, I just don’t want Joe to get hurt

  • Elizabeth

    She looks like she could be his mother and it is seriously weirding me ot.

  • girl

    @Natalie: Ummm Joe is sort of a player too. First Aj Michalka, then Taylor Swift, then Camille Belle, then Demi Lovato, and now ashley greene all through a course of 4 years. You just can’t handle the fact Joe is not with Demi anymore. But you need to get over it, Joe is with ASHLEY GREENE NOTT DEMI LOVATO!

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    I dnt really like them together. I want him to go for somebody like
    Vanessa Hudgens , or like selena gomez. Ashley dsnt seem right for him. But its his choice. If they’re happy, then theyre happy.

  • Bard

    she’s pretty but she also looks like she’s 10 years older than him. She should be dating older guys. Especially since she likes sex so much like she mentioned on the Chelsea Handler show.

  • anonymous

    They look happy

  • marie

    ashley is a sweetheart. I doubt they care if you think they match or not..that this their relationship they dont have to please you or to be cute for you to like them. I wish them the best…Yall should do the same..would you like people criticize you and your boyfriend? No then show some respect!!!!!

  • Kara

    what did she do to her hair. I liked it short :( oh well they look happy.Good luck to Jashley LOL

  • http://lucymoose94 skywithdiamonds

    I REALLY don’t like the sound of Ashley Greene!
    She seems a bit on the scarlet side if I’m honest and IN NO WAY Joe’s aesthetic equal.
    It’ll end in tears, most probably Joe’s. Which is sad, because he’s so pretty.

  • cheryl

    Goddd, people saying “I want him to be with bla bla bla” are ridiculous. Who gives two shits seriously ? They obviously want to be with each other, no one else, so deal with it.

  • http://iAMthatflipkid Mary

    He looks like a freakin’ dog and she’s so pretty. That’s pictures not right

  • ashlee

    I like Joe/Ashley together .. he looks happy

    I want pics of Joe,Nick,Miley,Ashley together .. all are friends :)

  • SB

    You know what I always say
    Que sera, sera….
    Whatevery will be, will be
    If they are meant to be together, they will, they will last forever.
    if not, it will come full circle and they will not last…..TIME WILL TELL!
    If you have ever watched “DEAR JOHN” sometimes things do
    come full circle and you end up with someone else in the end….
    Friends FIRST, LOVERS LAST!!
    Live by it….

  • anonymous

    Ashley is the sweetest ever. She could be 23 but she’s such a kid at heart. Look at that smile! I honestly don’t see how some people could hate her. I bet Joe saw that and fell in love with her. Look up some of her interviews, she’s nothing like what the media, and maybe even her rep team are trying to sell.

  • Natalie

    @girl: Just so you know, I HATE Jemi! Joe needs to find a non-famous girlfriend…

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I sent this in!

    Also for all of you that think Joe and Ashley shouldn’t be together cause Ashley has publically announced she loves the sex. Well get over it, Joe is 21 and doing the sex with her. Good for him! Sex is amazing!! He should play the field before settling down.



  • Marquita

    this makes me so mad joe is bold to bring this girl on tour with his ex. its so disrespectful on so many levels. Go Demi!

  • pup

    No offense, but chick looks old. Wow. O.O

  • Jenny

    They kinda look cute together.

  • Kaylee

    joe is the player in this situation
    ashley is 23.. he’s 20… shes not “too old”
    demi and joe aren’t together anymore and everyones gonna have to get over it

  • yaay

    I don’t know why but I’ve really gone of Joe this year Idk why
    I love Ashley but not wiv joe they don’t suit and I’ve seen the way shes been lookin at Jackson Rathbne
    for the past 3 yrs (since filmin 1st Twilight) I’m rootin for those two
    But if Joe makes Ashley at the minute then fine its what she wants!
    And vice versa

  • sofie

    Joe isn’t a player. You’re not a player just because you’ve had 5 girlsfriends in 4 years, it just means that you’re not that good with keeping a relationship (which I can understand when you’re famouse) or you just haven’t found the right one yet..

    IF you’re a player you don’t have girlfirends or boyfriends and if you do, you have more than one at a time

  • Daniela

    I’m actually agree with u, I think Joe should be with someone like Vanessa Hudgens, but I saw Vanessa and Ashley in some behind the video and Ashley seems really cute… so It’s okey

  • http://sunandsea9 Sunny9

    Bah! Girl, Joe is also know as being a male player. That truth cannot be denied, sorry.

  • lauren6

    im not bothered if shes a “player” but they don’t look right together…i dunt no he looked better with camille belle…..i think it is cos she looks a lot older than him…but whatever im not really a big fan on joe – theres just something about him…but i did like him on hot in cleveland he wasn’t cheesy or anything like that an he was a good actor

  • http://sunandsea9 Sunny9


    I totally agree with you.

  • Jonaslove

    I can’t believe it, Jashley is ALL OVER the internet! I love Joe, and I only hope he’s happy, I don’t like Ashley Greene that much but If she makes Joe smile then k, and she does seem nice, but people seriously need to stop with hating on her and Joe, it’s their choice, I bet you’d feel like shit if you’re famous and having people judging you and hating on ur gf and calling you names because of your relationship status, so guys seriously grow up and if you have something nice to say, go ahead, if not keep it to yourself, cause you’re hurthing other people’s feelings. It’s their life, god being famous must suck. Joe and Ashley, I wish you the best, I hope this lasts, and if it doesn’t I hope it ends well on both parts

  • Amy


    I don’t know what else to say but ewww.

  • http://@jmar1001 j`j

    whatever ashley is the one who is gonna get hurt joe is such a manwhore. I HATE HIM. HE IS SO UGLY EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@jmar1001 JMASRDHNFOD

    whatever ashley is the one who is gonna get hurt joe is such a manwhore joe is soooo ugly i HATE HIM ewwwww

  • Sia

    Don’t be a hater. Ashley’s very mature and too beautiful.

    You Jonas fans that are hating NEED TO GROW UP. At least we Twilight fans aren’t cry babies. You might cry more but YOU HAVE TO BE LYING IF YOU THINK there more of you. I have numbers and sale numbers to prove it. Leave OUR DAMN ASHLEY ALONE !!!

  • girl

    @Daniela: WTF!! Vanessa Hudgens is happily dating Zac Efron fofr 5 years now and their both in love. You best check yourself before saying stuff like that.

  • kate

    check no joel-iette

  • girl

    You people need to shut up! Like seriously Joe is dating Ashley Greene and he wouldn’t be if he didn’t want to. So if you’re really a fan of Joe Jonas you would respect whoever he is dating. Geezzz, you people don’t act very mature.

  • Billie

    I went to this concert!
    It was sooooooooooooooo amazing!

  • overallcute

    i don’t think joe and demi is meant to be ( we never know , or maybe they’ll end up together, but that impossible ) to be honest, i don’t like ashley greene, they seems wrong together ( somehow ) i love joe and amelia than-aye together, they seems so in love, and demi i love her with robert kardashian ( hehehehe just kidding ) and ashley just back to where you were belong :)

  • MIchaela

    @Natalie: But joe is also known for a player. i do not want him to get hurt either but i do not see them having a future together.

  • MIchaela

    @Elizabeth: i agree

  • kristin

    @Natalie uhm, joe is the effing player, hello, he dumps aj, then taylor ( over the phone) camila dumped him, yay, he breaks demis heart then brings ( :D ) ashley on tour and hurts demi more. player!!!

    @pup shes just 23, she needs a real man btw, not joe.

    @jenny your out of your mind girl

  • karina

    I totally agree with you. It is none of our business, if we think they are cute or not. It’s not like we are them.

  • Jane

    Love them together..and ashley doesnt look old.!

  • Dee

    Seriously people? why hate on ashley!? she is soooo sweet and i think that they look cute together. If you guys are saying that shes a “female player” what is joe? hes a player too-cant keep a relationship for too long. dont get me wrong i LOVE joe but its the truth. my point is that both of them are players. whether you like it or not. if they want to be with each other then so be it. They like each other, let them live their life! its not YOUR life so you cant be making a decision for them. If Joe is happy then so am i. GET OVER IT.

  • Jax girl

    Saw them in Jacksonville over the weekend. They definitely look happy together so all the haters need to back off.

  • Rebecca

    I may not like Joe with Ashley but we as fans have to always love, respect , support , be happy for and always be there for him no matter who he dates. If he wants to date her that’s fine with me. But I don’t want Joe to get hurt and cry.

  • Natz

    Thank you

  • Kristen

    this seriously looks like his mother,,,cmon joe you can do wayyy better than this sorry but shes not that pretty and him and demi are way better together, they actually look like they like eachother but joe and ashley look so far apart…….goodbye ashley

  • http://brunaut brunA

    AI esse burro do joe, fica ai com essa sugaroda de sangue, eu ainda acho que vai ter um JEMI 2.0 bjs aqui é do BRASIL

  • me

    Bored of them….NEXT

>>>>>>> staging1