Jonas Brothers 'Bounce' in Connecticut

Jonas Brothers 'Bounce' in Connecticut

JJJ readers Arleigh and Sarah got the opportunity of a lifetime — to perform on stage with the Jonas Brothers and Jordan Francis!

Sarah writes to us, “We had never met them before. We thought of a plan on how to meet them, and decided soundcheck would be our best bet! Our plan was asking the Jonas Brothers if we could sing ‘Bounce’ with them. Before the concert, we made a boom box poster, got awesome costumes, and really tried to make sure we would get noticed at soundcheck. This plan could either be a win or fail, all depending on if we got the chance to ask them.

“WE GOT TO GO ON STAGE WITH THEM!!!!!! They brought out Jordan Francis to sing ‘Bounce’ with us because they didn’t want to sing it, but they played back up! We also got to play musical chairs with them, and honestly, this was the best day of my life!

“I got to meet the Jonas Brothers, sing a song on stage with them, and doing all of this with my best friend! The fact that this happened still hasn’t registered in my brain; it feels like a dream, but it happened and words cannot describe how happy and thankful I am that I got to do this.”

Check out the video below!

Arleigh & Sarah “Bounce” with the JoBros!
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  • Amarie

    … I was at this soundcheck. Those girls were so annoying. They literally obnoxiously begged the boys to come up on stage. Then the boys tried to politely deny the girls and then they started whining. You could tell the boys were annoyed and really didn’t want them to come up. They were even laughing and no they weren’t laughing with the girls.

  • yo sista

    I’d luv to bounce off Nicks d!ck!!!!!!!


    I was there at the sound check party. Everyone reallyyyyy enjoyed the girls performance and were singing along with them. The Jonas Brothers even asked the girls to stay on stage for musical chairsss.
    :) lucky ducks!

  • Sarah


  • tania tttt

    hey thats not cool. those girls obviously are so happy about it and don’t be a hater. be happy for them :)

  • Maja

    Am I the only one who thinks the girl looks like Demi Lovato, I thought it was her lol :D & GOD! I love bounce!!! <3

  • Line

    HAHA that’s awesome!

  • arturs

    great performance :) !