Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Happy Birthday Frankie!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Happy Birthday Frankie!

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Ashley Greene keep a hold on each other as they head back to their car after a quick trip to Walgreen’s in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (September 28).

The duo were picking up a few items before heading off to celebrate Frankie Jonas‘ 10th birthday.

Joe and Ashley were seen out over the weekend at the Vampire Weekend concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

15+ pics inside of Joe and Ashley

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • a

    OMG they are holding hands in public already !! wow

  • Samantha

    Oops, Jared, I think you posted the wrong set of pictures.

    Regardless, I saw them elsewhere, and they’re gorgeous.

  • Halle

    I think Joe actually looks happy with a girl for once. I am not a big fan of Ashley, or Twilight, but as long as he is happy with her, I think it’s cute.

  • lilysoocute

    AAAWW you gotta love Joe and Ashley!

  • anonymous

    Aww they are perfect together

  • Sara

    they are super adorable together!!!! i hope this one lasts longer than the rest have tho.

  • http://ilovejoeajonas Joy

    I still think Joe rushed into this too quickly. I will not be critical but Joe holds relationships for a very short time and I just hope that Ashley is not like Camilla Belle and using Joe for his fame. I would really not like that but that is all I am saying. And one more thing Ashley has really weird body parts. In one picture one leg looked bigger than the other.

  • joceelyynn

    i don’t like him

  • menna

    Bahaha…wow….good luck to these two.

  • shelly

    Very cute couple. Wonder if Ashley got hair extensions cause her hair looks a lot fuller and def longer than normal????

  • http://j cf

    lets see how long it will last

  • sexyjobros

    I don’t know why but this is probably the first girlfriend that Joe’s gone out with that I have felt THIS good about. I absolutely LOVE to together and I have no idea why! :)

  • shrubby

    anybody know the shoes that joe is wearing?

  • toty

    don’t like them

  • jANE

    Love them! they’re adorable

  • cmeesmile

    I can’t believe how perfect they look together. Look, they even walk in sync. But yeah, @cf: I agree, I don’t think this will last very long. But hey, they could also be in for the long haul. You never know. But anyways, I wish them all the best.

  • sandy:)



  • Bria

    This is kinda how all his relationships go, they get together fast, get very PDA-ish and then it blows up in someone’s face. I think the only one he didn’t go public with was Taylor Swift, but she was very public about it afterwards.Good luck to them, though. They look all smiley and lovey-dovey :)

  • Angela

    I think they’re kinda cute ;)

  • Marquita

    Am i the only one who thinks that this is distasterful poor demi and her fall back guy is Rob Kardasion or whatever its really sad. I think demi should add some color in her life

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Finally! It was about time man! Joe should have done this a long time ago!! Ashley is just stunning!! You cant really say anything about them… lets just hope for the best for both of them!!

  • Ingeyla

    i think they look really cute together. i hope it lasts long if they really make each other happy and it looks like they do

  • chang


  • chang

    They are so cute together!! hahaha!!! Demi will be sooo jealous!

  • j-ann

    they do look cute together…even tho i dream of him being with chelsea staub….i love ashley greene, so im cool with it. and they look like they’re really happy and enjoy each others company.
    demi may get jealous, she might not even care. either or i think she should totally go for rob kardashian…i mean come on, the man is sexy, plus he reads the bible and he loves his family so much…he’s perfect. BUT they shouldn’t rush into anything just yet, they should get to kno each other first, which i guess is wat they’re doing right now…

  • xxx

    i dont like this couple he is a HOT dush!

  • Kristen

    aaaah i don’t like either one of them but they don’t look good together!

  • karina

    super cute couple. they look very happy together so thats good. best luck to them. I’m so glad that he’s finally dating someone older now.

  • anne

    man whore.

  • http://ksa layla

    I really hate this

    Ashley look on the old Joe

    Jemi 4 ever

  • http://ksa layla

    I really hate this

    Ashley look on the old Joe

    jemi 4 ever

  • Gbayyy

    I don’t like anyone with who Joe dating
    Sorry for that :):):)

  • Ella

    It’s their first holding hands in public!!!!! I want to hold Joe’s hands too!!! Seems like when he’s holding your hands, there is nothing to worry about. I love you Joseph!!! <3

  • lil

    this is so fake and staged. it is obvious he is gay and she is just doing him a favor so he doesn’t look gay

  • armyofkitties

    omg i hate joe. but ashley’s so pretty.

  • joejonaslover

    joe is sooo hawt!!!

  • riana

    she was looking at sex toys the other day..
    and she’s with joe. i thought he was a virgin?

  • Saad G.Khan

    What so Fun about dating a Virgin Boy? or Virgin is Hoax about Jonas bro? :-O

  • domenic

    How can any of you not see how fake this is? They look so uncomfortable, and Joe goes from one FAMOUS girl to the other looking for a fame boost in his fading career. Demi didn’t work out so they ended that fake one pretty quickly.

    I don’t believe this relationship for a second, and Ashley looks like a grandma next to joe, who looks like an infant next to Ashley.

  • MA


  • HIH

    Aww, Joe!

  • salma

    they remind me of shia and carey.

  • Sia


    the Demi fans need to stop hating. Not all but most ! Ashley is so beautiful that it makes me wonder why she’s with him ? Don’t get me wrong he’s good looking but she’s so mature and being a HUGE Twilight fan I just always thought she would of dated a cast mate but I guess I was wrong. Good for her !

  • Lauren


    your stupid

    just because u say he’s gay doesn’t mean he is gay which he’s not

    If Joe is happy with her, we all should be happy

  • demiisthebest

    ashley is annoying… but as long as he’s happy with her then that’s great…
    although fans shouldn’t interfere in their idols’ personal life

  • Mary

    He’s handsome and she’s pretty, but I hate them together!

    Joe is not an angel, but Ashley has been in so many relationships! She likes to go out every night, and I’m sure she’s not a virgin!

    Joe, Demi or Taylor were better for you, but you seem happy only when you go out with older women like Camilla or Ashley.

  • chang

    Demi fans are losers just like their idol Demi who can’t keep a man.
    Team Selena!

  • chang


    she’s not a freak like kristen stewart who swoons over someone she works with. Ashley is a professional actress.


    I don’t really like this couple, but i gotta say that Joe is hot in that picture! xD

  • -.-

    All i can say is… POOR DEMI!
    joe YOU ARE AN ASS!
    ashley green is cute BUT…JOE IS A WOMANIZER