Selena Gomez Paints London Red

Selena Gomez Paints London Red

Selena Gomez dons a bright red blazer and cute Aryn K. skirt as she leaves her hotel en route for the BBC World Television Center in London on Monday morning (September 27).

The 18-year-old actress, who is making her rounds promoting A Year Without Rain, caught up with MTV to talk about her other day job — Wizards of Waverly Place!

Selena shared, “I think it’s going to be extremely emotional [filming the final episodes]. I don’t think they’re going to have a live audience taping on the last episode upon my request because I’m going to be a wreck. It’s going to be really hard. Every day I go on set and I see these people that I’ve been with for the past four years, and it really breaks my heart. It’s been so much fun and it’s been my high school, in a way.”

Sel completed her look with Melinda Maria Gwyneth hoop earrings, Anna Sheffield for LOFT‘s commitment-ring style breast cancer awareness necklace and a Lauren MerkinCaroline” clutch.

Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes pics from our chat with Selena!

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  • liz

    she dress up like an old woman :/ girl you have only 18 years old, come on U_U

  • Jaz

    She looks like she’s 20 or 21! Wow. I love her style.

  • Phoe5be

    she looks so mature

  • luvd80s2

    @liz: Im with yah! What kind of ugly outfit is that! Whoever told her she looks cute should be fired cause she lied to her big time! she reminds me of an old lady from the late 80s going to work! what’s that on her skirt a fanny pack! Aww burn the outfit!!!!

  • Melvin

    Which hotel is that because I live in London and I havnt seen a hotel like that

  • joan

    she looks so old. who styled her

  • swiftfan

    She looks beautiful and maybe if some of you knew about European fashion you’d know that not only older people dress like this.

  • luvd80s2

    @swiftfan: OK! shes 18 not 40! and Europe itself has better taste than this outfit! No one is dissing her its the stylist who thought this was fashion, chlothes should never make you look dated, they should be timeless and this outfit SCREAMS Melanie Griffith circa 1980s ” Working Girl” look up the film and you will know what I mean!!!!

  • Jaz

    @luvd80s2: Why r u making a big deal about her outfit? I mean COME ON! If its that bad or not the style you think its not in fashion, it will be all over the internet.
    Her outfit is fine but if you think it doesn’t look that great. That’s u.
    But I think she’s rockin the style!

  • luvd80s2

    @Jaz: Well I hope you say the same for the other celebritys that alot of you tend to mock and say negative things and make a “big deal” of what they wear. My comments were towards the outfit and not her, from the too much makeup and big hoop earings and dated outfit make her look really old and boring and not young and interesting, the look she should have when promoting a project!

  • Jaz

    @luvd80s2: I haven’t mocked anyone but Sel can where anything she wants for promoting her album. I mean look at gaga. She didn’t start wearing crazy, out of place clothes until she got really famous like she been there making music for years(its only been almost 3).
    But I understand. Your not agreeing with the outfit (or its not the kind of style you would choose to wear.) and that’s fine.

  • a.m./p.m.

    What’s so bad about the outift? She looks like she’s royal.

  • nickj

    she looks so mature ! and she has a lot of makeup! she so gorgeous anyway ! i find it very coincidental that nick and selena are always in london at the same time.

  • nickj

    well he’s not there yet, ( i think) but he will be soon for les miz

  • abby14

    Why in the world is she wearing a turtle-neck that Hilary Clinton would wear? The jacket is cute but that turtle-neck makes her look like a grandama. :)

  • abby14

    @nickj: She’s wearing a lot of makeup because she’s working/doing promo. Every celeb wears a lot of makeup when doing these things (even guys). So its not that abnormal.

  • steph

    if you look closely at the other pics, what she is wearing looks really good! jared just put a close up a bad pic

  • Lawrence

    I spy her sexy step-dad!*heh*.

  • Emily

    She looks flawless :)
    unlike others *cough*miley*cough* j

  • n

    why does she insists on copying cheryl cole ??

  • n

    and cheryl dresses better than her


    yeah yeah jelous haters!!! she dressed sooo bad that i guess thats the reason for why shes always in the list for best dressed and for why shes a red carpet icon, right!!!! soooo saty mad stupid haters…. she looks absolutely stunning, she has class, glam and a wonderful style… soo yeahhhh say whatever you want!!!!

  • blahblahblah

    agree and
    she admited that she dress a like a boring old lady on celebuzz ! and enough with the ewwwii makeup

  • kara

    @abby14: In case you don’t know, it’s cold here in Europe right now; wearing a turtleneck at this time is usual , no matters if you are 14, 25 or more.

  • Daisy Huỳnh

    I very love you SELENA!!! BUT i live in Viet Nam! It’s very far the country you live. In my country, have so much people love you!!! Sorry! I can’t speak English well because I am a VietNamese girl!!! Nice to meet you Selena!! I very LOVE you!!! This is my phone number but you can use it just in Viet Nam! 01234561919!! ok, and this is my email:!! Bye


    @blahblahblah thats all you cay say loser blahblahblah and eww to you just looks at the mirror ugly hater!!!!! selena is super gorgeous and has natural beauty, but whatever i dont want to argue with someone like you ewwwww….. stay mad!!!!

  • headstrong

    lol when you talk about hater, remeber you’re a miley hater. so i guess you’re a jealous ugly miley hater?

  • Ava


  • Jako

    she acts like an old boring women, she wants to grow up even more than miley

  • linna_RDL

    @headstrong.. the difference between miley and selena is.. that selena is gorgeous, nice, classy, sweet… and miley a trashy uggly girl.. no I am not a miley hater.. I dont give a damn about her

  • blahblahblah

    thank u :)

  • blahblahblah

    lol look at us fighting and we don’t know each other and who r u fighting about two celebs that care about themself this is just wrong im sorry :| :/

  • cam

    I have to laugh at all of you talkng trash about Selena’s clothes. Selena could wear a burlap sack and still look gorgeous. She looks great here. Get off the jealousy train.

  • Bria


    So…you’re a Selena hater, so I guess that makes you a “jealous ugly hater” These things work both ways. If somone who dislikes Miley is a “hater” than your a “hater” for not liking Selena. Same goes for you blahblahblah. You can’t call somone a hater, but then hate on someone else.


    @linna_RDL thank u…. i could not be more agree ;) i mean why somoen could be jelous of disgusting and horse face cyrus hahahahahah


    @cam AMEN!!! you´re sooo right!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr. jan

    Selena looks classy and mature in these photos. Compare them to “Boot Scootin’ Miley”‘s photos. Miley was dressing for the warm LA weather (but boots??!!) but she looks trashy with the bra showing under the see-through blouse and short shorts. She is always saying how mature she is but she should take a lesson from Selena. Selena acts and looks mature. Miley looks like she’s trying to dress the part. Mature does not equal trash-dressing.

  • Naomi

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I like her outfit. It’s very sophisticated and besides, it’s cold up there in London. The jacket really caught my eye because it’s so bright. One thing that bothers me is that everytime a Selena post comes up, why does everyone mention Miley? THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE! STOP COMPARING THEM! Anyway, I think that Selena looks pretty in this outfit.

  • someone

    Obviously, most of you know nothing about fashion. Just because she doesn’t dress like Miley Cyrus & she isn’t revealing cleavage or leg, you guys think she looks “old”. She looks elegant. & by the way, the coat she’s wearing is military style which, if you knew anything about fashion, you’d know the military look is VERY big this season. Just saying.

  • abby14

    @kara: LOL last time I check just because its cold doesn’t mean you have to wear a turtle neck. ;)

  • kara

    @abby14: Comment of a 14 years old girl I guess ?… Selena can wear what she wants, if she prefers wearing turtleneck when it’s cold, she’ll do what she wants, who are you to criticize her? I guess you dress as a little sl^t no matters the weather forecast; her look is fashion, turtleneck suits any age, grow up, baby!

  • annie

    love her coat!

  • arturs

    She’s very beautiful.

  • lyly

    nick and selena both in london now !!!!!aw!cant wait!

  • marianne

    Who cares about the clothes? maybe a bit mature, but whatever. Hasn’t anyone noticed she is by far and away the most beautiful girl in the world?

  • Amy

    She looks really good! That coat IS in style over here in London. She looks amazing! She really does look like she’s 21! She looks so much like Cheryl Cole!!!!

  • Amy

    @jan. You are so true! :)

  • Amy

    Also, she is wearing the turtleneck because its kinda cold here in London.

  • amy

    *Also, she is wearing the turtleneck because to her its kinda cold here in London because she been in America

  • A

    Selena is allowed to wear whatever she wants dont go judging on what she wears, @n wtf how is she copying Cherly Cole? Loser much?