Vanessa Hudgens Dresses Like A Bum

Vanessa Hudgens Dresses Like A Bum

Vanessa Hudgens points out the paparazzi to her friend as they head back to their cars after having lunch in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (September 28).

The 21-year-old actress modeled off some cute leopard yoga shorts while working on her fit physique.

Vanessa may have given away her tactic from staying out of the spotlight during the day. She shared with US Weekly, “I dress down, like a bum, kind of. Nobody looks at a bum, you know? That’s my theory behind it.”

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  • kyle

    Her clothes look cool to me.

  • Katty

    V loooks gooood. She has been working out SO much lately. Hopefully we hear career info soon!

    I know this is sad, but I want one ZV sighting before he goes to Lousiana to start filming <3

    I love her, I can’t wait for Sucker Punch and Beastly.

  • larry


  • Carrie

    he’s going to new orleans lol

  • miranda

    @Katty: They were spotted at Universal Studios over the weekend :)

  • miranda

    Vanessa looks gorgeous, as always :)

  • sky10

    Woow!!she’s so gorgeous!!!..I mssd to see this cute VANESSA and with Zac of course…more please jjj.GOD BLSS YOU.

  • annie1st

    ahahah, when does you dress like a bum nessa?? girl she’s amusing…love the top

  • jess!

    she is so gorgeous!

  • David_Rawr

    Cute bum ;)

  • miranda

    BTW Vanessa and Zac have the samee hand gestures when they see the paps :)

  • jess!

    no pictures ? :(

  • Chanon

    She may think her outfits look as if shes a bum but I still love her fashion sense more than any other celebrity. :D

  • joceelyynn

    aw beautiful :’) ZV

  • Kro

    as always she looks amazing!

  • joan


  • nathalia

    I think vanessa is beautiful

  • kami

    ♥ she is a natural beauty. ♥

  • babyg

    that’s a bum? cute bum!

  • pop86

    Like the sunglasses and the bag.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    How cute. :) She looks cute in anything she wears. She’ so fit. Jealousy runs through my veins. Lol.

  • _fuka_

    She looks amazing! So fresh!

  • jess!

    a bumm?? lol she loooks gorgeous!

  • Ann

    goodness she looks ADORABLE! *.*

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    She’s beautiful as always ♥

  • Leah

    I know she dresses down as a bum sometimes but overall, her wardrobe is so boring. its the same colors and same style. and theyre all basic looking. it bores me. she’s not colorful enough and eccentric or stylish.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    a bum? Nessa could have fooled me if she dresses like a bum, then what do I dress like? lol!! I love her fashion sense and how she isn’t afraid to risk it either, that’s what true fashion is about, and I always had admired her for that, and not just her fashion sense her great bubbly personality that comes with it too :)

  • ashytisdalefan

    haha, love her. :)

  • peggy

    She’s in her workout clothes I think she means when she’s just hanging out. But I’ve never seen her look like a bum lol

  • vancrazed

    she’s so funny. somebody needs to tell her to work a bit harder on that.

  • Joochi

    I like how the friend just ingnores the paps while Vanessa makes fun of them, she’s so cute, no wonder Zac is still in Love with her after all these years, looks to me like they are going to be around a very, very long time.

  • kate1

    Vanessa looks gorgeous as always.

    Just because Vanessa says she likes to dress like a bum doesn’t mean she looks like one in these pics. Change your title JJ.

    and there was a tweet saying Zac will be away this weekend to NO. Some ball game or something.

  • armyofkitties

    perverts look at bums.

  • londonlemming

    @kate1: Katie he’ll be headed to New Orleans (Lousiana) this weekend as shooting starts Monday morning.

  • mykamicks

    Hot & Sexy Bum!

  • sammi

    i love vanessa shes so beautiful!

  • riana

    oh yeah, cuz bum’s actually dress like that aye haha. shes cute :)

  • landen

    bum? so wat u tryin 2 say wen people does dress like that? ur jus a diva who needs to take her foot out her butt! DIVA!

  • mike

    love Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lauren

    @ london lemming
    how the hell do u know that,,, i think it starts in early october.

  • http://jjj telma

    love her anyway

  • Thahmina

    v looks so gorgeous even though she admits she dresses like a bum:) lol

  • peggy


    Shooting starts on the 11th a week from Saturday

  • ANA

    beautiful as always, love

  • Karen

    Whatever Vanessa’s theory may be I think when you have a face like her and a figure like that and you are tiny and cute as a button, well, I just don’t think the paps are not going to notice! lol

    He was originally suppose to go to NO earlier but then the filming date got set back to Oct 11. But I guess we shall see what happens before long.

    Also for everyone who thinks Zac is going to go to an LSU game, that won’t be in New Orleans but in Baton Rouge I believe and they are playing Tennessee. But again, we shall see very soon.

  • susan1

    She always look amazing! Love the outfit.

  • tin

    Dress like a bum?
    Of course!
    She’s just…

  • pop86

    I think he going to the game. Even though shooting doesn’t start unitl the 11th, he can still go early to settle into his apartment.

  • danny

    i miss you my little darlingggggggç

    BABY V

  • danny