Emma Watson: Brown University Brainiac

Emma Watson: Brown University Brainiac

Emma Watson keeps to her studious self as she brushes up on her material before heading into class at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island last week.

The 20-year-old actress just started her sophomore year at the Ivy League school.

After finishing her classes for the day, Emma was spotted heading to the gym with friends and stopped to chat with others along the way. After their workout, the girls headed over to the park to relax and unwind.

10+ pics inside of Emma Watson

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  • hanni

    she looks like a 12 year old boy

    i liked her in HP 1.

  • gabby

    Ugh! Grow up poster numero one. People get older and change. Emma was 9 years old in SS. She’s a grown woman now. Emma looks fabulous. I love how down to earth she is but I really wish they would leave her alone while she’s on campus. Its rude and seems quite wrong.

  • Amanda

    This is creepy. Like she is being stalked. How is this ok? Leave her alone.

  • Mika

    Are they even allowed to be taking photos of her there? It doesn’t seem right.

    Anyways, LOVE emma .. she’s beautiful.

  • Anne

    What a sweetie! Love her to bits!

  • shazia

    She seems like such a normal person…. she seems to be having just a fine day. i mean shes lost in thought and all…. its soo bad that they can get there and take her photos ….i love emma soooooo much .!!!

  • angel

    wow her new haircut is not working for her, she does look like a boy

  • Frankie

    I guess if you’ve been forbidden to cut your hair since the day you stepped into showbiz(which for emma was like when she was 8 ot 9) you get a urge to cut it when you finally stop making (harry potter) films and are allowed to do whatever you want with your hair.:|

  • http://www.facebook.com Gbayyy

    No……….. she is pretty because she have a natural beauty !

  • alice

    she looks healthy, normal, natural and pretty. i just really hope she does perks of being a wallflower with Logan Lerman. They would make a great team

  • Celia


    I think she will. Perks starts filming in December and Emma will be on Christmas break. She’s also doing My Week With Marilyn.

  • atomic

    She looks lonely.

  • http://Poke_a_nerd Andrea

    i agree she’s pretty, this haircut is cool but does not work on her.

  • ash

    that haircut kind of makes her looks manish, her face is really pretty bu to make that haircut cuter she needs to make it a little more feminine… still luv her tho

  • http://twitter.com/kateekay95 Katie


    hmm I know. I agree with the people saying to leave her alone but at the same time I agree with #1, she does look like a twelve year old boy. But it’s not for me to say, she can do what she wants haha
    (she was pretty in all the harry potters though) ;)

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